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Eldre Corporation specializes in manufacturing of laminated bus bars.

Eldre Corporation    United States

We specialize in manufacturer of exports bars, fittings, flanges and branch connections in carbon steels, duplex, and super duplex, Ci-ni, monel and inconel.   Mumbai  0
Aashish Steel manufactures & exports bars, fittings, Flanges & Branch connections in carbon steel, duplex and super Duplex, Cu-ni, Monel and inconel. Aashish Steel manufactures its products in different sizes, range, type and schedule-class. Aashish Steel regularly supplies its material to core industries such as refineries, chemical & petrochemical, oil & Gas, Water treatment plant, power plants, off-shore, ship building, EPC & other Engineering company. The products are Stainless Steel Round Bars, Carbon Steel Round Bars, Alloy Steel Round Bars, Copper Nickel Round Bars, Monel Round Bars, Duplex Round Bars, Super Duplex Round Bars, Hastelloy Round Bars, Nickel Alloys Round Bars, 904L Round Bar & Rods, Inconel Round Bars, Alloy 20 Round Bars, 254 SMO Round Bars & Rods, AISI 4130, 4140, 4340, 1045, 8620 Steel round Bars and Titanium Round Bar.\r\n\r\nThe Industrial Bars are Hot rolled bars, Cold rolled bar, Bright Bar, Round Bar, Square Bar, Hex Bar, Flat Bar, Black Bar, Forged Bar, Rectangle Bar, Threaded Bar, Triangle Steel Bar, Precision Bar, Rod, Hollow Bar, Phosphor Bronze Round Bar, Phosphor Bronze Hollow Bar, Aluminium Bronze Round Bar, Aluminium Bronze Hollow Bar, Lead tin Bronze Round Bar, Lead tin Bronze Hollow Bar, Gun metal round Bar, Gun metal hollow Bar, Stainless steel Hollow Bar, 17-4 ph hollow Bar, Monel hollow Bar, Tiger bronze Round Bar, and Tiger bronze Hollow Bar.\r\n\r\nThe other Products are Aluminium Bronze Ab1 Hollow Bar, ALUMINIUM BRONZE AB1 ROUND BAR, Aluminium Bronze Ab2 Hollow Bar, Aluminium Bronze Ab2 Round Bar, Aluminium Bronze C63200 Hollow Bar, Aluminium Bronze C63200 Round Bar, Aluminium Bronze Plate C63200, Leaded Tin Bronze 85-5-5-5 Round Bar, Leaded Tin Bronze C93200 Hollow Bar, Leaded Tin Bronze C93200 Plate, Leaded Tin Bronze C93200 Round Bar, Monel 400 Hollow Bar, Phosphor Bronze Pb1 Hollow Bar, Phosphor Bronze Pb1 Round Bar, Phosphor Bronze Plate, Phosphor Bronze, Stainless Steel 304l Hexagonal Bar, 316l Hexagonal Hollow Bar, and 17-4 Ph Round Bar.

We are a leading manufacturer of tin ceilings and tin ceiling tiles. We specialize in the metal business for more than 50 years.\r\n   Petersburg  0
Brian Greer\s Tin Ceilings is a leading manufacturer of tin ceilings and tin ceiling tiles, and company also specializes in the metal business for more than 50 years.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes Tile Designs 10-30, tile designs 31-50, tile designs 51-70, tile designs 71-73, all 6\" designs, all 1\" designs, all 2\" designs, fillers, noseings, moldings, cornices, medallions, specialty items, backsplashes, friezes, custom items, and finishes.\r\n\r\nCompany’s easy-to-install tiles have been used in homes, restaurants, night clubs, bars, offices, stores, schools, churches and many other locations. Company also has safety hems on all of our moldings, fillers and cornices for a safer installation.\r\n

We specialize in manufacturing of various tin packaging items.   DongGuan  0
DongGuan ZhenBaoWang Packing Products Co.,LTD is manufacturer of various tin packaging items and located in DongGuan China. The company is established in 2001, specializing in OEM and ODM tin packaging items. And company sets the design,development,production and sales,making mold,printing,production,packing on stop service.\r\n\r\nThe company Product includes Foodstuff packing tins and Gift & premium tins. The Product Foodstuff packing tins includes Biscuit tins, Cake tins, Candy tins, Chocolate tins, Coffee tins, Mint tins, Sugar tins, Tea tins and Wine tins. Gift & premium tins includes Bandages, Candle tins, Christmas tins, Cigarette tins case, Coaster tin set, Coin/money tin boxes, Easter tin items, Gift/game card tins, Tin ashtray, Tin mailbox, Tin tea set, Tissue tins, Valentine gift tins, Watch tin case and Watering can.\r\n\r\nDongGuan ZhenBaoWang Packing Products Co.,LTD Other Product includes Aluminium cans, Ice buckets, Lunch tin box, Multimedia,CD & DVD tins, Tin sign board and Tin tray. Stationery tin items includes Glasses case, Pen holder, Pencil sharpener and Tin pencil case. Tin shapes includes Heart shape tins, Oval & Lozenge tins, Rectangle & square tins, Round tins and Unique tins.

Lapham Hickey Steel Inc supplies wide range of stainless products since 1926.

Lapham Hickey Steel Inc   Chicago  United States
Lapham Hickey Steel Inc specializes in supplying stainless products. Their products include stainless steel, galvanized spring steel, tin plate, flat wire, bar steel, steel tubing, etc., The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Tasty Baking Company produces baked goods since 1914.

Tasty Baking Company   Philadelphia  United States
Tasty Baking Company specializes in producing baked goods. Few of their products are Krimpets, Kandy Kakes, cupcakes, pies, juniors, and snak bars. They also provide collections and tins, cases, collectibles.

Amerway Inc specializes in manufacturing various fluxes, solders, etc.

Amerway Inc    United States
Amerway Inc manufactures a wide range of fluxes, solders, etc. Their products include lead free solder, industrial grade solder powder, tin and tin alloys, lead, pewter alloys, babbitt alloys, electronic rosin based fluxes, water soluble fluxes, hot air soldering leveling, etc.

We specialize in manufacturing tinplate packing products since 2005.   Dongguan  0
\r\nDongguan Changcheng Cans Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of tinplate packing products. The product category includes tea tins, DVD tins, X\mas tins, food tins, and tin boxes.\r\n \r\nSome of the products produced are biscuit tins, CD tin boxes, chocolate tins, candy tins, cigarette tins, coffee tins, cosmetic tins, DVD tin boxes, food tin boxes, game tin boxes, gift tin box, mint tin boxes, stationery tins, tea tin boxes, wine tin boxes, candle tin, Christmas tin, Easter tin box, Halloween tin, promotional tins, valentine tin, and wedding tins.\r\n

La Fuente Imports is an importer of home furnishings, accessories, and artwork products since 1994.

La Fuente Imports    ,,
La Fuente Imports specializes in providing products includes home furnishings, accessories, and artwork products. Their products include tin mirrors, hand loomed zapotec rugs, relaxing mayan hammocks, and hand painted ceramic plates, talavera tiles, tin and tile mirrors, ann kary pewter, palomar dishware, wall planters, cantina supplies, jose ojeda cutlery, paper mache art, mayan hammocks, purses and bags, glass bead jewelry, ceramic chili ristras, etc.

American Power Connection Systems Inc is a manufacture of custom designed laminated shunts, bus bars, and cables since 1992.

American Power Connection Systems Inc    United States
American Power Connection Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing custom designed laminated shunts, bus bars, and cables. They are also supplying their own products. Their products include braided cable in bare and tin plated material, dry jumpers, furnace cables, laminated shunts, etc.