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If you want to sell your products to new customers around the world, the first step is to make sure your company and website are properly classified according to UNSPSC. If you have added your home page URL to the directory (See FREE Listing), SourceTool will spider the "root html directory" of your websites looking for a special "sourcetool.txt" file.

This file should be formatted as a comma separated ascii text file. Each line should include three fields: URL,UNSPSC_CODE,RANK.

Encoding for UNSPSC

You should include a URL for each page that corresponds to a distinct UNSPSC product category. Start with your home page url and select the UNSPSC top level category (the "Segment" - a Segment code is two digits always followed by 6 zeros) that best represents what you sell. For example, if you specialize in cleaning products like, you would select Segment 47 "Cleaning Equipment and Supplies" to and match it with the URL of your home page. You which use a "1" in the rank field since it is the most important page on your site.

You them would add additional rows for each page and corresponding product category on your site. In the case of Betty Mills, you would create rows for each page on your website as shown below:, 47000000, 1 Bathroom%20Tissue.html, 14111704, 3 C-Fold%20&%20Multifold%20&%20Scottfold%AE%20Towel%20Dispensers.html, 47131710, 3 Facial%20Tissue.html, 14111701, 3

Get the Codes / Mind the Ranking

You can get the appropriate UNSPSC codes by using the tool at Rank is important to let us know the relative importance of the specific product category as part of your overall product line.

Use a number between 1 and 9 with 1 meaning your strongest product line and 9 meaning you only dabble in that category. You are on the honor system here, but don't think we won't notice if all your product categories are 1's!

It's in everyone's interest to keep information as accurate as possible.