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Brushes Corp specializes in manufacturing twisted-in wire brushes for sectors like industrial, medical, automotive, plumbing, bottling, textile and government for over 45 years.

Brushes Corp   Cleveland  United States
Brushes Corp manufactures twisted-in wire brushes like in wire brush types, acid brushes, bottle brushes, condenser brushes, copper tube fitting brushes, cotton brushes, medical brushes, double spiral tube brushes, gun and rifle brushes, miniature brushes, power tube, side action tube, single spiral tube, etc.

Gordon Brush Mfg Co Inc manufactures custom and industrial brushes since 1951.

Gordon Brush Mfg Co Inc   Commerce  United States
Gordon Brush Mfg Co Inc manufacturer of artist, cosmetic, and forensic brushes. They are specialized for manufacturing cylindrical brushes, hand held brushes, block brushes, clean room brushes, flow thru brushes, custom, and special brushes, strip brushes, and twisted in wire brushes.

Gordon Brush Mfg Co Inc manufactures custom and standard industrial brushes since 1951.

Gordon Brush Mfg Co Inc    United States
Gordon Brush Mfg Co Inc specializes in making custom and standard industrial brushes. The company product includes cylinder brushes, hand held brushes, block brushes, strip brushes, twisted in wire brushes, etc.

Jantz Supply is a distributor of knifemaking supplies for industrial applications.

Jantz Supply   Davis  United States
Jantz Supply specializes in distributing number of knifemaking supplies. Few of their products are point mandrels, chucks, acid brushes, forging hammer, large head carbide cutters, rounding hammer, wire brushes, etc., The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Jaz Zubiaurre S.A is a manufacturer and distributor of wire brushes since 1924.

Jaz Zubiaurre S.A    Spain
Jaz Zubiaurre S.A specializes in manufacturing and distributing wire brushes. Their products include twist know wheel, crimped cup brush, twist knot cup brush, tube brush, universal brushes, wire and sweeping brooms, flap discs, flap wheels, etc.

The Mill Rose Company manufactures twisted wire brushes since 1919.

The Mill Rose Company    United States
The Mill Rose Company specializes in manufacturing twisted wire brushes. Few of their products include custom brushes, industrial brushes, medical brushes, industrial brushes, and automotive brushes.



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