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Clearmount Plastics Ltd manufactures cast lucites since 1963.

Clearmount Plastics Ltd    Canada
Clearmount Plastics Ltd specializes in manufacturing cast lucites since 1963. The company products include assorted awards, square columns and sandwiches, obelisk wedges and pyramids, colour stripe blocks and triangles, ice look blocks, assorted shapes, column awards, circular and triangulars, faceted and wedges, financial tombstones, etc.

Diamond Trading Company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of diamonds since 1940.

Diamond Trading Company    United States
Diamond Trading Company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of diamonds. They offer products like triangles, long stones, egg shapes, round shapes, octahedron shapes, flat shapes, etc.

James King and Company Inc specializes in the injection molding services of volume large part manufacturing.

James King and Company Inc   Sherwood  United States
James King and Company Inc specializes in providing injection molding services. They offer products like safety triangles, class a reflectors, conspicuity reflectors, guard king mud flaps, polyethylene mud flaps, rubber mud flaps, accessories, custom mud flaps, side spray flaps, mud flap hanger dock bumpers, wheel chocks. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 2000.

Louisiana Steel Inc manufactures tubing products since 1950.

Louisiana Steel Inc   St.Peters  United States
Louisiana Steel Inc specializes in manufacturing tubing products. Their products include sink drawn round tubing, drawn over mandrel tubing, square or rectangular tubing, and special shaped tubing elliptical, flat sided ovals, triangles and hexagonals, etc.

Tenecor manufactures acrylic aquariums for more than 20 years.

Tenecor   Phoenix  United States
Tenecor specializes in manufacturing acrylic aquariums for hotels, hospitals, restaurants, movie theaters, night clubs, etc., their products include aquarium of various shapes rectangular, cylinder and half-cylinder tanks, triangles, irregular shaped tanks, concave and convex tanks, and aquariums designed to be installed in walls or as room dividers.



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