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Cat Pumps manufactures pressure piston and plunger pumps since 1968.

Cat Pumps    United States
Cat Pumps specializes in manufacturing pressure piston and plunger pumps. Their products include sleeved car wash pumps, jetting pumps, triplex plunger, pulse pump, flushed pumps, centrifugal pumps, etc.

Kerr Pump Corporation manufactures pressure piston and plunger pumps since 1946.

Kerr Pump Corporation    United States
Kerr Pump Corporation specializes in producing pressure piston and plunger pumps. Their product includes plunger pumps, piston pumps, etc.

General Pump Inc offer wide range of pumps and complementary accessories and North America`s spray tip for high pressure washers since 1986.

General Pump Inc   Mendota Heights  United States
General Pump Inc manufactures high pressure duplex and triplex plunger pumps and accessories for high pressure cleaning, car wash, reverse osmosis and desalination, and industrial process applications.

SunPumps Inc manufactures various solar powered water pumping equipments.

SunPumps Inc    ,,
SunPumps Inc specializes in manufacturing solar powered water pumping equipment. Their products include submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, jet pumps, triplex piston booster pumps, retrofit kits for jack pumps and DC pump controllers. The company also distributes for Xantrex, OutBack, Sharp and Magnetek power systems.

Giant Industries specializes in manufacturing high pressure, high temperature, and high flow industrial pumps.

Giant Industries   Toledo  United States
Giant Industries manufactures high pressure, high temperature, and high flow industrial pumps like consumer pumps, corrosion resistant pumps, CO2 pumps, bentonite pumps, SP, MP, LP, GP pumps, triplex plunger pumps, hr series pumps, etc. , their various pump accessories includes shut off guns, flow actuated unloaders, pulsator valves lances, pressure actuated unloaders, regulators, turbo nozzles, chemical injectors pump, savers and safety devices, etc.

Michael Smith Engineers manufactures and distributes wide range of pumps and water and effluent treatment systems since 1971.

Michael Smith Engineers    United Kingdom
Michael Smith Engineers specializes in developing and supplying wide range of pumps and water and effluent treatment systems. Their product range includes dosing and metering pumps, magnet driven gear pumps, canned motor centrifugal pumps, triplex diaphragm pumps, and barrel emptying pumps. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

Environamics Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of variety of centrifugal pumps, mechanical seals, and bearing isolators for various industrial applications.

Environamics Corporation   Hudson  United States
Environamics Corporation specializes in manufacturing and distributing variety of centrifugal pumps, mechanical seals, and bearing isolators for various industrial applications. Their products include ANSI centrifugal process pumps, hermetically sealed zero leakage pumps, power end upgrades, single seals, double concentric seals, triplex seals, gas barrier seals, oil mist lubrication systems, etc.

We are manufacturers of pump spare parts in China. We provide high quality & competitive prices.   Qingdao  0
Qingdao Hongbo Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. (HB) is one of the leading Asia-based global providers in petroleum machinery, is specializing manufacture in fluid end expendables and spare parts for mud pumps used for oil & gas well drilling, workover and water well drilling. Owning a completed controlling system for quality guarantee, our employees with professional knowledge & technology are always controlling & monitoring every step of production from materials selected and forged & heating treatment process to the end CNC machining. Today, HB has gone through API inspection. Additionally, our products in quality are equivalent & interchangeable with those of OEM mud pumps including EMSCO, Gardner-Denver, National, Oilwell, IDECO, Skytop Brewster, OPI, Wirth and Wilson, and also they are not limited within those categories. After practicing in competitive market, our products have experienced forgings by various sever drilling conditions, such as, extreme pressure, high temperature and corrosive environments, etc. Meanwhile, we dedicate precious resources in researching and developing. The products for triplex and duplex mud pumps are referring as below: Premium chrome Liner, Chrome-plated Liner, Hardened Steel Liner, Ceramic Liner, 3-web Valve and Seat, 4-web valve and seat, Full-open Valve and Seat (KQ/G2/FO), Rubber Renewable Piston, Urethane Renewable Piston, Rubber Bonded Piston, Urethane Bonded Piston, Piston Rod, Piston Rod Clamp, Upper and Lower valve Guide, Extension Rod, Threaded Ring, Liner End Cover, Valve Pot Cover, Cylinder Head, Cylinder Head Plug, Liner Seal, Valve Cover Gasket, Cylinder Head Gasket, Module (Fluid ends), Hammer Union, Mud Pump (PZ-9, F series, W-440) & Centrifugal pump, Downhole Motor, Handling Tools, Cementing Tools, etc.. By “Quality Prior, Customer First, Price Competitive & Delivery Swift”, our customers have grown to the areas in both South & North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Middle Asia & Southeast Asia. Simultaneously, we manufacture parts for many customers according to their drawings under our Sound Quality Control system (SQCS), Total Quality Management (TQM) and strict oilfield supplying system (SOSS). Now we had set up and implemented a set of strictly supplying system no matter what small parts or huge equipments are in order to manufacture High quality & Competitive Price to our customer all over the world. We are having the power to develop & the passion to flourish in very near future. We are sure that you will get continuous best services and unlimited solutions for your drilling equipments from Qingdao Hongbo. \r\n

Grem Pumps is a distributor specializing in pumps for commercial purpose.

Grem Pumps    France
Grem Pumps is a distributor in pumps for commercial purpose. They offer products like small pumps, centrifugal pumps, purification pumps, volumetric pumps, vacuum pumps, etc.

Lift Technologies Inc specializes in the manufacture of material handling masts for industrial purpose.

Lift Technologies Inc   Westminster  United States
Lift Technologies Inc is a manufacturer of material handling masts for industrial purpose. They offer products like simplex standard ms, simplex ms technical, duplex dual md, triplex mt, quadraplex quad mq, and five stage mp.