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Application Engineering Incorporated is a manufacturer of components for engine testing for more than 25 years.

Application Engineering Incorporated    United States
Application Engineering Incorporated specializes in manufacturing components for engine testing. Their products include dynamometer, cooling systems, engine handling, fuel systems, actuators systems, etc.

Burke E Porter Machinery develops and supplies electrical, mechanical, and software solutions for automotive test systems since 1953.

Burke E Porter Machinery    United States
Burke E Porter Machinery specializes in developing and supplying electrical, mechanical, and software solutions for automotive test systems. Their products include automotive testing, ranging from roll or brake test and non contact alignment machines, dynamometers, tire and wheel assembly systems and specialty machines.

Celmi produces load cells like strain gage load cells since 1981.

Celmi    Italy
Celmi specializes in producing load cells. Their products are made of stainless steel soldered with microplasma and watertight. Their products load cells measuring like bending, compression, shearing, torsional, tensile stress, as well as combined even for multi axis systems. Their products include strain gage load cells, traction, pin for pulley, flange for pin, etc.

Dillon manufactures measurement instruments since 1937.

Dillon   Fairmont  United States
Dillon specializes in manufacturing measurement instruments. Few of their products include dynamometers, crane scales, force control switches, load cells, digital force gauges, test stands, etc.

DyneSystems Co   Jackson  United States
DyneSystems Co specializes in providing dynamometers, digital dynamometer and throttle controls, data acquisition and test cell automation. They offer services like phone service, factory repair, field service, training, support contracts, replacement parts, etc.

Eldigi Systems Pvt. Ltd. manufacture and export electronic weighing scales and systems for over two decades.

Eldigi Systems Pvt. Ltd.    India
Eldigi Systems Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and exports electronic weighing machines, precision balance, weigh bridge, piece counting scales, Crane Scales, Bench Scales. The company products include batching and printing, batching controller, batching systems, dosing and batching, conveyor charging, drum filling nozzle, etc.

Force Control Industries Inc manufactures clutch and brake products since 1959.

Force Control Industries Inc   Fairfield  United States
Force Control Industries Inc specializes in manufacturing multiple disc clutch and brake products for industrial applications. Their products include posistop oil shear brakes, electric release brakes, speed drives, servo drivers, etc.

KL-Maschinenbau GmbH and Co.KG develops and manufactures test stands for agricultural motor powered machinery and engines since 2003.

KL-Maschinenbau GmbH and Co.KG    Germany
KL-Maschinenbau GmbH and Co.KG specializes in developing and manufacturing test stands for agricultural motor powered machinery and engines. Their products include PTO power brake, consumption measurement, TDT, and accessories.

Land and Sea Inc manufactures various vehicle dynamometers.

Land and Sea Inc   North Salem  United States
Land and Sea Inc specializes in manufacturing wide range of vehicle dynamometer systems for automotive, bike, diesel, kart, marine sectors. Their products include kart chassis dynos, marine shaft dynos, motor cycle dynos, eddy current brakes, diesel dynos, etc.

Merilab manufactures production alignment equipments since 1920.

Merilab    Canada
Merilab specializes in developing production alignment equipments. Their product includes wheel alignment systems and upgrades, headlamp alignment system, roll test stands, chassis dynomometers, data collection and analysis systems, sage and expert systems.

Rask Cycle sells motorcycle parts and accessories for more than 20 years.

Rask Cycle   Evans  United States
Rask Cycle specializes in selling motorcycle parts and accessories. They sell motorcycle parts for Harley-Davidson, Triumph, BSA, etc. The company also offers dynamometer service, custom rebuilding and restorations, motorcycle repairs, motor rebuilds, transmission rebuilds, wiring, restorations, custom motorcycle rebuilds, etc.

Superflow specializes in the manufacture of dynamometers and test equipments.

Superflow    ,,
Superflow specializes in the manufacture of dynamometers and test equipments. They offer products like flowbench sf 1200, dynaomometer, light duty transmission, heavy duty transmission, engine, auto chassis, towing, brake, torque converter, torque conversion rebuild, bushing removal, converter oil purge, hubmaster, hydraulic riveter, balancer, etc.



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