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Bristol Wrench Company specializes in manufacturing spline and hex wrenches.

Bristol Wrench Company   Salem  United States
Bristol Wrench Company manufactures spline and hex wrenches like l-keys, screwdrivers and t-drivers, replacement bits, kits, insert bits and power bits, tamperproof wrenches, custom jobs in variety of sizes, length and configurations.

KD Marketing Danaher Tool Group distributes wide range of industrial tools since 1919.

KD Marketing Danaher Tool Group   Sparks  United States
KD Marketing Danaher Tool Group specializes in supplying various industrial tools. Their products include socket sets, hammers, cutting tools, punches and chisels, hose clamp pliers, pullers and sets, screwdrivers and nut drivers, groove lock pliers, etc.

Jayati manufactures various hand tools, automobile tool kits, diy tool kit, etc. The company was established in 1981.

Jayati    India
Jayati specializes in manufacturing various hand tools, automobile tool kits, diy tool kit, and special purpose tools for government departments, defence, etc. Few of their products includesockets, wrenches, tool boxes, pliers, forgings tools, screw drivers, scaffolding tools. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Eagle Industries provide air, electric and cordless tools since 1970.

Eagle Industries    United States
Eagle Industries specializes in providing air, electric and cordless tools. Their products include impact wrenches, cordless drivers, ratchet wrenches, drills, cutting and specialty tools, bits and sockets, percussion tools, etc.

King Dick Tools is a manufacturer of engineering tools since 1856.

King Dick Tools    United Kingdom
King Dick Tools specializes in manufacturing engineering tools. Their products include open wrenches, ring wrenches, combination wrenches, slogging ring, socket, ball end hex driver, hex driver and bit holder, nut spinner, flexi shaft spinner, pliers, torque, tool kits, etc.

Mechtorque manufactures torque and tube tools.

Mechtorque    ,,
Mechtorque specializes in manufacturing torque and tube tools. Few of their products include torque wrenches, hand torque multipliers, torque screw drivers, impact sockets and accessories, striking wrenches, boiler and condenser tubes expanders, tube installation tools, tube removal tools, tube rolling controls tube cleaners, dial torque wrenches, digital torque wrenches, etc. The company services include calibration, rental, repair and bolting services.

Bernzomatic specializes in selling plumbers tools, furnaces and torches since 1876.

Bernzomatic   Wilmington  United States
Bernzomatic sells plumbers tools, furnaces and torches. Their products include fire extinguishers, charcoal fire starters, heat and smoke detectors, Bernz cutters, tire inflators, refrigerators, charcoal grills, insect foggers and hand tools including wrenches, pliers, drivers, socket sets and adjustable wrenches.

CB400F provides information on the Honda CB400F motorcycle for past, present, and future owners and providing information on 3 year restoration project.

CB400F    United Kingdom
CB400F specializes in providing information on the Honda CB400F motorcycle for past, present and future owners and providing information on 3 year restoration project. Their service tools include pin spanner, box wrench, tappet wrench set, snap ring pliers, lock nut wrench, generator rotor puller, valve guide driver, bearing driver attachment, driver handle, etc.

Crawfordtool provides tool kits in different styles. Their products are nut driver blade sets, adjustable wrench set, ratchet telephone line tool, datacom wire cutter.

Crawfordtool    United States
Crawfordtool serves many tool kits. They are specialized in products like automatic water pump, extra slim water pump plier, ergo-curve wire stripper, raptor wrench plier, duckbill pliers, long reach duckbill pliers, long reach long nose pliers, tip pivot drivers.

Arm Sangyo Co Ltd is a manufacturer of hand tools, cordless tools, and electric power tools.

Arm Sangyo Co Ltd    Japan
Arm Sangyo Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing hand tools, cordless tools, and electric power tools. Their products include swagers, rebar cutters, bolt cutters, wire rope cutters, impact drivers, impact wrenches, etc.