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Creative Industries Inc. manufactures bullet resistant products since 1970. Their various products are service window with aluminum clamp on frame, flip window, flip window with transom.

Creative Industries Inc.    United States
Creative Industries Inc. develops, and manufactures bullet resistant products. Their other products are windows, Pass thrus, talk thrus, transaction drawers, and deal trays. They are specialized in manufacturing exchange vision windows, exchange windows with lazy susan, and exchange window with hinged panel.

We specialize in manufacturing of energy-saving and heat-exchanging heat exchangers, which integrates R & D, production, sales and technical services.   Haining  0
Zhejiang Forwon Plate Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of energy-saving and heat-exchanging heat exchangers, which integrates R & D, production, sales and technical services. The products are well-known for their high starting point, high requirement and high level. Professional heat exchanger supplier for positioning.\r\n\r\nThe company Products are widely used in central air-conditioning unit evaporator and condenser, economizer, heat pump, district heating boiler, metallurgical chemical power industry heat recovery, cooler, cold and dry machines. Products are exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. The company has the industry\s most advanced \"R410A thermal performance of the laboratory,\" the core technology to master, with a number of product invention patents.\r\n\r\nZhejiang Forwon Plate Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, UL, pressure vessel manufacturing license certification, always adhere to the \"focus on industry, speed leadership, cost leadership, quality assurance\" concept for domestic and foreign customers with high performance, And excellent service efficient energy-saving products. Application includes Refrigeration (Heat pump) Series BPHE, Air Dryer series BPHE, Hanging furnace Series BPHE, HVAC BPHE and Oil cooler BPHE.

ID Systems Inc distributes custom printing, laminations and services for repairing, finger printing, etc.

ID Systems Inc    United States
ID Systems Inc specializes in distributing die cutters, pouch laminators supplies, self expiring badges, etc. , and services for repairs, fingerprinting. Their products include complete photo id systems, badge holders id software and video imaging services, custom printing, corner rounders, neck chains, slot punches, credential leather cases, retractable badge reels video imaging system.

Zhejiang Kaixun Mechanical And Electrical Co.,Ltd. offer Electric Hoist,Money Counter,Electric Winch,Money Detector,Money Binder,Electric Trolley,Rotary Hoist Frame,Electric hoist with moving vehicle,Suspending Mini Electric Hoist,Round Chain Electric Hoi

Zhejiang Kaixun Mechanical And Electrical Co.,Ltd.    Ruian  China
Our company is an enterprise, which produce Kaixun brand WJDKX series intellectual counterfeit-detecting note counting machine, KX-H series computer complete automatic note bundle binder, KX-ZB computerized numerical control Banknote binder, etc. financial machinery. Kaixun hoisting tools sub-company professional produce PA200KG-PA1200KG single-phrase electrical hoist series KDJ series electric winch and electric windlass ect. The company is located at Linyang Industrial Zone of flourishing Wenzhou. The registered 21 million yuan, the self-possessed capital is more than 68 million yuan. The production equipment is 328 sets, testing equipment is 80sets, now we have been ability to produce banking machine for 150 thousand pieces, hoisting machinery tools for 250 thousand per year.\r\n\r\nWe are based on \"setup Kaixun brand, create top quality, supply qualified services, make customers satisfactory\", strengthen quality control, the products passed the certificate of ISO9001:2000 quality system. Banknote counters passed the certificate of production, nine models banknote counter passed approval of CCC. Three models banknote counters and nine kind single-phrase electrical hoists passed the approval of CE and certificate of GS. Seven kinds of electric windlass passed the approval of CE . Two models electric hoist and four models money counter passed the approval of UL,. Most of the products passed evaluation of province-class.\r\n\r\nThe company continue to develop internal and overseas markets, enlarge selling network, perfect after services, Our company has 27 branches and offices in big and middle cities all over the China and delivery to the door.\r\n\r\nDue to the products have advanced feature, good quality and perfect after selling services, the credit standing of the company is better and better. Especially after having authority self-support Import and Export , export capacity is rising steady. Now ,80% of products already batch export to 57 countries and area of occident and southeast Asian , There have about more than 10 big customers in big companies which all have perennial orders every year . The products with steady quality and capacity ascendance are praised highly by foreign customers.

Field Worker Products Ltd. is an end-to-end mobile solution built on the J2EE architecture that allows to exchange valuable corporate information among the mobile workers, since 1995.

Field Worker Products Ltd.    ,,
Field Worker Products Ltd. includes the Field Worker sync server that provides complete two-way data synchronization between any number of mobile computers and major SQL-based databases such as Oracle, MS SQL server, access, progress and Sybase.

Aigburth Driver Training have a highly qualified team of trainers which can cater for all your needs from the basic learner and pass plus course to the more experienced driver looking to achieve a higher level of driving.\r\nAnd going on to successfully pas

easy driver training   Liverpool  
Module One\r\nPart One is conducted on a self-study basis. Your Part One training materials will include a specific selection of textbooks, a copy of the official theory question bank and a CD to assist your preparation for the hazard perception element of the test. \r\n\r\nYour theory study is not done in isolation. Our training is integrated. Whilst you are studying Part One we conduct four hours of practical in-car training for Part Two. This means that you are able to put into practice the theory of driving. For example, understanding of the system of car control will be easier when you are actually putting it into practice. Your trainer will give you a small workbook so that your practical progress and practice can be recorded. Your trainer will list specific goals for you to practice. This also means that there should be no delay between you passing Part One and applying for Part Two.\r\n\r\nModule Two\r\nThis module is conducted in-car. The training will cover all aspects of the driving technique requirements to meet the Part Two test criteria\r\nPart two - test of driving ability\r\nYou will be required to produce your current driving licence and ADI certificate before the test commences. \r\n\r\nTest of driving ability\r\n\r\nThe test of driving ability is held at 47 driving test centers across the country, listed in the Notes for Guidance. Send your completed application form (issued after passing the theory test) for the test of driving ability to DSA, Nottingham with the appropriate fee.\r\n \r\nAbout the test\r\n\r\nThe practical test of driving ability consists of a test of the candidates driving technique. The test will last approximately 60 minutes. There will be an eyesight check followed by a brief explanation of the test from the examiner. \r\n\r\nThe route over which the test will be conducted will be demanding. The test is of an advanced nature and a very high standard of competence is required. \r\n\r\nCandidates must show that they have a thorough knowledge of the principles of good driving and road safety, and that they can apply them in practice. They must have excellent hazard perception and planning skills. \r\n\r\nCandidates will be required to demonstrate their ability to give a descriptive talk-through commentary whilst driving, for a period of not less than ten minutes. The test will include a strict assessment regime - only a maximum of 4 driving faults will be allowed.\r\n \r\nResults\r\n\r\nThe examiner will give you the result at the end of the test. If you pass you will be given an application form to apply for the test of instructional/coaching ability, which should be sent to DSA at Nottingham with the appropriate fee. \r\n\r\nIf you fail, the examiner will give you a sheet (including another application form) listing your mistakes, and will also tell you briefly why they are listed. However, the examiner cannot discuss them in detail.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nModule Three\r\nThis module commences after you have passed Part Two. It is also conducted in-car. This module will continue from the groundwork established on the previous module. The training will prepare you to deliver lessons for a Part Three test. The lessons will range from delivering a lesson to a complete novice who has never driven before, to a driver who is approaching their driving test and needs assistance with eliminating their last few errors in for example approaching junctions. There is a good deal of role-play in this module. Your trainer will play the role of an “L” driver at the various stages of their development. This is how you will be examined. The Examiner will simulate an “L” driver at beginner level for the first section of the test and will then simulate an “L” driver with some experience for the second part of the test. Throughout this module you will be trained to deal with a driver who does not know how to do something and you will explain and assist them to achieve that task, this applies to the beginner stage. The second stage will train you to deal with someone who knows how to do something but for some reason they cannot quite achieve it. You will then identify their fault, analyse what is causing the fault and work out how you are going to remedy the fault. \r\n

HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd manufactures and distributes heat exchangers.

HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd    United Kingdom
HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing various heat exchangers. Few of their products are scraped surface heat exchangers, shell and tube exchangers, plate heat exchangers, piston pump, etc. is a website providing drug testing information and drug detox products to pass drug test.    United States is a website specializes in providing drug testing information and drug detox products to pass drug test. They provide drug detox products to pass drug test for THC, beat your drug test for cocaine, pass marijuana drug testing, pass urine drug testing, pass a hair follicle drug test, and pass any drug test.

Fluid Engineering and Co supplies heat transfer products from other manufactures.

Fluid Engineering and Co    United States
Fluid Engineering and Co manufactures products such as heat transfers, circulation heaters, pump systems, blower packages. They get products from API Schmidt bretten, and API Basco.

International Currency Exchange plc specializes in currency exchange.

International Currency Exchange plc    United Kingdom
International Currency Exchange plc is a service provider, which specializes in currency exchange.