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Dustcontrol AB manufactures systems for source extraction, vacuum cleaning and pneumatic transportation since 1972

Dustcontrol AB    Sweden
Dustcontrol AB specializes in manufacturing systems for source extraction, vacuum cleaning and pneumatic transportation. They provide services for general manufacturing, building construction renovation and abatement, engineered plastics, stone and glass, vehicle manufacturing, body shops, chemical manufacturing, carpentry shops, schools, pharmaceutical, bakeries and printing. Their products include mobile dust extractors, stationary systems, etc.

Hi-Spec Engineering Ltd. manufactures agricultural and industrial machinery since 1988.

Hi-Spec Engineering Ltd.   Bagenalstown  Ireland
Hi-Spec Engineering Ltd. provides machinery for the agricultural sector, concentrating mainly on diet feeders, vertical feeders, vacuum tankers, side spreaders and slurry pumps.

J KEM Scientific Inc distributes scientific instruments.

J KEM Scientific Inc    ,,
J KEM Scientific Inc specializes in supplying scientific instruments. Few of their products are temperature controllers, programmable syringe pumps, digital vacuum regulators, reaction blocks, reaction controller, etc.

Thermo Technologies designs and manufactures vacuum solar thermal systems for more than 25 years.

Thermo Technologies   Columbia  United States
Thermo Technologies specializes in designing and manufacturing vacuum solar thermal systems. They offer all parts, which are required to install a balanced solar heating system. They also provide design services in addition to collectors, tanks, pumps, temperature differential controllers, and pump control unit.

Labconco Corp is a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory equipments and apparatus since 1925.

Labconco Corp    United States
Labconco Corp specializes in producing and supplying laboratory equipments and apparatus. Their products include fume hoods and enclosures, carbon filtered enclosures, balance and bulk powder enclosures, lab animal enclosures, glove boxes, glassware washers, water purification systems, freeze dry systems, centrifugal vacuum concentrators and cold traps, evaporation systems, blood drawing chairs, digital chloridometers, vacuum desiccators, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Master Chemical Corporation manufactures cutting and grinding fluids concentrates since 1951.

Master Chemical Corporation    ,,
Master Chemical Corporation specializes in manufacturing cutting and grinding fluids concentrates since 1951. The company products include cutting and grinding fluids, cleaners and washing compounds, corrosion inhibitors, additives and TCs, and specialty fluids. They offer centrifuges, filtration systems, sump suckers, etc.

Falcon Concentrators manufactures gravity concentration equipments since 1987.

Falcon Concentrators    Canada
Falcon Concentrators specializes in manufacturing gravity concentration equipments for mineral processing industries since 1987. The company products include falcon C, falcon SB, and falcon UF series.

Americhem is a manufacture of custom color concentrates, additive concentrates, and specialty dispersions since 1941.

Americhem    United States
Americhem specializes in manufacturing products include custom color concentrates, additive concentrates, and specialty dispersions. Their solutions they provide include color and fiber geometry, man made fibers, pet carbonated soft drink green color concentration, uv light barrier concentrates for pet containers, etc.

Lancer Dispersions Inc specializes in designs and manufactures color concentrates.

Lancer Dispersions Inc   Akron  United States
Lancer Dispersions Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing color concentrates for thermoplastic concentrate and compounding industry. Their product models include elastolor, plastolor, stock color concentrates, etc.

We are a Spanish trade company specialize in suppllying concentrates, creams, pulps, frozen foods and canned vegetables for moe than 50 years.   molina de segura  0
Bermejo agentes ltd is a Spanish trade company specializes in suppllying concentrates, creams, pulps, frozen foods and canned vegetables for moe than 50 years.\r\n\r\nMain product line of the company includes raw materials such as concentrates, purees, pulp, citrus cells, juices NFC, essential oils, canning, juices, nectars, frozens, etc..\r\n\r\nCompany specialize in providing raw materials as tomato paste, lemon concentrate, orange juice concentrate, apple concentrate, grape concentrate, peach dices, pear dices, concentrated fruit preparations, dairy desserts preparations and ice creams, gazpacho to food industries.\r\n\r\nBermejo Agentes Company has been well established and well known for its products like tomato paste, orange concentrate, lemon concentrate, mandarin concentrate, lemon oil, orange oil, grape concentrate, apple concentrate, gazpacho, etc.