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Accurat Electro Industries manufactures variety of winding machines.

Accurat Electro Industries    India
Accurat Electro Industries specializes in manufacturing wide range of winding machines. Few of their products are fan winding machines, armature winding machines, current transformers coils machines, P. T. winding machines, rectangular current coils windows machines, taping machines or HV coil winding machines, motor coils winding machines, PVC wire cutting machines, etc.

Accent Metal Finishing offers coatings for steel and aluminum.

Accent Metal Finishing    United States
Accent Metal Finishing is a service provider, which offers coatings for steel and aluminum like black oxiding zinc plating color anodizing, vibratory deburring, chemical film, alkaline cleaning, caustic etching, barrel plating, rack plating, pickling, irriditing, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000. Accent Metal Finishing is a member of National Association of Metal Finishers.

Agru America Inc    United States
Agru America Inc is a manufacturer of HDPE and LLDPE geomembranes, smooth and microspike geomembranes, and structured drain linerl products for the construction, chemical, and environmental industries. Few of their products are HDPE smooth liner, LLDPE smoothliner, HDPE microspike Liner, LLDPE microspike liner, HDPE drain liner, LLDPE drain liner, HDPE grip liner, etc. The company offers piping and fittings, installation services.

AFC International Inc distributes gas detection instrumentation, air sampling equipment, and respiratory protection equipments.

AFC International Inc    United States
AFC International Inc specializes in supplying gas detection, air monitoring, respiratory protection equipments for safety and health, industrial hygiene, environmental, weapons of mass destruction detection and firefighter protection, and many other applications.

Ampco Pumps Company is a manufacturer of stainless steel and nickel aluminum bronze centrifugal pumps for more than 50 years.

Ampco Pumps Company    United States
Ampco Pumps Company specializes in manufacturing steel and nickel aluminum bronze centrifugal pumps for sanitary, marine and industrial markets. Their products include sanitary pumps, marine pumps, industrial pumps, frame mounted pumps, data sheets and curves cross sectional drawings, lc and ld cross references, etc.

Arnold Wragg Limited is a manufacturer of precision special fasteners, threaded components and machined components for more than 50 years.

Arnold Wragg Limited    United Kingdom
Arnold Wragg Limited specializes in manufacturing products include precision special fasteners, threaded components and machined components. The company is quality certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 standard. Their products include socket head cap screws, setscrews, grub screws, cheese head, pan head, countersunk, slotted roundhead, socket button head, nuts, washer faced bolts, etc.

Arco Engineering Inc is a distributor of pressure, temperature and liquid level instrumentation, instrument valves and safety relief valves since 1954.

Arco Engineering Inc    United States
Arco Engineering Inc specializes in distributing products for process, chemical, power, food, waste water and OEM markets. Their products include calibration instruments, instruments hand valves and manifolds, pneumatic regulator, volume booster, transducers, differential pressure gauges, pitot tubes, pulsation snubbers, thermocouples, temperature switches, etc.

Ellen`s Essentials is a supplier of soaps and soap making products.

Ellen`s Essentials    United States
Ellen`s Essentials provides with bargain bin, bath bomb essentials, botanicals and herbs, bottles, bulk buys, cello bags and ties, clays, dyes peacock dyes, emulsifiers, essential oils, fixed oils, butters and waxes, flavor oils, fragrances, heat seal packaging, jars and pots, lip balm goodies, micas, pigments, etc.

EMFAB ENGINEERS is a manufacturer of material handling equipments for fabrication works for over 25 years.

EMFAB ENGINEERS manufactures vibrating screens, cyclone, pressure vessels, ducting, chimneys, belt conveyors, industrial chimney, heavy fabrication and erection, structural fabrication at site, piping fabrication, site fabrication of tank and tank frame structure, oil storage tank and material handling equipments.

EnviroData Solutions, Inc. provide software solutions for environmental data management.

EnviroData Solutions, Inc.    United States
EnviroData Solutions, Inc. provides with air, water, weather, hazardous waste and task tracker software modules of the Environmental Data Management Systems(EDMS).