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Duradiamond Ltd. designs, manufactures and distributes diamond tools and equipment for over 18 years.

Duradiamond Ltd.    United Kingdom
Duradiamond Ltd. products include multiswivel 5 core box kits, multiswivel diamond drilling machines, general purpose blade 15mm high segment, 613GC chain saw with 14 bars and chains, etc.

Specialty Blades Inc manufactures razor sharp custom-made and standard cutting blades since 1985.

Specialty Blades Inc   Staunton  United States
Specialty Blades Inc specializes in manufacturing razor sharp custom-made and standard cutting blades. Their products include convex blades, circular blades, curved blades, straight knife blades, toothed knife, pointed tip blade, etc.

T.L.Fahringer Company manufactures bandsaw blade welding equipments.

T.L.Fahringer Company   Tampa  United States
T.L.Fahringer Company specializes in manufacturing wide range of welding equipments. Their product models include FW 200 series, W series, flash welding, butt welding and welding accessories.

Diamond sells wide range of diamond cutting tools.

Diamond    United States
Diamond specializes in distributing variety of diamond cutting products. Few of their products are tile blades, abrasive blades, , grinding polishing pads, core bits, diamond chains, etc. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

MacDonald Carbide Company is a manufacturer of tungsten carbide products since 1967.

MacDonald Carbide Company    United States
MacDonald Carbide Company specializes in manufacturing tungsten carbide products. Their products include grade powder manufacturing, pressing, preforming, sintering, centerless grinding, surface treatment to enhance brazing and welding, etc.

welding parts and cnc cutting machine including welding & cutting series products.

Capitally Machine Technology Co., Limited   Jinan  China
Capitally Machine is professional of welding spare parts and cnc cutting machines, including welding tips, tip adaptor, ceramic nozzles, swan neck, gas diffuser, insulators, flame cnc cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, gantry cutting machine, portable cutting machine.

Andis Company manufactures clippers and trimmers since 1921.

Andis Company    United States
Andis Company specializes in manufacturing clippers and trimmers for barber and beauty industries. Few of their products include blades, ultraedge, ceramicedge, tool care, blade tips, clipper tips, accessories, etc.

C B G ACCIAI SRL manufactures and distributing strip steel products.

C B G ACCIAI SRL specializes in manufacturing and distributing strip steel products. Their products include hardened and tempered and unhardened strip steel, wood bandsaw blades, circular and gang saw blades, steel cores for diamond tipped circular saws, rule dies and clicker dies strip, bevelled band blades for cutting tissues, polyester doctor blades, etc.

Kut Wel Corporation is a manufacturer of flame cutting equipments for more than 60 years.

Kut Wel Corporation    United States
Kut Wel Corporation specializes in manufacturing flame cutting equipments for welding and cutting industries. Their products include torches and leads for plasma, oxy cutting replacement parts for plasma, oxy torches and mig, tig welding guns cutting tips for all gases, CNC controls, tracing systems, PC based controls drive systems and operators console controls, etc.

AI Welders Limited manufactures and distributes metal joining processes since1872.

AI Welders Limited    United Kingdom
AI Welders Limited specializes in manufacturing and distributing metal joining processes. They supplies operating instructions, spares schedules and assistance with commissioning. Their products include band saw blade welding machine, rail welding machines, automatic flash welding machines for coil joining in continuous process lines, automatic flash welding machine for wheels, rims and rings, clap seam welding machine for coil joining in continuous process lines, welding machines for manufacture and repair of anode brackets, metal furniture and window frame welding machine, etc.