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We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of nylon velcro, elastic velcro, velcro tape, velcro straps, self- adhesive velcro, veclro cable strap, book strap, wrist band, ski band, hair roller tapes in China.   Shenzhen  0
Shenzhen Hongxiangwen Hook & Loop Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing all kinds of nylon velcro, elastic velcro, velcro tape, velcro straps, self- adhesive velcro, veclro cable strap, book strap, wrist band, ski band, hair roller tapes in China.\r\n\r\nCompany is one of a leading research and development, production, and selling Velcro tape factories.\r\n\r\nVarious brands of the products offered by the company includes velcro sew on, velcro straps/ cable ties, velcro ski strap, elastic velcro strap, adhesive velcro tape, velcro hair rollers, back to back fasteners, velcro book strap, display loop fabrics, injection hook/ molded hook, high frequency velcro, un-napped velcro loop, mushroom hook, special velcro, etc. \r\n\r\nCompany’s products are mostly welcomed in China like Shenzhen, Dongguan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. In addition the products are also distributed to America, Europe, Africa, and Mid East.\r\n\r\nShenzhen Hongxiangwen Hook & Loop Company has been quality certified to ISO 9001 international standards, and products have passed ROSH and SGS certifications.\r\n

GS Super Grips designs and supplies fingerlocking and wrist comfort system.

GS Super Grips    United States
GS Super Grips products include dowel velcro with flags, dowel velcro plain, buckle super grip, beginner velcro with flags, beginner velcro plain, beginner velcro, etc.

Domanet Inc specializes in supplying hook and loop fasteners of velcro brand.

Domanet Inc    
Domanet Inc supplies hook and loop fasteners of velcro brand. Their products include velcro brand peel and stick, tape, display loop, custom hook and loop straps, display loop fabrics, coins and cut pieces, hardware, etc.

Aplix Fasteners Inc    Canada
Aplix Fasteners Inc specializes in manufacturing self gripping hook and loop fasteners. Their products include speciality tapes, alternative tapes, coated tapes, foam seating products, etc

Laurence Aluminium manufactures mobile display screens.

Laurence Aluminium   Hamilton East  New Zealand
Laurence Aluminium specializes in manufacturing wide range of mobile display panels. Their products include screens with laminated pinex insulation board, screens with velcro compatible frontrunner and screens with extruded aluminium.

We are a professional manufacturer of abrasive tools, polishing material, machinery and parts. Our main focus is on packaging machinery, flap wheel, flap disc, coding machine, coated abrasives, etc.

   Zhangzhou  0
Bozhong (Zhangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of abrasive tools, polishing material, machinery and parts.\r\n\r\nProduct line of the company includes packaging machinery, norton \"silver bears\" products, automobile polishing, flap disc, flap wheel, polishing material, vitrified grinding wheel, diamond grinding wheel, special product for polishing stone, resin grinding wheel and resin cutting disc, coding machine, coated abrasives, machine equipments and machinery parts, special product for grinding stainless steel, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany offers products such as abrasive tool, abrasive product, depressed center grinding disc for metal (type 27), aluminum oxide/zirconia flap disc, sponge for car waxing or cleaning, hot black ink roller, Velcro abrasive disc, abrasive cloth mounted point, Velcro sanding disc (suitable for grinding and polishing for automobile), non-woven fabric polishing wheel, mini flap wheel, aluminum oxide velcro abrasive disc, flap disc with fiberglass backing, coated abrasive quick-change mini flap disc, aluminum oxide thousands- flap wheel, zirconia polishing flap wheel, abrasive disc ( aluminum oxide and silicon carbide ), zirconia sandpaper disc, abrasive velcro disc with special design for auto body work, aluminum oxide polishing flap wheel, etc.\r\n\r\nIn additional company also offers products such as aluminum oxide non-woven fabric, carbon ribbon (variety of color), foot pumice stone ( white ), foot pumice stone (pink), resin flexible grinding disc (100 mm), resin grinding disc (100 mm), silicon carbide velcro disc p800, velcro abrasive disc p320, sponge polishing pad ( black ) with back holder, holder for sponge polishing pad, car waxing special foam polishing pad, sponge polishing pad, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany’s products are widely used in stone, metal and stain steel cutting, grinding and polishing such as cutting disc, flap wheel, flap disc, grinding wheel, diamond wheel, diamond saw blades, polishing pad, packing machinery, coding machine and so on.\r\n\r\nBozhong (Zhangzhou) Trading company’s products have obtained German MPA Quality Certificate and SGS.

Graphic Pavement Signs Ltd specializes in distributing pavement signs, notice boards, poster frames, A boards and display stands, since 1989.

Graphic Pavement Signs Ltd   Herts  United Kingdom
Graphic Pavement Signs Ltd distributes pavement signs, notice boards, poster frames, a-boards and display stands. Their products include menu display boards, restaurant menu boards, church notice boards, school notice boards GPS supply most types of portable display stands and poster display equipment including velcro display stands, modular display stands, floor standing display stands, browser display frames, folding display stands, pole and panel display stands, pop-up display stands, literature racks, pinboards, whiteboards, notice boards and velcro banner stands, rotating signs, spinning signs, 3D Aboards, 3D lifesize advertising figures, sandwich boards, clip frames, click frames, rotating A boards.

Abetech S.A. manufactures abrasives products since 1984.

Abetech S.A    ,,
Abetech S.A specializes manufacturing variety of abrasives for the renovation and the treatment of floors especially hardwood floorings and natural stones. Few of their products are belts handle, velcro backing discs, thinner xk1, polish powder natural stones, carpeting, etc.

Toleeto Fasteners International manufactures cable management products and straps since 1985.

Toleeto Fasteners International    United States
Toleeto Fasteners International specializes in manufacturing cable management products and straps. Their products include cordlox, rack ups, coil and carry, velcro one wrap, straps made of hook and loop tape, nylon and polypropylene webbing.

Layflat Products LLC manufactures mops for more than 65 years.

Layflat Products LLC   Shreveport  United States
Layflat Products LLC specializes in manufacturing wide range of mops. Their products include screw type mops, velcro dust mops, wet mops, finish mop, etc.