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Hart Industries, International Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of o-ring unions for pipe and tube fittings.

Hart Industries, International Inc.    United States
Hart Industries, International Inc. products include threaded FNPT unions, threaded MNPT unions, socketweld pipe unions, socketweld tube unions, buttweld pipe unions, copper sweat tube unions, threaded pipe unions, orifice unions, dielectric insulated unions, etc.

Dall`Era Brass Union Nuts Company manufactures brass union nuts products. The company was established in 1966.

Dall`Era Brass Union Nuts Company    Italy
Dall`Era Brass Union Nuts Company specializes in manufacturing brass union nuts and accessories for water connections, copper tubes, steel tubes and plastic tubes. Few of their products include compression nuts, milled nuts wing capnuts, flare nuts, etc.

Berkeley Stainless Fittings Ltd manufactures pipe and fitting products since 1992.

Berkeley Stainless Fittings Ltd    United Kingdom
Berkeley Stainless Fittings Ltd specializes in manufacturing hygienic tube, valves and pipe fittings for the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. Few of their products include, hygienic fittings, hygienic union parts, hygienic valves, hygienic strainers, sections, metric tube and fittings, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

Flowsource is a distributor of variety of stainless steel pipeline components.

Flowsource   Berkhamsted  United Kingdom
Flowsource specializes in distributing variety of stainless steel pipeline components. Their products include clamp union fittings, hygenic tube, pipe clips, ball valves, plug valves, spray heads, single ferrule compression fittings, butt weld fittings, socket weld fittings, pipe, etc.

Kennedy Graphics Inc provides offset printing, typesetting, binding services for promotional products.

Kennedy Graphics Inc    United States
Kennedy Graphics Inc specializes in offering offset printing, typesetting, binding services for promotional products. They provide service on promotional products such as t shirts, caps, pens, pencils, buttons, calendar magnets, name tags, etc.

Innovative Components is a manufacturer of liquid level switches and temperature sensors.

Innovative Components    ,,
Innovative Components specializes in manufacturing liquid level switches and temperature sensors. Their products include pressure transmitters, ultrasonic transmitters, mounting plugs, tube connectors, extension tubes, middle switches, tube unions, junction boxes, alarms, etc.

Flowell Corporation is a manufacturer of variety of flow elements.

Flowell Corporation   Oakhurst  United States
Flowell Corporation specializes in manufacturing variety of flow elements. Their products include orifice flange unions, paddle orifice plates, RTJ plate holders, venturis, flow nozzles, straightening vanes, bleed rings, studding outlets, paddle spacers and blinds, strainers, etc.

Merlin Mailorder Limited manufactures fuel and oil hoses for more than 18 years.

Merlin Mailorder Limited   Chippenham  United Kingdom
Merlin Mailorder Limited specializes in manufacturing fuel and oil hoses for more than 18 years. Few of their products include air ducting, alloy hubs, batteries, brake and clutch parts, brake pads, carburettor parts, coilover springs, electricals, exhausts, fasteners and catches, fastenings, etc.

We specialize in manufacturing hygienic stainless steel pipe fittings, valves, tubes and pipe fittings used in dairy, winery, beverage, biotechnology, filtration and other relating industries since 2002.\r\n\r\n   Wenzhou  0
Flowtec Industry Co. is a manufacturer of hygienic stainless steel pipe fittings, valves, tubes and pipe fittings used in dairy, winery, beverage, pharmacy, cosmetics, chemical, semiconductor, vacuum, biotechnology, filtration and other relating industries.\r\n\r\nFlowtec Industry Co. product line consists of hygienic stainless steel flow control equipment like hygienic union, hygienic stainless steel valves, stainless flange hygienic stainless steel fittings, tank accessories, BSP screwed valves and fittings.\r\n\r\nThe Hygienic Union includes products like Hygienic triclover union, Hygienic IDF union, Hygienic RJT union, Hygienic DIN union, and Hygienic SMS union. The Hygenic valves contains pressure reflief valves, sampling valves, diaphragm valves, non return valves and hygenic ball valves.\r\n\r\nThe Hygenic fittings include hose tail, hygenic reducer, hygenic cross, and hygenic tee. The hygenic accessory products are sprayball and man hole cover. BSP swrewed valves include BSP 1PC BALL VALVE, BSP 2PC BALL VALVE, BSP 3PC BALL VALVE, and BSP GATE VALVE.The stainless steel flange includes DIN plate flange, ANSI B16.5 flange, and EN1092-1 flange.\r\n\r\nThe Products like DIN Plate Flange, ANSI B15.6 Slip On Flange, EN1092 Raised face Flange, BS10 Flange, BSP Screwed Y Strainer, BSP Screwed Vertical Check 2, BSP Screwed Swing Check valve, BSP Screwed Globe valve 200W, BSP Screwed Gate valve 200WO,BSP 3PC Ball Valve with Mounting Pad, BSP 3PC Ball Valve 1000WOG, and more are manufactured.\r\n\r\nFlowtec Industry Co. has been quality certified to ISO 9001-2008 and CE standards.\r\n\r\n

We specialize in designing, and manufacturing the equipments and tools required for oil and gas industries. All our products are designed to improve the economics of wellsite operations.   EXETER  0
AnTech design and manufacture products and services for the upstream oil and gas industry. All products are designed to ultimately improve the economics of wellsite operations. Antech’s design heritage has provided the platform for the development of a range of products for a wide portfolio for applications including coiled tubing, completion equipment, wireline, and drilling. Wireline/perforating. Our services include Directional Drilling CTD services and Coiled Tubing Drilling Services. With its extensive experience in developing technologies for the oil and gas industry, the company holds a number of industry safety accreditations, including the United Kingdom\s ISO 9001:2000 quality certification and the European Union\s ATEX certification.