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Lake City Plating is a service provider specializing in the zinc and cadmium plating.

Lake City Plating    United States
Lake City Plating specializes in zinc and cadmium plating. They offer a wide range of products like fastners, screw machine, stampings, springs, pipe plus.

High Temperature Systems Inc is a manufacturer of variety of graphite industrial equipments for more than 29 years.

High Temperature Systems Inc    United States
High Temperature Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of graphite industrial equipments. Their products include molten metal pumps, molten metal transfer piping, DH 102 preheat stations, DH 104 preheat stations, DH 106 preheat stations, DH 108 preheat stations, plate heaters, etc.

E.Myatt And Co Inc offers pipe hanging materials along with engineering and dimensional data tabulated for hanger components since 1909.

E.Myatt And Co Inc    Canada
E.Myatt And Co Inc products include bare metal, stainless steel, copper plated, zinc plated, hot dipped, galvanized, epoxy coated along with pipe attachments, saddles, springs, anchors, brackets, upper attachments, rods.

Foley and Associates specializes in servicing automotive, HVAC and appliance industries for over 20 years.

Foley and Associates    United States
Foley and Associates provides carbon tubing, tube products, stainless steel tubing, pipe, carbon, aluminized, galvanized, and zinc-nickel coated products.

Bay Zinc Company manufactures BLU MIN zinc sulfate monohydrate nutrient for more than 40years.

The Bay Zinc Company    United States
Bay Zinc Company specializes in manufacturing BLU MIN zinc sulfate monohydrate, which is used as nutrient in plant, animal, and human nutrition. Their products include BLU MIN zinc coarse, zinc granular, zinc liquid, and zinc powder.

Injohnson Precision Industrial Co Ltd manufactures magnets, oil seals, plastic molded products, and zinc, aluminum die cast products for more than 20 years.

Injohnson Precision Industrial Co Ltd   Hsien  Taiwan, Republic of China
Injohnson Precision Industrial Co Ltd specializes in producing magnets, oil seals, plastic molded products, and zinc, aluminum die cast products. Their product includes ferrite magnets, oil seal and molded rubber parts, plastic injection moldings, sheet metal stampings, sand casting parts, die casting parts, etc.

Geissel Jakap Pvt Ltd manufactures and exports precision brass components, lamp parts, conduit, etc.

Geissel Jakap Pvt Ltd   Pune  India
Geissel Jakap Pvt Ltd an ISO 9001-9002 certified company was formed as a joint venture company between Wilhelm Geissel KG Germany and Jakap Metind Pvt. Ltd. , India. The company manufactures brass electrical wiring accessories, precision brass components, couplings, tube and pipe fittings, compression fittings, lamp parts, etc.

We specialize in producing copper alloy. Our main product series of the company includes brass series, bronze and brass series, copper rod and copper pipe series, etc., since 1995.   zhuji  0
Zhejiang yongcheng machinery co., ltd specializes in producing copper alloy. Main product series of the company includes brass series, bronze and brass series, copper rod and copper pipe series, etc., since 1995.\r\n\r\nMain product category of the company includes minerals and metallurgy, and other non-metallic minerals and products.Company’s five series of products includes crusher bearings series, copper vulcanizer sets series, self-lubricating bearings series, punch series, and others including aluminum castings, zinc-based alloy sets, copper bushings, sleeve, copper, brass, etc.\r\n\r\nProducts of the company are exported to various countries such as Japan, USA, Germany, and Malaysia, Italy and other countries and regions.

Galco Dublin provides technical and design advice service for over 30 years for steel fabrication markets.

Galco Dublin   Dublin  Ireland
Galco Dublin specializes in providing technical and design advice service for steel fabrication markets. Their main classes of work includes hot dip galvanizing of castings, centrifuged, fabrications, fencing, general, pipes, radiators, structural, tanks, providing painting solutions, access covers, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

Taizhou Benqiu Hardware Product Co Ltd manufactures and distributes fittings and valves.

Taizhou Benqiu Hardware Product Co Ltd    China
Taizhou Benqiu Hardware Product Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing fittings and valves. Few of their products include bronze floor drains and parts, nickel floor drains, bronze fittings, bronze pipe fittings and valves, brass cornered valve, floor drains, pipeline, spring water tap, brass ball valves, sanitary wares, brass bibcock, polished fancet, zinc alloy brall valve bibcock, and brass fittings and valves.