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Mid West Instrument manufactures differential pressure gauges and switches.

Mid West Instrument   Sterling Heights  United States
Mid West Instrument specializes in manufacturing differential pressure gauges and switches. The company products include transmitters, indicators, backflow test kits, pressure limiting valves, flow measurement products, piston type gauges and switches, etc.

Auburn Gear Inc manufactures wide range of geared products since 1982.

Auburn Gear Inc    United States
Auburn Gear Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of geared products. Few of their products arewheel drive, non-powered unit, shaft drive, integral parking brakes, swing drive, spindle drive, spools, electronically controlled traction enhancing differential, limited slip differentials, etc.

Data Recognition Corporation specializes in providing differentiated services since 1978.

Data Recognition Corporation    United States
Data Recognition Corporation provides differentiated services. Their services include educational testing and assessment, survey design, administration, processing and analyses, production of scannable forms, high speed laser printing and mailing services, etc.

Eaton Corporation produces torque controlling differentials for vehicles, automotive aftermarket, commercial, and military vehicles.

Eaton Corporation    ,,
Eaton Corporation specializes in producing torque controlling differentials. Few of their products include automotive aftermarkets, superchargers, engine air management, torque controls, transmission and engine controls, etc.

Dwyer Instruments    ,,
Dwyer Instruments specializes in manufacturing wide range of controlling instruments. Few of their products are series DCT1000 dust collector timer controllers, series 2000 magnehelic differential pressure gages, series MP mini-photohelic differential pressure switch/gages, series FR/FRLl filters, regulators and lubricators, etc.

Blumenthal Companies specializes in manufacturing and distributing engines, clutches, automatic and manual transmissions, drivelines, and differentials for drive train and power train components since 1949.

Blumenthal Companies    United States
Blumenthal Companies manufactures and distributes engines, clutches, automatic and manual transmissions, drivelines, and differentials for drive train and power train components. They supplies light duty manual transmissions, medium duty manual transmissions, heavy duty manual transmissions, automatic transmissions, light duty, heavy duty, and agricultural clutches, drivelines, differentials, third members, transfer cases, etc. , the company is quality certified to QS9000 and ISO2001.

Eletta Flow produce flow monitors and flow meters.

Eletta Flow    Sweden
Eletta Flow products include electronic DP flow meter, electronic mechanical DP flow monitors, electro mechanical DP flow monitors, mechanical floe monitors, paddle, etc.

BurlingInstruments Inc develops and manufactures pressure, temperature controls and safety limit switches for more than one half century.

BurlingInstruments Inc    United States
BurlingInstruments Inc specializes in developing and manufacturing pressure, temperature controls and safety limit switches. Their products include solid state controllers, valves, differential expansion switch, direct acting and dome loaded regulators, dome loaded or spring loaded pilot valves, etc. specializes in manufacturing rear axle shafts since1991.    India manufactures rear axle shafts. Their products include differential parts, suspension parts, stamping or sheet metal parts, miscellaneous machine parts, fasteners, towing parts, etc.

NETZSCH-Geraetebau GmbH is a manufacturer of precision thermal analysis and thermophysical properties instruments, since 1873.

NETZSCH-Geraetebau GmbH    United States