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K2 Analytical Inc specializes in selling wide range of laboratory equipments and analytical instruments for more than 23 years.

K2 Analytical Inc    United States
K2 Analytical Inc is a supplier of various laboratory equipments and analytical instruments. Few of their products are potentiometric titrators, karl fischer moisture titrators, and thermal measurement meters.

CSC Scientific Company Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing laboratory equipments for more than 100 years.

CSC Scientific Company Inc    United States
CSC Scientific Company Inc manufactures and distributes laboratory equipments. The company specialize in testing areas like moisture analysis, surface tension analysis, particle size analysis, and titration analysis.

The CPAP Store LLC distributes CPAP machines, equipments, and parts since 1997.

The CPAP Store LLC    United States
The CPAP Store LLC specializes in distributing CPAP machines, equipments, and parts. Their products include CPAP equipment, heated humidifiers, nasal masks, filters, air tubing, etc.

Ascho Industries Limited supplies variety of analytical instruments. The company was established in 1986.

Ascho Industries Limited   Mumbai  India
Ascho Industries Limited specializes in supplying wide range of analytical instruments. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Changsha Friend Experimental Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd is a leading brand of petroleum product analysis apparatus field in China. As a professional manufacturers of petroleum testing equipment, we are an active member in standards organizations and lea

Changsha Friend Experimental Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd   Changsha  China
Changsha Friend Experimental Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd, specialized in scientific research, is a professional manufacturer of oil analysis instruments. We provide full set of oil testing instruments and equipments for customers. With thorough market research and in-depth analysis of petroleum instruments, we have a good understanding of customer needs. Our company has successfully developed a series of intellectual instrument independently. Our products are suitable for the use in petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, scientific research, quality control and academic research.\r\nTo pursue high product quality and facilitate innovation, our company combines the Chinese and Western industrial culture and techniques to uphold the artisan spirit. As the management ideas continue to carve our products, and constantly improve our process, we aim to keep pace with the market demand, to create a new management model and to produce new products to meet customers’ growing demand.\r\nWe have always been committed on building long-term competitiveness, developing new products, increasing products’ added value and strengthening brand reputation. For the continuity of business vitality,our company vigorously introduced a group of Our idea is: cultivating, cherishing and caring our staff; encouraging our staff to make the full use of their potential; accelerating the upgrade of the company\s main business, and making efforts to become the most promising enterprise in the industry.\r\n

Eppendorf North America Inc is a distributor of laboratory products.

Eppendorf North America Inc    United States
Eppendorf North America Inc is a division of Eppendorf AG, which specializes in supplying various laboratory products. Their products include vacufuge concentrator, microcentrifuge tubes, PCR cooler, pipette tips, storage boxes, electronic dispensing system, column heaters, HPLC mobile phase recyclers, system flushing valve, etc.

MicroCal manufactures microcalorimeters for more than 30 years.

MicroCal    United States
MicroCal specializes in manufacturing microcalorimeters. Few of their products include ITC, DSC, autoITC, capillary DSC, PPC, etc.

Precision Weighing Balances is a supplier of balances and scales since 1996.

Precision Weighing Balances    United States
Precision Weighing Balances specializes in supplying balances and scales to industrial, educational and government sectors. Their products include glassine paper, fiber filters, ampule crackers, hexagonal weighing dishes, PTFE breakers, titration cups, etc.

Sigma-Aldrich Co manufactures and sells biochemical and organic chemical products.

Sigma-Aldrich Co   Oakville  Canada
Sigma-Aldrich Co specializes in manufacturing and selling biochemical and organic chemical products. Few of their products include glassware, gloves, multiwell plates, analytical and chromatography, chemicals, research essentials, biochemicals and reagents, syringes, titration, vials, etc.

BTG Eclepens S.A manufactures and distributes wide range of advanced papermaking systems for more than 80 years.

BTG Eclepens S.A   Eclepens  Switzerland
BTG Eclepens S.A specializes in manufacturing and distributing various advanced papermaking systems for industrial and commercial purpose. Few of their products are light duty samplers, PCD titrator, static blade consistency transmitter, etc.