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Chimab Spa distributes chemical additives, raw materials, and ingredients for food processing industries since 1985.

Chimab Spa    Italy
Chimab Spa specializes in distributing chemical additives, raw materials, and ingredients for food processing industries. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Seven Bridges Cooperative specializes in distributing organic ingredients, since 1997.

Seven Bridges Cooperative    United States
Seven Bridges Cooperative distributes organic ingredients like starter kits for beginners, organic beer ingredient kits, organic malted grains, organic hops, organic malt extract, other organic ingredients, additives and other ingredients, etc.

Karps Homebrew Shop is a distributor of winemaking and homebrewing equipments since 1934.

Karps Homebrew Shop    United States
Karps Homebrew Shop specializes in distributing winemaking and homebrewing equipments. They also offer beer kits, wine kits, malt extracts, grain malts, hops, yeast, fun stuff, etc.

Pierce Biotechnology specializes in providing protein-studies and related research.

Pierce Biotechnology    United States
Pierce Biotechnology offers protein-studies and related research. Pierce Biotechnology is now sold as Thermo Scientific. Pierce reagents and kits are for protein purification, protein detection and quantitation, protein sample preparation, protein labeling, protein interaction, protein immunodetection, protein electrophoresis, protein assays, ELISA and array-based assays for intracellular and extracellular proteins, cellomics hit kit reagents for high content screening, GC and HPLC Reagents, etc.

Beldem produces various sorts of bread flavours and feed ingredients since 1975.

Beldem    Belgium
Beldem is a subsidiary of the PURATOS Group. The company specializes in manufacturing and distributing emulsifiers, enzymes, sourdoughs, starter cultures, yeast, etc.

We are one among the top leading manufacturers of Plant Extracts in China. We mainly provide two series products namely natural colors and plant extracts.   nanjing  0
Nanjing Chijing Chemical Plant Co., Ltd is one among the top leading manufacturers of Plant Extracts in China. Company mainly provides two series products namely natural colors and plant extracts.\r\n\r\nMain product category of the company includes plant extract, artemisia annual extract, sophora japonica extract, Aloe Vera extract, and natural pigments.\r\n\r\nCompany offers products such as stevia extract, marigold extract, bilberry extract, milk thistle extract, vanillin, ethyl vanillin, artemisia annua/artemisinin, dihydroartemisinin, quercetin, rutin, aloe vera gel freeze dried powder, aloe vera gel spray dried powder, curcumin, paprika oleoresin, lutein/marigold oleoresin, lutein crystal, beet red, monascus red, red yeast rice (powder), gardenia yellow, gardenia yellow paste, gardenia yellow powder, etc.\r\n\r\nProducts of the company are used in the industries like foods, beverages, pharmaceutics, cosmetics either as raw materials or as additives or as nutrimental supplements or as natural antioxidants.\r\n\r\nNanjing Chijing Chemical Company has been working with a team of experts and professors of tea science, phytochemistry, Chinese traditional herb medicine, plant identification and pharmacology for development and research.

Lallemand Human Nutrition A/S supplies yeast and herbal products since 1985.

Lallemand Human Nutrition A/S   Birkerod  Denmark
Lallemand Human Nutrition A/S specializes in supplying selected botanical extracts. The company products include rosell probiotic and lalmin yeast for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry.

We are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of ecological products in China mainland.   Xi\an  0
Xi\an Pandora Biological Technology Co.Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of ecological products in China mainland.\r\n\r\nMain products of the company include ginseng extract, bilberry extract, gingko extract, milk thistle extract, arbutin, tea polyphenol, coenzyme Q10.\r\n\r\nCompany provides customers with the highest quality, most effective whole herb extracts, herbal healthcare products and other affiliated products ranging from the dietary and nutritional supplements to pharmaceutical, cosmetic and feeding materials.\r\n\r\nIn additional company also offers products such as high quality evening primrose extract, flaxseed extract, natural plant extract, flaxseed extraction flax lignan, wormwood leaf extract, artemisinin, dandelion extract, fructo-oligosaccharide, fenugreek seed extract, epimedium extract, 4-hydroxybenzoic acid, rhaponticum carthamoides extract, rhaponticum carthamoides extract, creatine hcl, natural strawberry juice powder, creatine glutamine taurine, natural apple juice powder, whey protein, siberian chaga mushroom extract, catechu extract, white mustart seed extract semen brassicae, white mustard seed extract, etc.\r\n\r\nXi\an Pandora Biological Technology Company has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Alpha Biosciences Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of bacterial and fungal dehydrated culture media.

Alpha Biosciences Inc    United States
Alpha Biosciences Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing bacterial and fungal dehydrated culture media. Their products include bacteriological peptone, beef extract, casein meat mixture, gelatin, peptic digest of animal tissue, yeast extract, campylobacter, growth supplement, etc.

EnergyFirst provides with optimal health since 1997.

EnergyFirst    ,,
EnergyFirst provides nutrition supplements and cutting edge health education. They also provide with natural whey protein, green drink, omega 3, protein shake kits, heaithy starter kits, energy bars, supplements, etc.