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CLAL MSX produces and sells copper, nickel, and zinc alloys in strip, wire, or profile forms.

CLAL MSX    United States
CLAL MSX specializes in manufacturing and distributing copper, nickel, and zinc alloys in strip, wire, or profile forms. Their product includes sheets and plates, rods, tubes, welding alloys, strips in coil, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002 standard.

E.Myatt And Co Inc offers pipe hanging materials along with engineering and dimensional data tabulated for hanger components since 1909.

E.Myatt And Co Inc    Canada
E.Myatt And Co Inc products include bare metal, stainless steel, copper plated, zinc plated, hot dipped, galvanized, epoxy coated along with pipe attachments, saddles, springs, anchors, brackets, upper attachments, rods.

Limpact International Limited is a manufacturer of non ferrous metal like zinc, copper, for more than 30 years.

Limpact International Limited    Canada
Limpact International Limited specializes in manufacturing non ferrous metal like zinc, and copper. Their products include impact bonding, cathode head bars, edge strips, new blanks for starting sheets and cathode production, cross rods, hanger bars, etc.

Hazelett Strip Casting Corporation is a manufacturer of variety of twin belt continuous casting machines for metal industries since 1940.

Hazelett Strip Casting Corporation    United States
Hazelett Strip Casting Corporation specializes in manufacturing variety of twin belt continuous casting machines for metal industries. Their products include aluminum strip casting machines, copper strip casting machines, zinc strip casting machines, thin anode casting, copper anode casting, copper bar casting machines, etc.

Darshana Industries Pvt Ltd produces hardware for control panels, cabinets and furnitures since 1982.

Darshana Industries Pvt Ltd   Pune  India
Darshana Industries Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing hardware products for control panels, cabinets, etc. Few of their products include swing handle with round rod, rack and pinion, flat rods, die cast swing handle, etc. The company also exports plastic moulded, zinc alloy and steel components. Darshana Industries Pvt Ltd is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Bay Zinc Company manufactures BLU MIN zinc sulfate monohydrate nutrient for more than 40years.

The Bay Zinc Company    United States
Bay Zinc Company specializes in manufacturing BLU MIN zinc sulfate monohydrate, which is used as nutrient in plant, animal, and human nutrition. Their products include BLU MIN zinc coarse, zinc granular, zinc liquid, and zinc powder.

We specialize in producing copper alloy. Our main product series of the company includes brass series, bronze and brass series, copper rod and copper pipe series, etc., since 1995.   zhuji  0
Zhejiang yongcheng machinery co., ltd specializes in producing copper alloy. Main product series of the company includes brass series, bronze and brass series, copper rod and copper pipe series, etc., since 1995.\r\n\r\nMain product category of the company includes minerals and metallurgy, and other non-metallic minerals and products.Company’s five series of products includes crusher bearings series, copper vulcanizer sets series, self-lubricating bearings series, punch series, and others including aluminum castings, zinc-based alloy sets, copper bushings, sleeve, copper, brass, etc.\r\n\r\nProducts of the company are exported to various countries such as Japan, USA, Germany, and Malaysia, Italy and other countries and regions.

Global Chemical Col ltd manufactures zinc chloride chemical since 1974.

Global Chemical Col ltd    Thailand
Global Chemical Col ltd manufacturers of zinc chloride. They are specialized for manufacturing products such as zinc chemicals like active zinc oxide, zinc carbonate, zinc ammonium chloride, and zinc sulphate. They are certified by ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Imperial Zinc Corp specializes in producing alloys and zinc anodes.

Imperial Zinc Corp   Chicago  United States
Imperial Zinc Corp produces alloys and zinc anodes. Their products include slush metal, form alloy, secondary alloy, zinc and antimony brighteners, etc. The company has been quality certified to ISO 9002.

Transition Metals Technology is a consultant, trader and joint venture partner in the field of metallurgy and a producer of Anthracite Coal. The company was established in 1969.

Transition Metals Technology   Wenonah  United States
Transition Metals Technology`s trading activities consist of prime metals, ferro alloys, pig iron, silicon carbide, coke, anthracite coal, graphite, scrap metal, steel, spent catalyst, metallic residue and minerals. The company is also involved in trading of products like ingot, lump, powder, loose, bale, shredded, turnings, sheet, coil, slab, billet, wire rod, and bar.