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Alvin Products is a manufacturer of temperature epoxy and adhesives since 1950.

Alvin Products    ,,
Alvin Products specializes in manufacturing high temperature epoxy and adhesives. Their products include high temperature epoxy, epoxy adhesive, conductive epoxy, wood epoxy filler, high temp epoxy, silicone sealant, joint sealant, auto body, filler compound, head gasket sealant, crack repair, seal porosity, epoxy potting, etc.

Epoxa manufactures epoxy resin and polyester products.

Epoxa    United States
Epoxa specializes in producing epoxy resin and polyester products. The company product includes adhesives, coatings, epoxy putty, epoxy compounds for electric and electronic products, epoxy resin, etc.

Deltapolymers Inc is a manufacturer of epoxy products.

Deltapolymers Inc    United States
Deltapolymers Inc specializes in manufacturing wide range of epoxy products for new construction and industrial maintenance and repair. Their products category includes bonding compounds, flooring, waterproofing membranes, structural adhesives, overlays and patching, marine epoxies and coatings, and concrete repair compounds.

Heresite Protective Coatings manufactures coating and lining systems since 1935.

Heresite Protective Coatings    United States
Heresite Protective Coatings specializes in producing coating and lining systems. Their product includes heat cured phenolic, baked epoxy phenolic, baked epoxy, air dry phenolic, cold set epoxy phenolic, etc.

BCC Products Inc specializes in manufacturing plastic tools since 1974.

BCC Products Inc    United States
BCC Products Inc manufactures plastic tools. Their products include polyester filler pastes, epoxy laminating systems, epoxy surface systems, epoxy castable systems, epoxy adhesive systems, urethane reproduction plastics, slo kast materials, castable urethanes, urethane adhesive, mold relese agents etc.

MCMC Ltd is a distributor of epoxy resin systems and reinforcements for more than 10 years.

MCMC Ltd   Bristol  United Kingdom
MCMC Ltd specializes in distributing epoxy resin systems and reinforcements. Their products include sicomin epoxy resins, reptech silicone rubbers, paints, reinforcement materials, vaccum bag pumps, parts, consumables, tools, etc.

Laston italiana S.p.a produces epoxy resin for more than 35 years.

Laston italiana S.p.a    ,,
Laston italiana S.p.a specializes in producing epoxy for industrial and civil paving. Their products include cellular concrete, industrial resin, civil resin, etc.

Master Terrazzo Technologies LLC   Hockessin  United States
Master Terrazzo Technologies LLC specializes in manufacturing morricite epoxy terrazzo and other products for terrazzo trade. Their products include morricite thin set epoxy terrazzo, morricite thin set epoxy over masterflex membrane, monorrazzo cementitious terrazzo, etc. is a division of Epoxy Systems Inc. , is a manufacturer of 375 resinous and related products since 1980.    ,, also provides injection machines, manual injection pump, injection ports, binary tubes, static mixing tubes for binary tubes, manual gun for binary tubes, and pneumatic gun, and other miscellaneous products like: fiberglass tape, fiberglass woven, gage rake, mixing paddles, spiked rollers, spinney rollers, roller handles, and floor squeegees, etc.

Epoxy Coatings Co. is a manufacturer of two-part epoxy coatings, for the past 30 years.

Epoxy Coatings Co.    United States
Epoxy Coatings Co. also manufactures one component ultraviolet coatings for production lines that cure in 5 seconds or less. The company`s products includes: products for fishing rod mfgs, UV curable coatings, and epoxy adhesives.