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Richards Packaging Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of glass and plastic containers, closures, and dispensing systems since 1912.

Richards Packaging Inc    Canada
Richards Packaging Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying various glass and plastic containers, closures, and dispensing systems used for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and personal care industries. Few of their products are plastic CT caps, dispensing caps, metal and roll on, pilfer proof caps, specialty caps, narrow mouth liquid containers, ointment jars, round packers, oblongs, ointment jars, fitments, jars, toddles, pumps and sprayers, extract bottles, glass handled jugs, round miniature bottles, etc.

Russell Finex manufactures and supplies screening and filtration equipments for 70 years.

Russell Finex    United States
Russell Finex specializes in manufacturing and supplying screening and filtration equipments. Their products include compact sieve, self cleaning filter, finex separators, mesh and screen deblinding, granulation equipment, turbo sieve, blow thru sieve, mini sifter, eco separator, etc. Russell Finex has been quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

Seeds of Change distributes variety of seeds and garden tools since 1989.

Seeds of Change    United States
Seeds of Change specializes in distributing variety of seeds and garden tools. They also provide online purchasing facilities. Their products include garden seeds, commercial seeds, cover crops, planting garlic, fruit trees, apple and pear boxes, hand tools, rakes and hoes, soil testing, digging and cultivating, gloves and apparel, etc.

Ted Pella Inc distributes electron microscopy, light microscopy, instruments and supplies.

Ted Pella Inc   Redding  United States
Ted Pella Inc specializes in distributing electron microscopy, light microscopy, instruments and supplies. Their products include carbon coaters, sputter coaters, vacuum evaporation coater, desiccators, microscope accessories, microwave processors, carbon calipers, forensic supplies, glass bottom dishes, pens, scalpels, scalpel blades, seal trough station, etc. specializes in providing survival supplies and practical tips for commercial purpose.   Eugene  United States offers survival supplies and practical tips. The website is owned by Epicenter Supplies LLC. They supply food, water, power generation supplies and equipment, first aid, military surplus, radios and LED flashlights to freeze dried foods. Their offer tips cover everything from building generators to how to treat water and fuel for long term storage. is an online store, which sells paper products and cleaning supplies since 2001.   Norwich  United States is an online store, which specializes in selling paper products and cleaning supplies. is a subsidiary of Consumers Interstate Corp. Few of their products are chemicals, odor control, paper towels and dispensers, wipers, brooms and brushes, floor pads and sponges, personal care products, can liners, waste receptacle, toilet papers, etc. Inc provides business to business search engine, directory, and pay per click advertising network since 1999. Inc    United States Inc specializes in offering business to business search engine, directory, and pay per click advertising network. They help business decision makers to find how to manage and grow their businesses, and enables advertisers to reach them across the business internet through partners, including The Wall Street Journal Online, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Hoovers, and more.

California Scientific develops brain maker neural network software products.

California Scientific    United States
California Scientific specializes in developing brain maker neural network software products. Their products include brainmaker for windows, the genetic training option for professional, brainmaker professional and genetic training option, etc.

Audubon Sales and Service specializes in the manufacture of conveyor belts since 1884.

Audubon Sales and Service    United States
Audubon Sales and Service is a manufacturer of conveyor belts for industries like food processing, heat treating, electronics, quenching, automotive, salt quenching, pretzel baking, potato chip processing . They offer products like furnace belts, baking bands, mesh belts, chain belts, lehr belts, etc., which is used to convey metal parts through copper and aluminum brazing furnaces, bronze and iron parts through sintering furnaces, textiles and chemicals and as well as for washing, annealing, quenching and polishing operations.

National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) is a research and development centre specializing in the transfer of technology from laboratory to enterprise for more than 50 years.

National Research Development Corporation (NRDC)    India
National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) guides and assists the entrepreneur in executing technological business plans. NRDC acts as a catalyst in translating research into marketable industrial products, processes and services. The technologies licensed by NRDC cover areas such as chemicals, drugs and pharmaceuticals, food, agro-processing, bio-technology, metallurgy, electronics, instrumentation, building materials, manufacturing techniques and utility processes including pollution control. The Corporation does the following licence technologies to industry both in India and abroad, provide technology development loans for setting up pilot plats to prove and scale-up laboratory processes, participate in equity to facilitate formation of new ventures using technologies, develop technologies in priority areas, design and engineer laboratory processes to commercial scale, provide techno-commercial financial support to entrepreneurs commercialising NRDC technologies, etc.