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Hog Slat Inc manufactures precast concrete slats since 1969.

Hog Slat Inc    United States
Hog Slat Inc specializes in manufacturing precast concrete slats. The company products are frames, feeders, hog penning equipment, european farrowing crate, adjustable farrowing crate, sampson farrowing crate, etc.

Eclipse-OPM supplies products in sunshelter with aluminium slats as specialty.

Eclipse-OPM    Sweden
Eclipse-OPM products include slats, rails, components, cord and laddercord, machine, etc.

Govoni Handling Systems is a manufacturer of mechanical equipments since 1960.

Govoni Handling Systems   Cento  Italy
Govoni Handling Systems specializes in manufacturing mechanical equipments. They offer products such as screw conveyors, slat type conveyor systems, slat type and dragscraper conveyor, etc.

Dell Fixtures Inc. is a manufacturer of custom store fixtures, commercial casework and countertops since 1981.

Dell Fixtures Inc.   Columbus  United States
Dell Fixtures Inc. also provides new or used metal fixtures, wire displays, slat wall and acrylic displays. The company`s products include: wall cabinets, nova systems, tables, slat wall, gondolas, showcases, cornice peg board, metal shelving, wainscoting, and bar tops.

Marwel Conveyors Ltd manufactures conveyor systems and material handling systems for more than 50 years.

Marwel Conveyors Ltd    United Kingdom
Marwel Conveyors Ltd specializes in manufacturing conveyor systems and material handling systems. Few of their supplies include belt conveyors, chain conveyors, slat conveyors, drum conveyors, pallet handling and powered roller conveyors.

Hexaprofils specializes in producing plastic profiles through extrusion moulding since 1982.

Hexaprofils    France
Hexaprofils produces plastic profiles through extrusion moulding. Their products include rolling shutter slats, and pool coverage slats.

Flexwall Italia manufactures panels with accessories since 1997. The company also provides solutions for all Italian furnishing.

Flexwall Italia    Italy
Flexwall Italia specializes in the manufacture of slatted panels with accessories as well as wide variety of modular units for exhibition (perforated or micro-slatted panels) and also permanent POP displays, brand image support and many other visual merchandising proposals as perfect solutions for the exhibition of every kind of goods.

We specialize in manufacturing and supplying designed conveyors, conveyor systems, and robot palletising systems in Ireland.   Rushden  0
LVP Conveyor Systems Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of designed conveyors, conveyor systems, and robot palletising systems in Ireland. The product category includes belt conveyors, slat conveyors, pallet conveyors, gravity roller conveyors, roller conveyors, flexible conveyors, wrappers and hooders, load transfer stations, case packing, and weighing & bagging.\r\n\r\nThe products are used in industries like automotive, bearings, electronics, food, laboratories, optical, personal products, pharmaceutical, solar, tissue and tobacco.\r\n\r\n

Howell Precision Tool Co specializes in providing precision CNC machining and wire EDM for telecommunication, fiber optic, and medical industries.

Howell Precision Tool Co    United States
Howell Precision Tool Co provides precision CNC machining and wire EDM for telecommunication, fiber optic, and medical industries. Their services include milling, CNC turning, surface grinding, close tolerance instrument manufacturing, protype or production, etc.

LD plastics And Displays is a custom manufacturer of plastic displays fixtures, floor models, sign and brochure holders since 1973.

LD plastics And Displays   Brockton  United States
LD plastics And Displays specialize in manufacturing plastic displays fixtures, floor models, sign and brochure holders. The company is a member of the national association of store fixture manufacturers and massachusetts plastics alliance. Their products include floor model displays, counter displays, custom displays, Golf glove display, Slat wall shelf, Slat wall shoe shelves, bin display, etc.