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The North American Manufacturing Company is a distributor of variety of combustion and guiding systems for various industries since 1917.

The North American Manufacturing Company   Orange  United States
The North American Manufacturing Company specializes in distributing variety of combustion and guiding systems for various industries. Their products include regulators, burners, filter blowers, silencer blowers, single blowers, fuel valves, manual valves, control and shutoff valves, safety shutoff valves, metering orifices, recuperators, gauges, transmitters, etc.

L.D.S System s.a.s manufactures heat sink since 1985.

L.D.S System s.a.s    ,,
L.D.S System s.a.s specializes in manufacturing wide range of heat sinks. Their products include power extruded hest sink, forced cooling profiles, box clamps, thermo electric heat pumps, etc.

Haryana Leather Chemicals Limited manufactures leather chemicals and footwear adhesives.

Haryana Leather Chemicals Limited   New Delhi  India
Haryana Leather Chemicals Limited specializes in manufacturing chemicals and adhesives. Their products include hotmelt adhesives, synthetic latexes, compact finishes, butadiene binders, binders for glazed finishes, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

Automatic Identification Systems Inc supplies wide range of software and hardware products since 1985.

Automatic Identification Systems Inc   Westerville  United States
Automatic Identification Systems Inc specializes in supplying various software and hardware products. Few of their products are barcode scanners, barcode printers, stand alone keyboard, cutter module, ribbon save module, PCMCIA 4MB flash card, ribbon loading module, cool plate kit, battery charger, etc.

Danor Electronics Limited designs and manufactures variety of electronic units since 1977.

Danor Electronics Limited   Leicester  United Kingdom
Danor Electronics Limited specializes in designing and producing electronic units. Their products include flasher units, DIM DIP controllers, timers, printed circuit boards, etc., The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

International Business Machines Corporation is a manufacturer of variety of computer systems, software, storage systems, and microelectronic products.

International Business Machines Corporation   Armonk  United States
International Business Machines Corporation specializes in manufacturing variety of computer systems, software, storage systems, and microelectronic products. Their products include disk systems, tape systems, storage area networks, network attached storage, storage software, semiconductors, printing systems, parts, cluster servers, accessories, etc.

LJ Fabricators Inc is a manufacturer of metal products for more than 20 years.

LJ Fabricators Inc   Rockford  United States
LJ Fabricators Inc specializes in manufacturing metal products using laser technology. They offer services like laser cutting services, sheet metal fabrication, roll forming, welding services, etc.

J Gordon Electronic Design provides OEM electronic product development services since 1987.

J Gordon Electronic Design   Minneapolis  United States
J Gordon Electronic Design specializes in offering OEM electronic product development services. Their service includes electronic engineering, software engineering, OEM product development, lonworks product development, labview application programming and testing, EMI and ESD compliance screening, RF and analog design.

Kbs Group specializes in the manufacture of signs for commercial purpose since 1960.

Kbs Group    United Kingdom
Kbs Group is a manufacturer of signs for commercial purpose. They offer products like shop fronts, vehicle livery, external office signs, point of sale, advertising boards, construction site boards, estate agents boards, pub signs, traffic signs, and warning signs.

Manta Computers Inc distributes laptops and parts.

Manta Computers Inc    United States
Manta Computers Inc specializes in distributing laptops and parts. Few of their products include dell latitudes C640 notebook, optical mouse, LCD monitors, floppy drives, CPU, hard drives, print ink, etc.