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4QD specializes in manufacturing motor speed controllers for battery operated electric motors.

4QD    ,,
4QD manufactures of motor speed controllers for battery operated electric motors. Their applications include kiddie cars, locomotives, electric vehicles, robots, etc.    United States is a constant construction and operation a boeing 737 700 flight simulator. They provide drawing of a boeing 737 classic instrument panel. Their projects help the taking measurements and pictures of 737.

Aero Systems Engineering Inc supplies aero test equipment and services since 1967.

Aero Systems Engineering Inc   St.Paul  United States
Aero Systems Engineering Inc specializes in supplying aero test equipment and services. Their products include engine test cells and test equipment for all engine types, including turbofan, turbojet afterburning, turboshaft, turbopropeller, auxiliary power unit, industrial, and marine engines, designs and supplies wind tunnels for testing in all speed regimes: low speed, subsonic, transonic, supersonic, and hypersonic. They alsp provide test services for aerospace vehicles and propulsion systems. The company is qualtiy certified to ISO 9001.

Ames Performance Engineering supplies pontiac parts for the past 29 years.

Ames Performance Engineering   Marlborough  United States
Ames Performance Engineering specializes in supplying wide range of pontiac parts. Their products include box washer, column lower bushing, anti hop bars, sleeves, seal clip, molding clip set, front speaker, engine pulleys, etc.

Atec Inc manufactures variety of components and test systems for the aerospace industry since 1956.

Atec Inc    United States
Atec Inc specializes in manufacturing wide range of constructed turbine engine test cells, hush houses, and mobile engine test systems. the company offers service for all types of test cells. Atec Inc is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Audi 80 Turbo Quattro specializes in remodeling various automobile products.

Audi 80 Turbo Quattro    ,,
Audi 80 Turbo Quattro is a service provider, which remodel wide range of automobile products like engines, brakes, cooling system, fuel system, etc.

Bobs Machine Shop specializes in marketing marine products targeted at anglers and performance boaters.

Bobs Machine Shop    
Bobs Machine Shop markets marine products targeted at anglers and performance boaters. Their products include engine controls, foot throttle slide plate, spark plug wire set, outboard exhaust housing, water pumps, flushing kit, batteries, chargers, stack, lowrance marine, tackle boxes, pitot tube, mini jack plate, lift plate gauge, lift plate pump, etc.

Brake Systems Inc specializes in the manufacture of exhaust brakes and vacuum brakes for automobiles.

Brake Systems Inc   Portland  United States
Brake Systems Inc is a manufacturer of exhaust brakes and vacuum brakes for automobiles. They offer products like exhaust brakes, air cylinders, shifters, throttle mechanisms, engine idle kits, hydraulic assemblies, electronic remote sensor assemblies, etc.

Cedaspe manufactures bushings and accessories for transformers for more than forty years.

Cedaspe    Italy
Cedaspe manufactures products such as ED bushings, tap changer, gas actuated relays, magnetic oil level gauges, inclined face gauge, dehydrating breathers throttle valves, and accessories for power transformers. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002 standard.

Comau supplies equipments since 1973.

Comau    ,,
Comau specializes in supplying equipments since 1973. Few of their products include machine tools, laser welding technologies, new control units, teach pendants, powertrain systems, injection moulds, etc.

DICA Electronics Ltd supplies printed circuit board and provides PCB assembly service since 1983.

DICA Electronics Ltd    Canada
DICA Electronics Ltd specializes in supplying printed circuit board and provides PCB assembly service. Their service includes mechanical assembly, quick turn prototyping, cable harnessing, wire wrap, full line of rework services, testing and packaging, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Fisher Products LLC metal coating service on several metal arts.

Fisher Products LLC   Tulsa  United States
Fisher Products LLC is a service provider, which specializes in providing specialty coatings, CNC machining turning and milling shops, grinding services on machined, hard metal parts.

GB Remanufacturing Inc manufactures variety of fuel systems components since 1986.

GB Remanufacturing Inc   Long Beach  United States
GB Remanufacturing Inc specializes in manufacturing various fuel systems components. Few of their products are choke pull offs, throttle position sensors, mixture control solenoids, polish injector, clear coat injector, lubricate injector, etc.

GNB Corporation manufactures vacuum products since 1968.

GNB Corporation   Elk Grove  United States
GNB Corporation specializes in developing vacuum products. The company product includes gate valves, liquid nitrogen traps, pendulum valves, custom flanges and fittings, angle valves, view ports, vacuum chambers, bellows, multi coolant baffles, throttle plates, etc.

HAWE North America Inc distributes variety of hydraulic products since 1997.

HAWE North America Inc   Munich  Germany
HAWE North America Inc specializes in distributing wide range of hydraulic products for industrial applications. Their products include hydraulic power packs, radial piston pumps, dual stage pumps, hand pumps, trolliting spool valves, seated valves, pressure reducing valves, metering valves, etc.

Hutchins Manufacturing Company specializes in manufacturing surface preparation tools and accessories for more than 54 years.

Hutchins Manufacturing Company    
Hutchins Manufacturing Company manufactures surface preparation tools and accessories. Their products include water sanders, truck bed sanders, industrial sanders, solid surface sanders, vacuum assist sanders, etc.

Jenvey Dynamics Ltd manufactures motor sport products since 1987.

Jenvey Dynamics Ltd   Bridgnorth  United Kingdom
Jenvey Dynamics Ltd specializes in developing motor sport products. Their product includes throttle bodies, accessories, air horns, fuel systems, etc.

Matador Company specializes in manufacturing windscreen wipers, washer systems and throttles.

Matador Company    ,,
Matador Company specializes in manufacturing windscreen wipers, washer systems and throttles for manufacturers of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses, coaches, railway trains, ships and defense vehicles. Their products include wiper systems, wiper arms, wiper blades, wiper motors, swivel shafts, swivel posts, connecting links, throttles, swivel bushes, slave posts, connecting rods, washer bottles, etc. The company has been certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Mr Turbo manufactures engine management systems.

Mr Turbo    ,,
Mr Turbo specializes in manufacturing engine management systems. The company products include EFI box, fuel injection parts, dyno equipment, lambda box, ECU comparison, etc.

Teleflex Inc designs, manufactures, and distributes specialty-engineered products to the healthcare, aerospace, and commercial markets for more than 60 years.

Teleflex Inc   Limerick  United States
Teleflex Inc specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing specialty-engineered products to the healthcare, aerospace, and commercial markets. Their products include sutures, ligation, chest drains, surgical instrumentation, wound closure systems, and minimally invasive cardiac surgery products, on-board baggage and cargo-handling systems for all major aircraft OEMs, mechanical and electromechanical products, etc.



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