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Karps Homebrew Shop is a distributor of winemaking and homebrewing equipments since 1934.

Karps Homebrew Shop    United States
Karps Homebrew Shop specializes in distributing winemaking and homebrewing equipments. They also offer beer kits, wine kits, malt extracts, grain malts, hops, yeast, fun stuff, etc.

Anchor Yeast is a manufacturer of yeast products since 1923.

Anchor Yeast    South Africa
Anchor Yeast specializes in manufacturing yeast products. The company is quality certified to iso 9001: 2000 standard. Their products include bakers compressed yeast, cream yeast, instant dry yeast, brewers yeast, baking and cereal enzymes, bakery specialty ingredients, sticky drinks, fruity, orange, strawberry juice, bio tech products, etc.

Seven Bridges Cooperative specializes in distributing organic ingredients, since 1997.

Seven Bridges Cooperative    United States
Seven Bridges Cooperative distributes organic ingredients like starter kits for beginners, organic beer ingredient kits, organic malted grains, organic hops, organic malt extract, other organic ingredients, additives and other ingredients, etc.

First Environmental Services Inc. offers air test kit to identify and diagnose poor air.

First Environmental Services Inc.    United States
First Environmental Services Inc. provide air test kit to identify and diagnose poor air containing black mold, yeast and bacteria which may cause symptom which includes headaches, nasal congestion, sinus and respiratory problems.

Mayers Cider Mill Inc distributes apple and cider foods since 1869.

Mayers Cider Mill Inc    United States
Mayers Cider Mill Inc specializes in supplying apple and cider foods. They also distribute winemaking and brewing equipment and kits. Their product includes fruit beer base, brewers yeast, fining agents, fermenter vessels, etc.

Express Lighting distributes various lighting products.

Express Lighting    United States
Express Lighting specializes in distributing wide range of lighting products. Their products inlcude cable lighting kits, under water kits, reading kits, halogen bulbs, halogen transformers, pendants, decorative lamps, etc.

The Beer Essentials supplies beer and wine making/brewing kits, equipment, supplies since 1994.

The Beer Essentials   Lakewood  United States
The Beer Essentials specializes in supplying beer and wine making/brewing kits, equipment, supplies. Their products include beer chemicals, beer machine kits, specialty malts, plain syrup, sanitizers for beer, bottling supplies, corks, beer and wine chemicals, bottle fillers, bottle washers, bottling bucket, fermenters, filters and pads, funnels, etc.

Amerace is a designer and manufacturer of products include isolating transformers, connector kits and cable assemblies for airfield lighting since 1917.

Amerace   Richmond Hill  Canada
Amerace specializes in designing and manufacturing products include isolating transformers, connector kits and cable assemblies for airfield lighting. Their products are quality certified to ISO9001: 2000 standards. Their products include swedish connectors, LRC cable connectors, fixture leads, primary connector kits, secondary connector kits, etc. The company is a division of thomas and belts.

Cir Kit Concepts manufactures dollhouse lightings since 1976.

Cir Kit Concepts    United States
Cir Kit Concepts specializes in manufacturing dollhouse lightings since 1976. Few of their products include hardwares, fire grates, half scale lamps, lights, floor lamps, plug and switches, table lamps, transformers, tapewires, wiring kits, etc. is a distributor of halogen lighting products for residential purposes.    United States specializes in distributing halogen lighting products for residential purposes. They offer halogen bulbs, downlights, minilights, under cabinet lighting, and electronic transformers.