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A and B Metal Mfg Company Inc specializes in manufacturing tungsten carbide products for more than 35 years.

A and B Metal Mfg Company Inc    United States
A And B Metal Mfg Company Inc manufactures tungsten carbide products. Their applications include cane knives, ensilage knives, grain drill discs, horseshoes, plow discs and harrows, crusher rolls, eagle crusher points, feeder plows, muller plows, muller tires, paving machine paddles, post hole augers, road rippers, scarified teeth, dredge pump cutters, dredge pump impellers, dredge side pump plates, drive tumbler plates, etc.

A-1 Contours Inc specializes in manufacturing bladed rotating components like turbines and compressor impellers since 1993.

A-1 Contours Inc    United States
A-1 Contours Inc manufactures bladed rotating components like turbines and compressor impellers. Their products and services include integral wheels, prototype manufacturing, reverse engineering, CNC manufacturing, etc.

Acme Castings Inc is a supplier of casting products since 1961.

Acme Castings Inc    United States
Acme Castings Inc specializes in supplying casting products. Their products include impellers, valves, pumps, propellers, winches, windlasses, dies, grates, hangers, support bars, molds, tuyeres, assay bowls, valves, pumps, gates, blades, antennas, housing connectors, etc.

Advanced Air International Inc specializes in manufacturing plastic fan blades, blower wheels and impellers.

Advanced Air International Inc    United States
Advanced Air International Inc manufactures plastic fan blades, blower wheels and impellers. The company has been quality certified to ISO 9000.

Aeroflo Inc manufactures and supplies variety of ventilation equipments. The company was established in 1986.

Aeroflo Inc    United States
Aeroflo Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying wide range of ventilation equipments. few of their products are backdraft damper, CX complete air purification systems, EXT external mount fan, TCB belt driven blower, TEK impeller, etc.

Ceracell Beekeeping Supplies Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying beekeeping equipment.

Ceracell Beekeeping Supplies Ltd    New Zealand
Ceracell Beekeeping Supplies Ltd manufactures and supplies beekeeping equipment. Their product include bee smokers, bees wax foundations, flexible impeller honey pump, electric honey extractors, manual honey extractors, hobby honey extractors, queen bee rearing equipment, buzzco queen bee cell cups, beekeepers protective clothing, bee brush, bee hives, etc.

Brydon Marine Products Ltd manufactures and distributes wide range of marine products since 1983.

Brydon Marine Products Ltd    Canada
Brydon Marine Products Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying variety of marine products. Their products include fenders and bottoms, dock lines, bilge blowers, water pumps, impellers, ladders and platforms, instruments, life jackets, boat seats, gas tanks, cleaners and polishes, paint, switches, battery chargers, paddles and oars, etc.

Caframo Limited established in 1955 manufactures fans, and heaters.

Caframo Limited   Wiarton  Canada
Caframo Limited works under two divisions, which includes consumer division which manufactures products like electric fans, portable electric heaters, and unique hearth fans, and accessories, and the laboratory division sells overhead laboratory stirrers, mixing impellers and accessories. Caframo Limited products are built and approved to appropriate standards such as CE, UL and CSA. Caframo Limited serves USA, Canada, and international markets.

Krishna Global Product manufactures grey iron, SG iron and steel castings since 1946.

Krishna Global Product    India
Krishna Global Product specializes in manufacturing grey iron, SG iron and steel castings. for industries such as automobile, machine tools, electrical machinery, diesel locomotives, pumps etc. their products include manganese steel excarator tooth points, heat resistant steel castings, brake drum and brake housings, axle, brake disks, exhaust manifolds, angle plate, box angle, flywheel for power presses, housing, end shields, impellers, etc.

Creswell Trading Co Inc is a distributor of variety of castings for more than 20 years.

Creswell Trading Co Inc    United States
Creswell Trading Co Inc specializes in distributing variety of castings. Their products include valve bodies, pump impellers, gears, flanged hubs, pallet rings, mine machinery parts, manhole covers and frames, gratings and catchbasins, meter boxes, cleanouts, hydrant and surface boxes, tree grilles, bollards, lamp posts, bench arms, dutch ovens, cooker grilles, etc.

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