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Renold plc manufactures and supplies engineering products for more than 100 years.

Renold plc    United States
Renold plc specializes in manufacturing and supplying various engineering products. Their products include roller chain, roller chains, transmission chains, conveyor chain, conveyor chains, leaf chain, leaf chains, gears, clutches, machine tools, rotors, automotive timing systems, couplings, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

TempTime specialize in the manufacture of time and temperature indicators for commercial purpose.

TempTime   Morris Plains  United States
TempTime is a manufacturer of time and temperature indicators for commercial purpose. They offer products like heatmarker for health purpose, and fresh check indicator for food purpose.

Custom Machine and Tool Co. Inc. manufacture timing pulleys and keyless shaft or hub locking devices since 1964.

Custom Machine and Tool Co. Inc.   East Weymouth  United States
Custom Machine And Tool Co. Inc. products contain all types of timing pulley tooth designs including trapezoidal inch and metric, AT metric, HTD metric curvilinear, and Gates powergrip GT, and Zero backlash. The company provide timing pulleys, timing belts, timing pulley stock, and timing pulley flanges in aluminum, stainless steel, steel, plastic, brass and bronze. Custom Machine And Tool Co. Inc. also produce custom v-ribbed pulleys, tapered bushings, sprockets, and industrial power transmission components.

Brewer Machine and Gear Co manufactures and supplies wide range chain and belt tensioners, positioners, and idlers since 1944.

Brewer Machine and Gear Co    United States
Brewer Machine and Gear Co specializes in manufacturing and distributes variety of chain and belt tensioners, positioners, and idlers for the power transmission industry. Few of their products arespurs, helicals, miters, bevels, worms, worm gears, timing pulleys, sprockets, idler shafts and studs, bushings, v-pulley idlers, sprocket idlers, mounting adapters, 1060 linear shafting, bearings, etc.

Cross and Morse is a manufacturer of variety of bicycle components since 1984.

Cross and Morse   Birmingham  United Kingdom
Cross and Morse specializes in manufacturing variety of bicycle components. Their products include roller chain drives, inverted tooth drives, timing belt drives, gears, overload clutches, freewheel clutches, shaft clamping elements, sealmaster bearings, shaft couplings, torque limiters, etc.

Ash Gear and Supply supplies gear cutting tools for more than forty five years.

Ash Gear and Supply    United States
Ash Gear and Supply specializes in distrubuting wide range of gear cutting tools. The company offers cutting tools for the production of spur gears, helical gears, worm gears, involute splines, parallel splines, serrations, roller chains, timing belts, silent chains, etc. Few of their products are hob, discshaper, shankshaper, singlecutter, bevel generator, etc.

Habasit ABT manufactures and supplies conveyor belts.

Habasit ABT    United States
Habasit ABT specializes in producing and distributing conveyor belts. Their product includes fabric conveyor belts, plastic modular belts, chains, power transmission belts and tapes, timing belts, fabrication tools, gears, motors, and gearmotors.

Lenzip Manufacturing Corp is a manufacturer of custom made zippers for commercial and industrial needs since 1946.

Lenzip Manufacturing Corp    United States
Lenzip Manufacturing Corp specializes in manufacturing custom made zippers for commercial and industrial needs. The company zippers are used for one time applications to heavy duty molded plastic zippers. Their materials include metal chain, molded plastic chain, and coil chain.

StreamAudio provides streaming audio services for online radio stations since 1999.

StreamAudio    United States
StreamAudio specializes in providing streaming audio services for online radio stations. StreamAudio was acquired by ChainCast Networks Inc since 2001. They offer services through Windows Media, Flash, Real, and QuickTime.

Habasit Belting, LLC distributes and provides service for power transmission, conveyor and processing belts since 1968.

Habasit Belting, LLC    United States
Habasit Belting, LLC products include conveyor belts, modular belts, chains, power transmission belts, spindle tapes, machine tapes, seamless belts, round belts, extruded belts, timing belts, tools, gearmotors, etc.