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Century Wood Products Inc sells reclaimed lumber products include rustic plank flooring, vintage wainscoting and hand hewn structural beams since 1997.

Century Wood Products Inc    Canada
Century Wood Products Inc specializes in selling reclaimed lumber products include rustic plank flooring, vintage wainscoting and hand hewn structural beams. Their products include hardwood flooring, softwood flooring, rustic lumber, beams, timber, barn board, mantles, etc. Their products available in beech, black ash, elm, maple and oak.

Wainscoting, Built-in Cabinetry, Columns.\r\nCompletely custom- each panel, stile and rail is made to your measure to assure a custom fit at your remodeling project. the construction strength we provide is simply not possible with hits or on-site assembly.

Wainscot Solutions   New Milford  United States
Welcome to Wainscot Solutions.\r\n\r\nWainscot Solutions Inc was founded by Michael Yedowitz in late 2005. Michael Yedowitz has been in the building business since 1985. In those years Michael has had the good fortune to work in many different areas geographically, as well as many different areas culturally. Throughout those years Michael has seen and worked in homes that were of a vintage where classic millwork was displayed in many different fashions, both interior and exterior. While simultaneously working in new construction Michael became aware of the lack of the same beautiful millwork, except maybe in a multimillion dollar home somewhere in an affluent area. So seeing an opportunity, Michael decided to provide a service that could allow that average person to afford such beautiful architectural enhancements such as Raised Panel Wainscoting in their homes. Let\s face it, 100 years ago, houses were built as masterpieces, every one displaying beautiful craftsmanship in Plaster, millwork and cabinetry. Today they display drywall and basic trim work, anything beyond that is considered too expensive and consequently dismissed from being included in the house. Michael believes that a person\s home is not only usually their single most important investment they will ever make, but also a place in which most of their time is spent, raising families, or building relationships, and spending a lifetime, they should enjoy it. Michael believes that minor cosmetic work, such as moldings and millwork like wainscoting, are inexpensive ways to enhance your everyday experience in your home and protect their investment. \r\n\r\nLike you, we appreciate the classic style of traditional architectural features like paneled wainscoting. Not every home was built in an era when architectural details were commonplace. For builders seeking the maximum asking price, or home owners looking to optimize value, this solution adds significant value at a minimal cost.\r\n\r\nWainscot Solutions has developed a method, using modern materials and tools, to create stunning, room-transforming wainscoting that can be installed in hours, not days.\r\n\r\nContact us to learn more about our product and the virtually limitless options for create lasting, timeless beauty with Wainscot Solutions.

Burnt Ranch Juniper specializes in distributing woods.

Burnt Ranch Juniper    United States
Burnt Ranch Juniper distributes woods for making rustic furniture, rustic beds, custom juniper cabinets, wainscoting, flooring, rough lumber, hutches. Their products are handcrafted from the Juniper trees of Eastern Oregon.

Cummings Lumber Company specializes in supplying hardwood products since 1929.

Cummings Lumber Company    United States
Cummings Lumber Company supplies hardwood products. They offer services like installation, sanding, finishing of unfinished hardwood flooring, hardwood paneling, hardwood mouldings, wainscot and millwork, etc.

Connor Building Company constructs houses of various styles.

Connor Building Company   Middlebury  United States
Connor Building Company specializes in constructing various England classic homes. The company also provides wide pine flooring, stairways, mantles, kitchens, entrances, built-in bookcases, wainscoting, etc.

Dell Fixtures Inc. is a manufacturer of custom store fixtures, commercial casework and countertops since 1981.

Dell Fixtures Inc.   Columbus  United States
Dell Fixtures Inc. also provides new or used metal fixtures, wire displays, slat wall and acrylic displays. The company`s products include: wall cabinets, nova systems, tables, slat wall, gondolas, showcases, cornice peg board, metal shelving, wainscoting, and bar tops.

Mountain Lumber Corporation provides antique flooring, millwork and beams.

Mountain Lumber Corporation    ,,
Mountain Lumber Corporation specializes in providing antique flooring, millwork and beams. Their service includes antique distressed flooring, engineered flooring, architectural stairways, paneling, wainscoting, beams, mantles, etc.

West Lincoln Barnboard and Beams Ltd offers antique lumber materials for flooring, wall covering, wainscoting, restoration of old buildings, and loft living since 1968.

West Lincoln Barnboard and Beams Ltd    Canada
West Lincoln Barnboard and Beams Ltd supplies variety of antique beams, antique boards, weathered barnboard, planks and hand-hewed beams for log homes. The company also offers antique wide plank flooring in pine, hemlock, heart pine, ash, elm, maple, beech, oak, and chestnut,

CNC Woodcraft Ltd manufactures MDF kitchen doors and wood components since 1992.

CNC Woodcraft Ltd    Canada
CNC Woodcraft Ltd specializes in manufacturing MDF kitchen doors and wood components for building, renovation, and furniture industries since 1992. The company products include raised panel and glass frame MDF doors, and accessories.

Cedar Knoll Log Homes manufactures building materials for more than 25 years.

Cedar Knoll Log Homes    United States
Cedar Knoll Log Homes specializes in manufacturing building materials. The company products include camps, garages, lean tos, cabin logs, log cabin siding, premium wainscots, custom decks, stair and railing systems, coves, shiplaps, etc.