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COLLI F. G. B srl produces machine models to resolve trimming problems.

COLLI F. G. B srl   Vigevano  Italy
COLLI F. G. B srl specializes in producing machine models suitable for beating and ironing open uppers and finished shoes, soaking fabric tips and stiffeners to resolve trimming problems. Their products include soles and boots trimming machine, woman or child linings trimming machine, injected soles trimming machine, linings trimming machine, finished shoes trimming machine, mocassin or binded uppers trimming machine, etc.

Bellcomb Technologies Incorporated specializes in manufacturing panels and panel systems.

Bellcomb Technologies Incorporated   Minneapolis  United States
Bellcomb Technologies Incorporated manufactures panels and panel systems. They provides services honeycomb panel, panel systems for low or high volume situations, custom engineering and design analysis, custom cutting and CNC machining, etc. , They offer weight, structural strength, dimensional stability, fire resistance, sound control, etc. , Their products include clean rooms, machine enclosures, plant offices, modular shelters, marine vessels, passenger rail cars, custom truck bodies, trailers, stage decks, portable dance floors, raised exhibit platforms, etc.

Firm Feel Inc manufactures variety of steering couplers and adapters.

Firm Feel Inc   Vancouver  United States
Firm Feel Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying various steering, couplers and adapters for vehicles.

Airboat Drive Units Inc manufactures and distributes belted reduction drive units and component parts for the airboat industry since 1960.

Airboat Drive Units Inc    United States
Airboat Drive Units Inc specializes in manufacturing and marketing belted reduction drive units and component parts for the airboat industry. Their parts include machined propeller housing, upper propeller pulley, bottom drive pulley, drive pulley fences, propeller hub, propeller centering hub, lower drive shaft, propeller shaft, propeller dowels, top shaft bearings, bottom shaft bearing, gear belt, propeller hub key, upper pulley key, etc.

We specialize in providing mold rubber parts like rubber seals, mats, dampers, bushings, mounts, and boots since 2003.\r\n   Hangzhou  0
\"Hangzhou Huachuang Rubber & Plastics Co. Ltd. is a provider of mold rubber parts like rubber seals, mats, dampers, bushings, mounts, and boots. The product category includes rubber shock absorber, rubber plate, silicone products, and miscellaneous pieces of rubber.\r\n\r\nSome of the products produced are miscellaneous pieces, rubber shock absorber, rubber vacuum access, rubber pad, plug, non-standard pieces, shaped pieces of silica, rubber shock absorber, damping rubber massager, pieces of rubber buffer, flame-retardant rubber, and wear-resistant rubber. \r\n\r\nHangzhou Huachuang Rubber & Plastics Co. Ltd has been quality certified to ISO 9001 quality standard.\r\n\"\r\n

Bodypoint Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing postural support products and wheelchair seating accessories since 1991.

Bodypoint Inc   Seattle  United States
Bodypoint Inc designs and manufactures postural support products and wheelchair seating accessories. They offer accessories include lower body positioning, pelvic positioning, upper body positioning, power chair components, and hardware. Their products include ankle huggers, footplates, hip belts, leg harnesses, stay flex, shoulder harnesses, joystick handles, mounts, etc.

We specialize in providing frontline services for more than 35 years.   Knaresborough  0
PPSS Group is a providier of frontline services. The company provides products like PPSS Body armour, PPSS slash resistant clothing, PPSS Slash resistant gloves, and bitePRO bite resistant clothing.\r\n\r\nSome of the products produced are anti-spit masks, bite resistant clothing, bullet resistant vests, cell extraction vests, needle resistant gloves, slash resistant gloves, slash resistant clothing, and stab resistant vests.\r\n\r\nThe company\s clients are military, police, prison services, paramedics/ems, civil enforcement, private security, and mental health care.

American Industrial Plastics manufactures precision plastic components for the aerospace, medical, food, offshore drilling, marine and a many other specialized industries.

American Industrial Plastics    United States
American Industrial Plastics is a full service CNC plastics machining center. American Industrial Plastics manufactures materials properties such as thermoset materials, peek variants, amorphous materials, nylon variants, extreme performance materials, general engineering materials, miscellaneous materials, and chemical resistant materials. American Industrial Plastics specializes in industrial plastics including Delrin, Ultem, Nylatron, plastic composites such as Orkot, CIP, Tenmat, ACM, Luytex, PEEK, Fluorosint, Radel R, Vespel, Ryton, Celazole, Ertalyte, Kynar and Torlon.

Creative Orthotics and Prosthetics Inc. designs, manufactures custom orthotics.

Creative Orthotics and Prosthetics Inc.   Elmira  United States
Creative Orthotics and Prosthetics Inc. manufactures and designs prosthetics, artificial limbs. They have 11 offices locations, and more than 20 clinical staff. They are involved in halo systems, custom foot orthotics, custom upper extremity prostheses, and hip orthoses.

Mercantila Inc supplies wide range of stationary bikes, exercise bikes, and spinning fitness equipments since 1997.

Mercantila Inc    United States
Mercantila Inc specializes in selling variety of stationary bikes, exercise bikes, and spinning fitness equipments. Few of their products are upright bikes, recumbent bikes, indoor cycling bikes, upper body ergometers, etc. They offer several brands like Hudson, Ironman, Keiser, Kettler, Phoenix, Proform, Schwinn, Stamina, etc.