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Converging Systems Inc design, develop, manufacture, and supply of knowledge based interactive delivery devices.

Converging Systems Inc    United States
Converging Systems Inc specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing, and supplying knowledge based interactive delivery devices. The interactive kiosk systems called In Store Presentation Systems integrated a technology called knowledge management. The computer based touchscreen systems provide high resolution, multi language, streaming interactive video information to consumers in retail environments.

Satellite Communications Systems provides digital film and television production services since 1979.

Satellite Communications Systems    United States
Satellite Communications Systems specializes in providing digital film and television production services. Their services include video production, corporate video production, packages marketing video production, etc.

Sigma Designs Inc develops and sells System-on-a-Chip (SoC) semiconductors for various industries.

Sigma Designs Inc    United States

Sigma Designs Inc develops and supplies system-on-a-chip semiconductors.

Sigma Designs Inc   Milpitas  United States
Sigma Designs Inc specializes in developing and supplying system-on-a-chip semiconductors for IPTV set-top boxes, DVD, blu-ray and HD DVD, players and recorders, HDTVs, digital media adapters, portable media players, and UWB connectivity products. Their supplies are media processors in model series such as SMP8630, EM8620L, EM8500 and EM8400, windeo UWB chipset, etc.

Computer Modules Inc manufactures and distributes video system in analog and digital video since 1982.

Computer Modules Inc   San Diego  United States
Computer Modules Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing video system in analog and digital video. Their products include image processing, security solutions, networking, professional video and audio, video compression, video streaming, etc.

Advanced Media Design Inc provides audio visual systems, media conferencing and streaming solutions since 1979.

Advanced Media Design Inc    United States
Advanced Media Design Inc has three divisions namely TANDBERG, MediaPOINTE and Conferserv. Their products and services include video systems, industry products, infrastructure, software digital media recorders, digital network appliances, digital video capture appliances, media conferencing and streaming solutions, etc. The company is a member of International Communications Industry Association and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IPV Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of encoders and video related products.

IPV Ltd    United Kingdom
IPV Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of encoders and video related products, which is used in broadcast, newsrooms, archive, asset management, subtitling, broadcast automation and feed logging. They also provides professional systems for the encoding, transcoding or streaming of digital media.

I.S.T.S is a distributor of variety of conference communications systems since 1959.

I.S.T.S    ,,
I.S.T.S specializes in distributing variety of conference communications systems. Their products include infrared interpretation equipments, radio frequency equipments, sound proof booths, name handling systems, multi microphone discussion systems, etc.

The Antfarm develops streaming products and provide services.

The Antfarm    South Africa
The Antfarm specializes in developing streaming products and providing services. Their products include satellite broadcast system, intranet streaming server, custom encoding systems, secure CD streaming system, acquisition payment gateway, etc. They offer services like internet streaming services, live streaming service, on demand streaming service, rights management service, encoding and format conversions, project management, etc.

E-motion Communications developes software systems and e-business tools since 1999.

E-motion Communications    ,,
E-motion Communications products focus on online surveys, seminars and polling (PollStream). They bring clients from concept to Internet.