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B TEK Scales LLC specializes in manufacturing industrial scales such as truck scales, rail scales, floor scales, and weighing equipment since 1995.

B TEK Scales LLC   Canton  United States
B TEK Scales LLC manufactures industrial scales such as truck scales, rail scales, floor scales, and weighing equipment. Their products include counting scales, custom scales, digital load cells, digital indicators, drum scales, electronic accessories, floor scales, portable scales, rail scales, truck scales, etc.

Data Weighing Systems Inc distributes weighing and scaling products since 1977.

Data Weighing Systems Inc    United States
Data Weighing Systems Inc specializes in distributing various weighing and scaling products for scale systems industry. Their products include crane scales, dynamometers, analyitcal weighing, PH meters, floor scales, etc. The company offers rental of weighing, counting and measuring equipments. The company is quality certified to ISO 17025.

Alliance Scale Incorporated distributes various weighing systems.

Alliance Scale Incorporated   Canton  United States
Alliance Scale Incorporated specializes in distributing wide range of weighing systems. Their products include various bench scales, retail scales, precision balances, analytical balances, crane scales, portable balances, etc.

American Scale Company Inc specializes in the manufacture of truck scale equipments and equipments for commercial purpose since 1946.

American Scale Company Inc    United States
American Scale Company Inc is a manufacturer of truck scale equipments and equipments for commercial purpose. They offer products like truck scales, floor scales, indicators, small scales, remote displays, printers, computer systems, etc.

Carlton Scale specializes in selling, servicing and calibrating all types of weighing instruments, scales and controls, since 1946.

Carlton Scale   Greensboro  United States
Carlton Scale sells services and calibrates all types of weighing instruments, scales and controls. Their products include analytical balances, electronic balances, precision balances, forcemeasurement, bench scales, tabletop scales, floor scales, light capacity scales, heavy capacity scales, counting scales, digital scales, mechanical scales, crane scales, load cells, strain gauges, fork truck scales, truck scales, railroad track scales, printers, labels, parcel scales, weight watcher scales, etc.

FAWAG S.A manufactures wide range of mechanical scales since 1951.

FAWAG S.A    Poland
FAWAG S.A specializes in manufacturing and supplying mechanical scales. Few of their products are postal scales, shop scales, low-platform drive-on scales, pallet scales, veterinary scales, electronic livestock scales, metering hopper scales, truck scales, etc.

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company manufactures scales since 1950.

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company    United States
Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company specializes in manufacturing scales. Their products include truck scales, nautilus, counting scales, mini hugger, floor hugger, mechanical livestock scale, load cell mounting system, railway scale, hoppers scale, etc.

Elias scales specializes in manufacturing of cattle scales, hog scales, truck scales, etc.

Elias Scale    Canada
Elias scales manufactures cattle scales, hog scales, truck scales, bale scales, hopper feeder, bale picker. Their products include Bale processor mount with hopper feeder, weight pallets for freight bulk, horse drawn 12v electric hopper feeder, portable crate scale applications, stationary crate scale applications, etc.

A1 Scale Source specializes in developing electronic weighing applications and products for more than 20 years.

A1 Scale Source    United States
A1 Scale Source develops electronic weighing applications and products for industrial and commercial electronic weighing industry. Their products include vehicle scales, fork lift and loader scales, scale it kit, hanging and crane scales, counting scales, price computing scales, bench and platform scales, truck scales, etc.

International Weighing Systems is a manufacturer and distributor of weighing equipment and scales for more than 40 years.

International Weighing Systems    United States
International Weighing Systems specializes in manufacturing and distributing weighing equipment and scales. Their products include axle scales, aircraft weighing, air freight scales, wheel weighing, truck scales, low profile floor scale, drum scales, platform scales, bench scales, etc.