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Harris Corporation develops wide range of communications products and systems for industrial purpose.

Harris Corporation   Melbourne  United States
Harris Corporation specializes in producing and distributing various communications products and systems for government and commercial markets. Their products include RF-5800 Falcon II series, RF-398-01 VF low-band vertical monopole antenna, RF-1912 HF fan dipole antenna, RF-1980F-AT001 / RF-1980-AT001 tilt-whip adapters, RF-9070 VHF/UHF biconical antenna, Sierra II evaluation kit, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Texas Pneumatic Tools, Inc. established in 1978 is a distributor of various American made manufactured tools.

Texas Pneumatic Tools, Inc.    United States
Texas Pneumatic Tools, Inc. products are air manifolds, air receiver tanks, fans, horns, bumpers, sleeves, hose whip assemblies, in-line lubricators and filter lubricators, springs, air scribe, chipping hammers, clay digger, foundry tools, and accessories like safety lock cables, hose swivels, air flow check valves, etc. Texas Pneumatic Tools, Inc. supplies its products through distributors.

American Ingredients Company is a supplier and manufacturer of functional bakery ingredients, food ingredients, functional chemicals, polymer additives, and specialty blending equipment.

American Ingredients Company    United States
American Ingredients Company specializes in supplying and manufacturing bakery and food products. Their products include trans fat free, coffee whiteners, whipped toppings, puddings, sauces and gravies, cheese substitutes and imitation cheeses, snack dips and imitation sour cream, dehydrated potatoes, snack foods, cereals and pastas, candy and confectionary, chewing gum, peanut butter, ice cream mix, baked goods, baking mixes, margarine, flavor dispersants, lubricants and release agents, etc.

ArborSystems distributes variety of tree injection systems and chemicals.

ArborSystems   Omaha  United States
ArborSystems specializes in distributing wide range of injection systems and chemicals. The company products are complete forestry unit, wedgle direct inject unit, wedge chek punch, wedgle tip, multipupose tool, standard carrying case, pointer insecticide, greyhound insecticide, shepherd fungicide, whippetfungicide, etc.

Arcaros Saddlery Inc supplies variety of horse related products via online.

Arcaros Saddlery Inc   Kingsville  United States
Arcaros Saddlery Inc specializes in supplying wide range of horse related products through online. Few of their products are curb bits, pinchless cheek bits, leg wraps, braid aids, brushes, clipper blades, clipper lube and wash, clippers, whips and crops, etc.

Autoliv specializes in manufacturing and selling automotive safety systems for more than 20 years.

Autoliv    Sweden
Autoliv manufactures and sells automotive safety systems. Their products include airbags, seat belts, electronics, child restraints, inflators, anti whiplash seat, steering wheels, night vision system, etc.

Bob Co Tackle is a distributor of variety of fishing tackle products through online.

Bob Co Tackle    United Kingdom
Bob Co Tackle specializes in distributing variety of fishing tackle products through online. Their products include carp poles, competiton poles, multi use poles, abyss matchwhip system, maver pole accessories, keepnets, black box, milo seat boxes, maxima line, preston innovations, shimano carp, etc.

Chambers Food Service provides food products for more than 55 years.

Chambers Food Service    Canada
Chambers Food Service specializes in providing food products for their customers. Their products include canned tomatoes, Kraft miracle whip, Montreal steak spice, spaghetti sauce, lasagna noodles, mushrooms, asparagus spears, cauliflower, baby carrots, pasta salad mix, oriental mix, etc.

Coldelite manufactures wide range of ice cream making machines and equipments.

Coldelite    Italy
Coldelite specializes in manufacturing and supplying variety of ice cream making machines and equipments. Their products include Compacta RTX, Compacta TOP, cream whipping machines, etc.

Divers Supply Inc. manufactures equipments with professional service for past 100 years.

Divers Supply Inc.   Gretna  United States
Divers Supply Inc. manufacturer of dry suits, 6in fill whip, filters, fins, gear bags, gloves, and Harnesses. They are specialized in manufacturing products like birns lights, books for commercial divers, broco underwater cutting rods, broco underwater welding rods, watertight dive cases, and compasses

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