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Kuhlman Electric Corporation designs and manufactures electrical transformers.

Kuhlman Electric Corporation    United States
Kuhlman Electric Corporation specializes in the manufacture of electrical transformers. They offer products like distribution transformers, electrical busbar systems, instrument transformers, large power transformers, medium power transformers, mobile substations, etc.

Minel Projektinzenjering AD provides electric power engineering services for more than 50 years.

Minel Projektinzenjering AD    Serbia
Minel Projektinzenjering AD specializes in providing electric power engineering services. Few of their services include transformer stations and electro transmission projects, transmission lines, air and cable system, hydro and thermo power plants, heating plants and energans, etc. The company has been certified with ISO 9001:2001 standard.

Crompton Greaves Ltd manufactures and distributes power generation and transmission products since 1878.

Crompton Greaves Ltd    India
Crompton Greaves Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing power generation and transmission products. Few of their products include power and industrial transformers, HT circuit breakers, LT and HT motors, DC motors, traction motors, alternators and generators, railway signaling equipments, lighting products, fans, pumps and public switching, and transmission and access products. The company has been certified with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

AFP Transformers LLC designs and manufactures transformer since 1992.

AFP Transformers LLC    United States
AFP Transformers LLC specializes in designing and manufacturing transformer. Their products include reactors, inductors, chokes, speciality transformers, custom transformers, phase shifting transformers, neutral grounding transformers, autotransformers, rectifier transformers, etc.

Kabar Industries Limited is a service provider to the electric utility industry for transmission and distribution products since 1967.

Kabar Industries Limited    ,,
Kabar Industries Limited is a service provider to the electric utility industry for transmission and distribution products. They provide service to the electrical utilities, telecommunication, railroad, transportation, electrical contractors and municipal markets. metal stampings, drop forging, press forming and break presses.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc develops and sells protection, control and industrial electric power systems for various industries since 1984.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc   Pullman  United States
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc specializes in developing and distributing protection, control and industrial electric power systems for various industries. Their products include secure communications, transmission protection, distribution protection, fault indicators, transformer, bus, breaker, capacitor protection, revenue and power quality metering, etc.

Marsons Electrical Industries is a manufacturer of power and distribution transformers since 1973.

Marsons Electrical Industries   Agra  India
Marsons Electrical Industries specializes in manufacturing power and distribution transformers. Their products include power transformers, distribution transformers, special application transformers, etc.

AC Transformer Corporation manufactures power transformers since 1949.

AC Transformer Corporation    United States
AC Transformer Corporation specializes in manufacturing power transformers. Their products include electrical transformers, dry type transformers, power transformers, auto transformers, high voltage transformers, low voltage transformers, constant voltage transformers. Their services include repair and replacement of transformer parts.

Advanced Components Industries Inc    United States
Advanced Components Industries Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of encapsulated power transformers ranges from 0. 3 VA to 25 VA at 50-60 Hz. The company also produces magnetic latching relays.

MGM Transformer Company manufactures dry transformers since 1975.

MGM Transformer Company    United States
MGM Transformer Company specializes in manufacturing dry transformers. Few of their products include 600V general purpose dry type, 600V dry type, dry type substation, dry type drives isolation, liquid filled substation, and liquid filled drives isolations.