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Medical Transcription Corporation provides medical transcription and speech recognition solutions.

Medical Transcription Corporation    United States
Medical Transcription Corporation specializes in providing medical transcription and speech recognition solutions. Few of their services include real time online transcription and integration with health information systems.

Accu Swift Medical Transcription Service provides solutions in medical transcription for their world over clients.

Accu Swift Medical Transcription Service    India
Accu Swift Medical Transcription Service specializes in providing solutions in medical transcription for their world over clients. Their products include accu chart and accu swift auto file transfer. Accu chart is 128 bit encrypted SSL secured web based online medical transcription chart management software. Accu swift auto file transfer is 256 AES military grade software that takes care of automatically transferring dictations from doctors computer to secured server and completed transcriptions from secured server back to doctors computer.

Ubiqus helps meeting planners with added value documents such as reports, translation, etc., since past 15 years.

Ubiqus    United Kingdom
Ubiqus is a service provider, which assists meeting planners with transcription, translation, interpretation and audience response services. The company also provides recording systems, summary and reports of meeting to respective corporates, legal, governmental and medical clients.

CorbyUSA supplies legal supporting products such as covers, binding systems, documents, etc.

CorbyUSA   Stephenson  United States
CorbyUSA specializes in supplying legal supporting products for the court reporting industry. Their products include binding systems, carrying cases, audio cassettes, transcript covers, transcript cover materials, tripods, etc.

HTH Engineering Inc distributes variety of digital transcription foot pedals and digital dictation products for PC users.

HTH Engineering Inc   Tarpon Springs  United States
HTH Engineering Inc specializes in distributing variety of digital transcription foot pedals and digital dictation products for PC users. They also provide online purchasing facilities. Their products include professional recorders, conference recorders, PC dictation, speech mikes, phone in systems, recorder accessories, multichannel recording, etc.

GMR Transcription provides qualitative as well as accurate transcription services to their clients in a less turnaround time. GMRT provides different varieties of transcription services including general transcription, medical transcription, business tran

GMR Transcription    Tustin  United States
GMR Transcription is one of the premier transcription service providing companies in US, which provides affordable and quality transcription services since its inception 2004.

Spheris provides clinical documentation and medical transcription technology and outsource services to health systems, hospitals and group practices since 1993.

Spheris   Franklin  United States
Spheris specializes in providing clinical documentation and medical transcription technology and outsource services to health systems, hospitals and group practices. Their services include outsource services, clarity technology platform, echart, etc.

Global Medical Transcription LLC utilizes state-of-the-art technology designed to be as simple as a child\s toy. We have enabled our clients to migrate their dictation and transcription process into Electronic Medical Records. Our service and support is i

Global Medical Transcription, LLC   Yonkers  United States
Thinking about an EMR… Concerned about a change in workflow?\r\nGlobal Medical Transcription\s incredibly simple Document Management Software can be utilized as a stand-alone-system for all your dictated reports OR an effortless interface into your Electronic Medical Record. Dictation-Transcription-Electronic Medical Record, It\s as easy as 1-2-3.\r\n\r\nNext Day Turn Around on Dictated Reports\r\n\r\nSearchable Database by Patient, MD, DOS, Visit Type, MRN\r\n\r\nAdministrative and Physician Adaptive Workflow\r\n\r\nElectronic Signatures\r\n\r\nElectronic Faxing—Batch Printing\r\n\r\nEmbedded Letterhead, Macros, Templates\r\n\r\nIndividual Transcriptionists\r\n\r\nOne Button Merging of Transcribed Reports to a Current or Future EMR

We specialize in distributing of medical transcription for doctors\ offices, hospitals, medical offices and other medical professions.   Houston  0
Abs medical transcription services understand that when Physicians have to waste time editing, money and time is wasted. Abs provide around-the-clock transcription services 365 days a year. The MEDIK TRANS specialize in professional medical transcription for doctors\ offices, hospitals, medical offices and other medical professions. Abs offer specialists in MT who understand medical coding transcription and medical terminology and are experts at all forms of audio transcription, digital dictation and medical records transcription verifiable accuracy rate is unmatched in the industry.\r\n\r\nThe company Provide Free Trial for Transcription For Cardiologist, Transcription For Neurologist, Transcription For Therapists, Allergy Transcription, Immunology Transcription, Chiropractic Transcription, Dermatology Transcription, Hematology Transcription, Internal Medicine Transcription, Nephrology Transcription, Oncology Transcription, Ophthalmology Transcription, Pathology Transcription, Medical Transcription Company, American Medical Transcription, US Medical Transcription Service, Online Medical Transcription, Overseas Medical Transcription, Outsourcing Medical Transcription, HIPAA-Compliant Medical Transcription, Offshoring Medical Transcription Services, Freelance Medical Transcription, Freelance Medical Transcriptionist, Medical Transcripts, Low Cost Medical Transcription Services, Medical transcription corporation and Medical transcription specialist.\r\n\r\nAbs medical transcription services provide a full spectrum of services related to documentation, including digital dictation capture, ADT interface for most demographics, transcription of medical records, quality control of those documents, digital signature by provider, and electronic document delivery to provider and/or outside data depository. provides information on medical transcription services.    United States specializes in providing information on medical transcription services. They also provide information on health information management, transcription courses, transcriptionists, word expanders and spellers, etc.