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Netmarks Inc provides consulting, designing, building, maintenance, operation and support service including outsourcing for data communications networks since 1997.

Netmarks Inc   Tokyo  Japan
Netmarks Inc specializes in the design, sales, construction, and operational management of network systems. The operations are carried out through the following divisions namely network integration and support services. Network integration includes IP telephony such as LAN, WAN, internet protocol system, broadband access server and security system. Support services include maintenance, support and backup service including outsourcing.

Covington Technology Consulting specializes in providing consulting services.

Covington Technology Consulting    United States
Covington Technology Consulting provides consulting services. Their clients include Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco systems, etc. They offer services like maintenance plans, LAN design and setup, security assestments, antivirus soluitons, web hosting, web design, etc.

WAN Partnership Ltd provides wireless LAN solutions.

WAN Partnership Ltd   Reading  United Kingdom
WAN Partnership Ltd is a service provider, which offers design and installation for wireless LAN solutions.

NTD Athenet provides internet and WAN connectivity services.

NTD Athenet    United States
NTD Athenet specializes in providing internet and WAN connectivity services. They also offer services like data management, database hosting, hosted exchange services, managed backup services, IT consulting, home wireless networking, internet content filtering, etc.

Radian Communication Services Corp manufactures towers since 2001.

Radian Communication Services Corp    Canada
Radian Communication Services Corp specializes in manufacturing towers for telecommunication and broadcast industries. They also provide program management, wireless professional services, tower and pole services, broadcast services, aerial services, and wireless technical services.

RADCOM provides network monitoring solutions since 1996.

RADCOM    United States
RADCOM specializes in providing network test and service monitoring solutions for data communications and telecommunications networks. Few of their products include VoIP, IPTV, CDMA2000, SS7 monitoring, TCP/IP, MLPP, LAN, WAN, ATM, etc.

Compex Systems Pte Ltd specializes in the manufacture of lan and wan products for commercial purpose.

Compex Systems Pte Ltd    United States
Compex Systems Pte Ltd specializes in the manufacture of lan and wan products for commercial purpose. They offer products like wlm54g 23dbm, wlm54ag 23dbm, iwaveport wl54g3a, etc. Inc provides managed service and ebusiness solutions since 1995. Inc   Commack  United States Inc specializes in offering managed service and ebusiness solutions. They offer managed services for hosting, WAN, LAN, security and application support, as well as ebusiness application development and integration. They provide service to manage, protect, and support their IT infrastructure and applications.

Bhumika International Inc distributes various telecom transmission solutions and measuring instruments.

Bhumika International Inc    Canada
Bhumika International Inc is an authorized distributor of Valiant Communications Limited and Engage Communications Inc. The company offers telecom transmission solutions and measuring instruments for the telecom and electronics industry. Their products and services include voice and data multiplexers, echo cancellers, GSM gateways, DCME, analog thin route voice compression, etc.

FatPipe Networks Inc develops and distributes networking products.

FatPipe Networks Inc   Salt Lake  United States
FatPipe Networks Inc specializes in developing and distributing networking products. Few of their products include IPVPN, MPVPN, Warp, Xtreme, Superstream, Kompressor, and Spam Police.