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We specialize in providing support to all denture needs, including adjustments, annual checkups and cleaning solutions.   Langley  0
Langley Denture Clinic serves clients from Surrey and Langley, BC. The clinic support all denture needs, including adjustments, annual checkups and cleaning solutions. The langley denture clinic provide the following denture services at Langley Denture Clinic in Walnut Grove:\r\nFree Consultation, BPS Dentures, Precision Equilibrated Dentures, Implant Supported Dentures, Removable Partial Dentures: Titanium, Cast Metal, Acrylic, Thermoplastic, SR Ivocap Dentures, Relines, Denture Repairs, Adjustments to Dentures, Annual Denture Check-ups, and Cleaning Solutions for Dentures.

Angler Chemical Co manufactures lubricants and metal finishing chemicals for metal products since 1946.

Angler Chemical Co    United States
Angler Chemical Co specializes in manufacturing lubricants, cutting fluids for metal compounds. Few of their products include cleaners, metal forming, containers, phosphate, etc.

Azotic Coating Technology Inc provides multi layer thin film coatings for metals, compounds, alloys, ceramics, and diamond since 1993.

Azotic Coating Technology Inc    United States
Azotic Coating Technology Inc is a service provider, which specializes in poviding multi layer thin film coatings for metals, compounds, alloys, ceramics, and diamond.

Aerol Formulations Pvt Ltd manufactures and supplies home care products since 1989.

Aerol Formulations Pvt Ltd    India
Aerol Formulations Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing variety of home care products. Few of their products are perfumes, air freshners, sprays, deodrants, car freshners, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Lance Gypsum Products is a supplier of provides molding, casting, and modeling products since 1945.

Lance Gypsum Products    ,,
Lance Gypsum Products specializes in providing molding, casting, and modeling products. Their products include carving plasters, dental hydrocals and plasters, exterior casting material, gypsum plasters and hydrocals, modeling items, mold knives, mold making rubber, mold straps, parting compound, rasps, sealer, etc. Lance gypsum product is a specialized division of lance construction supplies.

Britannia Superfine Limited specializes in the manufacture of chocolate and chocolate compounds for commercial purpose.

Britannia Superfine Limited   Polegate  United Kingdom
Britannia Superfine Limited is a manufacturer of chocolate and chocolate compounds for commercial purpose. They offer products like pure chocolate, chocolate chips, cookie nibs, chocolate chunks, chocolate sticks, chocolate decorations, bakers chocolate flavoured coatings, etc.

Canadian Dental Association Inc provides oral healthcare services since 1902.

Canadian Dental Association Inc    Canada
Canadian Dental Association Inc specializes in providing oral healthcare services. Their recognized products are dental floss, denture adhesive, manual tooth brush, mouthwashes, rinses, tooth paste, tooth coating, etc. The company is a professional association representing Canadas 18, 000 dentists.

Heveatex Corporation manufactures and distributes natural and synthetic latex compounds since 1928.

Heveatex Corporation    United States
Heveatex Corporation specializes in producing and marketing natural and synthetic latex compounds. Their product includes slush casting, solder mask, strippable coating, wax emulsion, white dispersions, antioxidents, antiwebbing, coagulants, curatives, fire retardant, coatings, foamable, graft polymers, etc.

Conductive Compounds Inc. specializes in Printing, and imaging technology. They provide specialty materials used to manufacture membrane switches, rigid and flex circuits since 1990.

Conductive Compounds Inc.    United States
Conductive Compounds Inc. are specialized in printing and imaging technology, they also provide specialty materials used to manufacture EMI, RFI shielding and thermal management of electromechanical assemblies. Their products includes electrically conductive, and resistive inks, electrically conductive, and thermally conductive adhesives, thermally conductive potting compounds, electrically conductive, and resistive coatings, and ultraviolet cured dielectrics, encapsulates, and conformal coatings.

Endslip provides denture wearers with a comfortable and all natural solution for wearing dentures since 1933.

Endslip    United States
Endslip specializes in offering denture wearers with a comfortable and all natural solution for wearing dentures. Their product includes endslip adhesives, etc.