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Andilog Technologies    France
Andilog Technologies specializes in manufacturing force and torque measurement instrumentation. The company also provides specific solutions in the field of force, torque and hardness measurement. Their products include torque wrench calibrator, torque screwdriver calibrator, motorized opening torque measuring instrument, digital torque gauge, basic mechanical torque gauge, dial force gauge, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001: 2000.

JLW Instruments distributes wide range of force gauges, pressure gauges, and torque gauges for more than 20 years.

JLW Instruments    United States
JLW Instruments specializes in distributing variety of force gauges, pressure gauges, and torque gauges for automotive, packaging, medical, pharmaceutical, and general manufacturing industries. Few of their products are force gauges, motorized and manual test stands, gripping fixtures, torque gauges, pressure gauges, etc.

Muirhead Aerospace designs and manufactures motion technology products for aerospace, defense and industrial applications since 1895.

Muirhead Aerospace    United Kingdom
Muirhead Aerospace specializes in producing motion technology products for aerospace, defense and industrial applications. Their product includes permanent magnet alternators, limited angle torque motors, high torque motors, stepping motors, slab resolvers, etc.

Elnor Motors is a manufacturer of asynchronous electric motors.

Elnor Motors    Belgium
Elnor Motors products include explosion proof motors, motors with high starting torque and motors for air movement. Elnor Motors uses the explosion proof motors in hazardous area. The companies production facilities are located in Haacht, Belgium. Elnor Motors is certified with ISO9001 standards.

Coercive Systems Ltd designs, manufactures, and distributes electro optical components and systems.

Coercive Systems Ltd   Rochester  United Kingdom
Coercive Systems Ltd specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing electro optical components and systems. Few of their products are frame scan torque motors, polygon scanners, brushless DC motors, cryogenic cooling engines for industrial, military and aerospace markets. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

Delta Electricals specializes in manufacturing cage induction motors since 1979.

Delta Electricals    India
Delta Electricals manufactures cage industion motors. Their products include single phase squirrel cage motors, brake motors, crane motors, torque motors, cooling tower motors, textile motors, dual speed motors, and domestic pumps, etc.

V. Dimitrov Fluid Power distributes various power equipments.

V. Dimitrov Fluid Power    Bulgaria
V. Dimitrov Fluid Power specializes in supplying bulgarian fluid power equipments. Their products include DC motors for powerpacks, manual spool valves, hose crimping machines, drive couplings, telescopic cylinders, torque motors, etc.

Adan Limited manufactures Geroter and Geroller type hydraulic motors for more than 30 years.

Adan Limited    United Kingdom
Adan Limited specializes in manufacturing Geroter and Geroller type high torque slow speed hydraulic motors. Their products include Adan hydraulic motors s series, t series, v series, reduction units and brakes, relief valves, spur and epycyclic gear boxes, fail safe brakes, and ancillary equipment. The company is qualtiy certified to BS EN ISO 9002:1994.

ETEL Inc designs and manufactures complete multi-axis motion systems since 1974.

ETEL Inc    Switzerland
ETEL Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing multi-axis motion systems. Their products include ironless motors, torque motors, motion control systems, etc.

Lenze Limited specializes in the manufacture of electronics and geared motors.

Lenze Limited   Caxton Road  United Kingdom
Lenze Limited specializes in the manufacture of electronics and geared motors. They offer products like coupling technology, inline, motors, drives, software, torque limiters, right angle, clutches and brakes, servo, etc.