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Estima develops and sells regression analysis software packages.

Estima    United States
Estima specializes in developing regression analysis of time series software package for sale. The company`s other products include RATS econometrics software, database products, etc.

Accu Time Systems supplies biometric and non biometric workforce management tools since 1991.

Accu Time Systems    United States
Accu Time Systems specializes in supplying wide range of biometric and non biometric workforce management tools. Few of their products are cyber series, 2000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, 4000 series, etc. The company also offers solutions such as optimus terminal for time and attendance, payroll, and security access.

Ebonite is a bowling industry for over 100 years.

Ebonite    ,,
Ebonite products include balls, bags, pro shop supplies, image wear and accessories. Ebonite bowling ball series include one series, premiere series, time series, elements series, tornado series, tornado warning series, etc.

Lone Wolf Software Inc specializes in developing TimeWolf series software since 1995.

Lone Wolf Software Inc   Glendale  United States
Lone Wolf Software Inc specializes in developing TimeWolf series software. Their product specializes in time-and-attendance software and employee time clock series, business and medical office management application software. Their product series include TimeWolf 3. 0 for up to 25 employees, TimeWolf pack 3. 0 and TimeWolf plus 3. 0.

We are an ISO 9001-2000 certified company dedicated in manufacturing various series ultrasonic flowmeters, and Doppler ultrasonic flowmeters.   Shanghai  0
Dynameters Shanghai CO., Ltd specializes in manufacturing various series ultrasonic flowmeters, and Doppler ultrasonic flowmeters.\r\n\r\nMain products offered by the company includes ultrasonic time flow meters (including clamp on series, insertion series, flanged series, centre-insertion series, handheld series, portable series, heat flow series etc.,) and ultrasonic Doppler flow meters (including clamp on series, insertion series, and portable series)\r\n\r\nDynameters Shanghai CO., Ltd has been certified to ISO 9001-2000 standards, and has received the pattern approval certificate of measuring instruments of the Russia Federation, CE certificate for DMTFH, and CE certificate for DMTFB&C&P.\r\n

We specialize in developing and manufacturing leather cases like tablet leather cases and cell phone leather cases.   Guangzhou  0
Guangzhou Bizoe Electronic Technology Co.Ltd is a developer and manufacturer of leather cases like tablet leather cases and cell phone leather cases. The product category includes phone case seires and pc case series.\r\n \r\nSome of the products produced are pure series, lotus series, korea series, matte series, cowboy series, elegance series, function series, business series, rotating series, book series, universal series, classical series, and matte series.\r\n\r\n

Evernham Motorsports is a team representing Dodge in NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series since 1999.

Evernham Motorsports    United States
Evernham Motorsports is a Dodge rally team, which takes part in NASCARs racing series. This team also participates in other racing series like Busch Series. The company is also a part time Dodge Charger in the ARCA RE/MAX Series.

We specialize in the research, development, production in one of the wind turbine.   Jinan  0
Shandong Lothar Fan Co., Ltd. is a research, development, and manufacturer of the wind turbine. The main products include projects fan, industrial fans, air conditioning, fans, and other fans, centrifugal fan series, axial fan series, air-conditioning fan series, oblique flow fan series, boiler induced draft fans, fire exhaust fan series.\r\n\r\nProducts flow, pressure regulators wide range, high efficiency operating point of each characteristic. Two-stage adjustable vanes to achieve a self-tuning adaptive function. The company has a fan performance testing center, testing automatic data acquisition, automatic storage, real-time analysis, reached the advanced level of the domestic industry. Lothar fan products have been tested and high-speed balancing correction, smooth finished running, minimal vibration and low mechanical friction losses.\r\n\r\nSome of the products are products include Axial Fan, Diagonal flow fan, Cooling tower fan, Centrifugal Fan, Two blowers, Multistage centrifugal fan, Shipbuilding fan, Special fan, Fan Accessories, dust collector, Gas booster fan, and Roof fan.\r\n\r\nShandong Lothar Fan Co., Ltd. has been quality certified to ISO9001-2008 standard.

Technol Seven is a manufacturer of time management equipments.

Technol Seven   Tokyo  Japan
Technol Seven specializes in manufacturing time management equipments. Their products include time recorders, which includes RF-ID card NIPPO time recorder, compact time recorders, check writers include FX-30, 40, 50 series check writers.

AMERICAN Time Recorder Inc specializes in the sale and service of time and attendance management equipment and softwares.

AMERICAN Time Recorder Inc    United States
AMERICAN Time Recorder Inc sells and services a wide range of time clock and attendance systems to control time theft. Their products and services include infotronics attendance enterprise software, badge card, proximity, and biometric readers, time clocks, rapidprint AR E series stamps, etc.