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American Magnetics Inc manufactures and supplies variety of magnet systems since 1968.

American Magnetics Inc   Oak Ridge  United States
American Magnetics Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing various magnet systems and cryogenic accessories for a variety of magnetic applications. Their products include multi-axis systems, cryogen free magnet systems, cryogenic level instruments, small LN2 Dewar autofill system, STM magnet systems, liquid helium level monitors, etc.

Anco Products Inc specializes in distributing flex duct, metal building insulation, industrial resilient blanket, textrafine, and other commercial insulation.

Anco Products Inc    United States
Anco Products Inc. sell products like insulated flexible air ducts and uninsulated flexible air ducts, aluminum flexible air ducts, duct wrap and flex duct UL181B Tape, faced and plain metal building insulation, and accessories, and the company is also engaged in manufacturing textrafine blanket insulation. Anco Products, Inc. products find application in as rail cars, cargo trailers and muffler lining, cryogenic tank construction, post frame and metal building construction markets.

300 Below Inc manufactures wide range of metals, brass instruments, baseball bats, firearm barrels, motor sports engines, etc., since 1966.

300 Below Inc    United States
300 Below Inc specializes in manufacturing metals, brass instruments, baseball bats, firearm barrels, motor sports engines, etc. The company also specializes in providing cryogenic tempering services.

Abbess Instruments And Systems Inc is a designer and manufacturer of vacuum and thermal instruments and systems since 1982.

Abbess Instruments And Systems Inc   Holliston  United States
Abbess Instruments And Systems Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing vacuum and thermal instruments and systems for science and industry. Their products include computer controlled experiment systems, cryostats, hall effect measurement systems, wide temperature range cryogenic workstations, cryogenic gas and liquid control systems, vacuum chambers for testing, degassing and potting, etc.

Ace Manufacturing and Parts Co manufactures and distributes heavy duty clutches and clutch parts for more than thirty years.

Ace Manufacturing and Parts Co    United States
Ace Manufacturing and Parts Co specializes in producing and supplying variety of heavy duty clutches and clutch parts. Few of their products are friction materials and powdered metal products, racing clutches, E Z rider clutches, etc. Ace Manufacturing and Parts Co offers cryogenic treatment services. The company is quality certified to 9001:2000.

Acrona Engineering is a manufacturer of precision machinery components and assembly products for 28 years.

Acrona Engineering    United Kingdom
Acrona Engineering specializes in providing and manufacturing precision machinery components and assembly products for industries include cryogenics, medical, nuclear, orthopedic, f1 motor sports, marine, electronic and food processing. Their products are quality certified to ISO 9001 standards. Their products include cnc milling machine, 3+2 milling machines, cnc turning components, etc.

Ag-Link International Inc specializes in supplying farm products.

Ag-Link International Inc    United States
Ag-Link International Inc supplies farm products. Their products include hoof care, clipper, dairy, fencing equipment, cryogenic tanks, vaccines, medicines, goat equipment, etc.

Barnstead International design and manufacture laboratory and dental products since 1878.

Barnstead International    United States
Barnstead International specializes in designing and manufacturing laboratory and dental products. Their products include nanopure diamond water systems, classic, megapure and fistreem water distillation systems, harvey sterilizers, cimarec, mirak, PMC and explosion proof stirring hotplates, furnaces, imperial V ovens, CO2 and shaking incubators, heating mantles, melting point apparatus, locator plus and biocane cryogenic storage systems, REPIPET dispensers, linear chart recorders, turner fluorometers, and spectrophotometers.

Blackhall Engineering Ltd is a manufacturer of flow control valve products for more than 35 years.

Blackhall Engineering Ltd    United Kingdom
Blackhall Engineering Ltd specializes in manufacturing flow control valve products. Their products include cryogenic valves, water valves, pump protection system, special purpose valve, etc.

Cavagna Group specializes in manufacturing equipment and fittings for L. P. G storage and control, since 1949.

Cavagna Group    Italy
Cavagna Group manufactures equipment and fittings for L. P. G storage and control. Their products include L. P. G. valves and equipment, L. P. G. and natural gas regulators, accessories, high pressure valves and equipment, pressurized gas containers, LPG- gas refrigerants, cryogenic, industrial gas, etc.

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