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Dura Feed Inc designs and manufactures vibratory part feeder systems.

Dura Feed Inc    United States
Dura Feed Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing vibratory part feeder systems. Their products include vibratory bowl feeders, inline and gravity tracks, hoppers and conveyors, tables, sub plates, mounting plates, sound enclosures, assembly feeders, sorting feeders, screw feeders, cap feeders, etc., they provide services for pharmaceutical, electrical, automotive, packaging, etc.

Eriez Manufacturing Co manufactures and supplies various magnetic technology, vibratory and metal detection systems.

Eriez Manufacturing Co    United States
Eriez Manufacturing Co specializes in producing and distributing magnetic technology, vibratory and metal detection systems. Their products include metal detectors, magnetic separators, transfer conveyors, lifting magnets, magnetic plates, grates, and traps, rolls and tubes, drum separators, ferrous trap, vibratory feeders and conveyors, bin vibrators, etc.

Electro Magnetic Industries manufactures magnetic separator and vibrating equipments for more than 15 years.

Electro Magnetic Industries   Wanaque  United States
Electro Magnetic Industries specializes in manufacturing magnetic separator and vibrating equipments. The company product includes over band magnetic separator, permanent magnets, flat conveyor plate magnet, vibratory conveyors, unbalance vibratory motor, vibratory compaction table, etc.

American Feeding Systems Inc is a manufactures of vibratory feeders for 20 years.

American Feeding Systems Inc    United States
American Feeding Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing vibratory feeders ranging in size from 6 to 36 diameters. Their products include feeder bowl, cleanout, lining, sound enclosure, inline track, gravity track, belt conveyor, full track switch, hopper, table legs, elevator hopper, base plate, mountings, escapement, etc.

American Electro Products Inc specializes in the manufacture of precious and non precious plating for electronics industry since 1950.

American Electro Products Inc    United States
American Electro Products Inc is a manufacturer of precious and non precious plating for electronics industry. They offer products like vibratory and barrel plating, continuous reel to reel plating.

Master Finish Co specializes in providing metal finishing and decorative plating services for more than 50 years.

Master Finish Co    United States
Master Finish Co is a service provider, which specializes in providing finishing and decorative plating services for brass, steel, zinc die cast, magnesium, and stainless steel component parts. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004.

Eaglemaster Inc provides metal finishing contract services since 1988.

Eaglemaster Inc    United States
Eaglemaster Inc specializes in providing metal finishing contract services. Their services include tumble deburring, vibratory finishing, deflashing, pre plate finishing, burnishing, degreasing, blast cleaning, wheelabrating, hand deburring, straight lining, etc.

Finning International Inc is a distributor specializing in Caterpillar products and equipments since 1933.

Finning International Inc    Canada
Finning International Inc is a distributor in Caterpillar products and equipments. They offer products like vibratory plate compactors, hydraulic breakers, truck engines, mining solutions, software solutions, earth moving equipments, etc.

We are a leading manufacturer of construction machines and equipments since 1998. Our company is located in Hunan, China.   changsha  0
Changsha Zubon Construction Machinery Co., Ltd specializes in the manufacture of construction machines. Company exports products to 25 countries namely Germany, Spain, Italy, Maroc, Libya, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Russia, Ukrania, etc.\r\n\r\nProduct list of the company includes scarifier carbide cutter, drum for floor scarifier, asphalt concrete cutting machines, electric scarifier, floor scarifier, hydraulic concrete breaker, concrete breaker, vibratory roller, vibratory roller, tamping rammer, vibratory plate compactors, tamping rammer, concrete cutter, floor saw, mobile light tower, mobile lighting - diesel, hydraulic plate compactor, plate compactor, etc.\r\n\r\nVarious projects associated with the company are Beijing-Shijiazhuang Railway, China Railway First United Water Lake mussels off special delivery unit beam yard, Four Beijing-Shanghai Railway Bureau, Nanjing hub NJ-3 stand, Beijing-Shanghai Railway Bureau of High Speed Rail Tengzhou, Harbin Railway Bureau of the railway bridge, and Heng Yan Hunan Road and Bridge Group high-speed road project.\r\n\r\nChangsha Zubon Construction Machinery Co., Ltd has been quality certified to ISO9001: 2008 standards.\r\n

C.C.Tech Inc manufactures metal finishing equipments for more than 35 years.

C.C.Tech Inc    United States
C.C.Tech Inc specializes in producing metal finishing equipments. The company product includes plating and rinsing equipment, metal finishing equipment, metal recovery equipment, cleaning systems, water treatment equipment, waste water treatment equipment, etc.