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Integral Inc provides integral consulting service in the fields of environmental science and engineering, public health, and natural and physical sciences since 2002.

Integral Inc    United States
Integral Inc specializes in offering integral consulting service in the fields of environmental science and engineering, public health, and natural and physical sciences. Their service includes risk assessment and toxicology, environmental investigation, engineering and remediation, sediment science and management, environmental assessment and planning, natural resource damage assessment, environmental forensics, air quality services, etc.

Leading a healthy,green and natural era for the world!

Shanghai Kangxi Biotechnology Co.,Ltd   shanghai  China
Shanghai Kangxi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of ganoderma lucidum and foliage extract, integrating R&D, process, extraction and sale. Our commitment to science and quality control has earned KANGXI recognition within the industry as a trusted supplier of ingredients of the highest quality. \r\nWe have independent corporation qualification and Imports & Exports right. Our planting base is located in the Dabie Mountain which is famous for excellent condition of growing Ganoderma Lucidum. After 12 years of cultivation, our base has implemented GAP standard comprehensively. At present, our base has formed an effective pattern \"the company + peasant household + base\". \r\n We have established long-term cooperation with many famous universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical factories. Such as Tiens Group, Zhongshan University, Second Military Medical University, Fourth Military Medical University, Department of Toxicology, Beijing Normal University, Science and Technology Commission of Chongqing, Fuzhou Science and Technology Commission and others. We have a great research team which makes up of excellent specialists. Furthermore, we have already registered “KANGXI” , \"KANGXI LINGBAO\" brand for Ganoderma products.\r\n Our products are mainly supplied to domestic and overseas pharmaceutical, nutrition and health care companies and other Ganoderma product companies. We have set up our Regular Chain in Jiangsu and Fujian. Besides, we have nearly ten local distributors nationwide. Our products have been sold to the United States, Hungary, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan area and other countries and regions. \r\n We believe that quality is the life of our company. We manufacture our products in strict accordance with ISO9001: 2008 quality management system during the whole entire production process. “reliable quality and excellent service” is our commitment to every customers. Our company has got TRUSTPASS of alibaba for more than nine years. Welcome to our company for consultation, investment, negotiation and cooperation. \r\n \r\n

Geneva Laboratories Inc distributes wide range of laboratory products.

Geneva Laboratories Inc   Elkhorn  United States
Geneva Laboratories Inc specializes in supplying various laboratory products. Few of their products are polystyrene tubes, biological indicators, reuter centrifugal air sampling strips, total organic carbon glass sample bottles, etc. Their services include bioburden testing, environmental monitoring, antimicrobial effectiveness testing, USP water testing, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Gad Consulting Services is a toxicology and regulatory consulting firm, which offers services in the field of pharmaceutical development and regulation, drug development, biotechnology, medical device, etc, for over 14 years.

Gad Consulting Services    United States
Gad Consulting Services is a consulting firm serving primarily the pharmaceutical, medical device, and dietary supplement industries in the areas of preclinical and early clinical evaluation, safety assessment, statistics and risk assessment. They specialize in different fields which includes neurotoxicology, inhalation toxicology, immunotoxicology, animal models, combination products, predictive toxicology.

Mandava Associates provides comprehensive regulatory services to clients for U. S. and international product submissions, registrations and approvals since 1986.

Mandava Associates    United States
Mandava Associates specializes in offering comprehensive regulatory services to clients for U. S. and international product submissions, registrations and approvals. They also provide advice and strategies for product development and manufacturing of various chemicals, medical devices, biological, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological products. Their service includes litigation support services, environmental evaluations and studies, health and environmental safety evaluations, regulatory training programs, biomedical services, etc.

LGC Promochem supplies reference materials, ATCC cultures and bioproducts.

LGC Promochem   Teddington  United Kingdom
LGC Promochem specializes in supplying reference materials, ATCC cultures and bioproducts. LGC merged with the Promochem Group of Companies. Their products include analytical reference materials and standards, glowell products from lux biotechnology, solvents for residue analysis and hplc, phytochemical reference standards from chromadex, reference materials for sports drugs, clinical analysis and forensic toxicology, pharmaceutical reference substances and impurities. The company is quality certified to ISO-9002.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc manufactures and supplies wide range of analytical instruments.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc    United States
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc specializes in manufacturing and providing analytical instruments including lab equipments, automation equipments, etc., and these products used in several applications like air quality, anatomical pathology, beverage, cement, clinical chemistry, clinical research and toxicology, coal mining, drug discovery, environmental, food, forensics, industrial hygiene, metals, minerals, petroleum, etc. Few of their products are loss-in-weight feeders, belt conveyor scales, weighbelt feeders, laminar flow workstations, immersion coolers, shaking water baths, immersion circulators, clinical chemistry analyzers, ultra low temperature freezers, cryopreservation systems, laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers, cytofunnels and filter cards, hot air sterilizers, automated photometric analyzers, microplate dispensers, microplate fluorometers, etc.

Quality Resources Online provides information on quality assurance and control.

Quality Resources Online   Clearwater  United States
Quality Resources Online specializes in providing informational links for quality assurance and quality control professionals.

Bio Concept Laboratories Inc is a service provider, which offers comprehensive services for product development, product testing, and sterile clinical and toxicology supplies.

Bio Concept Laboratories Inc    United States
Bio Concept Laboratories Inc specializes in providing comprehensive services for product development, product testing, and sterile clinical and toxicology supplies. Their services include injectables, feasibility stage, pre clinical stage, stability stage, testing, etc.

Gayatri Control is a manufacturer of control panels and digital control panel meters since 1995.

Gayatri Control   Ahmedabad  India
Gayatri Control specializes in producing variety of control panels and digital control panel meters. Few of their products are PID with auto tune temperature controller, digital temperature controller, weighing and batching system, flexible counter, tachometer with temperature indicator, SCR power regulator, panel meter, electrical control panels, encoder, sensors, auto burners, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.