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Alpha Biosciences Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of bacterial and fungal dehydrated culture media.

Alpha Biosciences Inc    United States
Alpha Biosciences Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing bacterial and fungal dehydrated culture media. Their products include bacteriological peptone, beef extract, casein meat mixture, gelatin, peptic digest of animal tissue, yeast extract, campylobacter, growth supplement, etc.

Rob Harvey Specialist Feeds specializes in the supply of bird food, animal food, products and equipments.

Rob Harvey Specialist Feeds    United Kingdom
Rob Harvey Specialist Feeds supplies bird food, and pet products and equipments. The company offers products like egg foods, handrearing formulas, livefood, nectars, parrot food, seed straights, seed mixtures, seed mixtures, soaking mixtures, softbill food, vitamins and supplements, air filters and cleaners, etc.

FoodScience of Vermont produces natural products including pure N, N-Dimethylglycine, and essential fatty acids.

FoodScience of Vermont    United States
FoodScience of Vermont produces products such as nutritional supplements, herbal extracts, performance products, energy formulas, amino acids, and multiple vitamin, mineral formulas. Most FoodScience products are yeast, sugar, and starch free. They are specialized for products such as joint and muscle support men`s, women`s and specialty products, minerals, formulas, weight management products.

Nutrition 21 Inc manufactures wide range of nutritional products since 1995.

Nutrition 21 Inc    United States
Nutrition 21 Inc specializes in manufacturing various nutritional products for healthcare applications. Few of their products are include Chromax chromium picolinate, Diachrome chromium picolinate + biotin, Selenomax high selenium yeast, and Iceland Health Omega-3 and Iceland Health Joint Health.

Healthy Days Inc is a distributor of variety of vitamin, minerals, diet and herbal nutritional supplement products through online.

Healthy Days Inc    United States
Healthy Days Inc specializes in distributing variety of vitamin, minerals, diet and herbal nutritional supplement products through online. Their products include physicians nutritional chroma crystal lean, source naturals wellness formula, red yeast rice, solgar solovite, solgar, etc.

Anchor Yeast is a manufacturer of yeast products since 1923.

Anchor Yeast    South Africa
Anchor Yeast specializes in manufacturing yeast products. The company is quality certified to iso 9001: 2000 standard. Their products include bakers compressed yeast, cream yeast, instant dry yeast, brewers yeast, baking and cereal enzymes, bakery specialty ingredients, sticky drinks, fruity, orange, strawberry juice, bio tech products, etc. Inc offers herbal nutritional supplements for men and women. Inc    United States Inc specializes in providing herbal nutritional supplements. Their products include relacore stress reducer, red yeast rice, k max squalene, cardio chelate with edta, arnica, sunscreen, lotion, dna beauty queen, shampoos, acne care, etc.

MS-Diet Support Group offers diet support services since 1999.

MS-Diet Support Group    United Kingdom
MS-Diet Support Group specializes in providing diet support services. They offer diet services like low saturated fat diet, dairy free diet, gluten free diet, egg free diet, legume free diet, yeast free diet, sugar free diet, vitamin supplements, etc.

Himedia Laboratories Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of variety of culture media, sensitivity discs, and other allied products since 1976.

Himedia Laboratories Pvt Ltd    India
Himedia Laboratories Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing variety of culture media, sensitivity discs, and other allied products. Their products include bacteriological culture media, supplements, beef extract powder, bile salt, bile salt mixture, malt extract powder, meat extract powder, mycological peptone, peptone, proteose peptone, soya peptone, etc.

\"We specialize in manufacturing, exporting and supplying pharmaceuticals products and feed supplements such as poultry feed additives, livestock feed additives and aquaculture feed additives for poultry and dairy animals since 1988.\r\n\r\n\"\r\n   Utter Pradesh  0
\"Anfomed India is a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of pharmaceuticals products and feed supplements such as poultry feed additives, livestock feed additives and aquaculture feed additives for poultry and dairy animals.\r\n\r\nThe poultry products inlude hapaset poultry, urocid, compfeed-B, boiler premix powder, ovimin - egg enhancer for poultry, coliflox, compfeed-L, lucanthin poultry, anphytase, anfatox poultry, anfazyme poultry, anfacal liquid poultry, fertimon poultry, etc.\r\n\r\nThe livestock products are anfacal - cattle calcium tonic, gasgo - livestock acidifier, herbagest (herbal digestant for cattle & other livestock), purgalax - purgative and laxatives for livestock, vitagin - cattle vitimin premix, doodh vardhak - milk enhancer for cattle, lactomed - callte milk enhancer,and more.\r\n\r\nThe aquaculture products manufactured are lucanthin - enzymes and amino acids for fish farming, wormactin - pisciculture veterinary medicine, hepaset- cattle liver tonic, fertimon - cattle mineral mixture, anfazyme - enzymes & porbiotics for livestock, rumicure (ruminal disorder treatment for livestock).\r\n\r\nThe company produces poultry pharmaceutical products like ORITAB, SIFLOGESIC- FR, \r\nD-KOF COUGH SYRUP, NAZOKAM, PROCARMIN, CAREZYME, SIFAVITE, OMICURE, SIFLOGESIC- MR, ZEBION, etc.\r\n\r\nThe herbal products supplied are ANTI-WRINKLE FACE PACK, HERBOBIL CAPSULE, DOLOVON CAPSULE AND OIL, SIFAKOFF, SIFALIV, and UTERIGYN SYRUP.\r\n\r\nAnfomed India has been quality certified to A WHO:GMP and ISO9001:2008 quality standards.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\"\r\n