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Jewell Instruments LLC manufactures and distributes panel meters, avionics components, inertial sensors, and precision solenoids for over 60 years.

Jewell Instruments LLC   Manchester  United States
Jewell Instruments LLC specializes in producing and supplying panel meters, avionics components, inertial sensors, and precision solenoids. Their product includes accelerometers, inclinometers, etc.

Industrial controllers, PLC , serial device servers, sensors, actuators, servos and more! Mnauafacturesrs, retailers and worldwide orders wellcome!

SCM International, Inc.   West Covina  United States
OEM PLCs, Low cost PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Phone connectable - Real time clock - Voice Warning - Networking & Monitoring! . Microcontrollers training systems. High quality sensors: Tilt sensors, float, movement, position, vibration, humidity, gas, pressure and proximity sensors. Servos, Motors, Electric pistons, Valves, Actuators, etc...

Comus International is a manufacturer of glass mercury tilt switches since 1978.

Comus International    United States
Comus International specializes in manufacturing glass mercury tilt switches. Their products include tip over switches, motion and vibration sensors, encapsulated switches, reed switches, reed relays low voltage, reed relays high voltage, mercury displacement relays, liquid level sensing float switches, proximity sensors, etc.

Cline Labs Inc supplies angular measurement systems and sensors.

Cline Labs Inc    United States
Cline Labs Inc specializes in supplying angular measurement systems and sensors. The company product includes clinometer, dual axes, AMS, PC AMS, angle measurement sensors, stepper motor drivers, etc.

Instro Precision is a manufacturer and distributor of equipment for electro optical sensor systems and other surveillance sensors.

Instro Precision    United Kingdom
Instro Precision specializes in manufacturing and distributing equipments for electro optical sensor systems and other surveillance sensors. Their products include control consoles, goniometers, GPS modules, manual pan and tilts, optical metrology, tripods, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

Crossbow Technology Inc produces and supplies wireless sensor networks and inertial sensor systems for avionics, land, and marine vehicle navigation since 1995.

Crossbow Technology Inc   San Jose  United States
Crossbow Technology Inc specializes in producing and supplying wireless sensor networks and inertial sensor systems. They offer solutions for industrial applications, environmental monitoring, building automation, academic programs, and asset management. Few of their products are development kits, wireless modules, sensor boards, environmental systems, housings, gateways, etc. The company has been approved with ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Leading Inclinometer and Tilt Sensor Manufacturer Since 1917.

Rieker Inc.   Aston  
Rieker Instrument Company manufactures rugged accurate inclinometers, boom angle indicators, custom slip indicators, and tilt warning devices. Our inclinometers are used throughout a variety of industries including (but not limited to): Agriculture, Aviation, Construction, Drilling, Government, Marine, Military, Mining, Off-shore, Sub-sea, Transportation, and Utility. is an online website for providing electronic products since 1970.    United States specializes in supplying electronic products from various manufactures. Some of their marketing products are pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches, contact blocks, magnetic proximity switches, motion sensors, etc.

Inertia Switch Inc manufactures acceleration switches, sensors, etc. The company was established in 1950.

Inertia Switch Inc    United States
Inertia Switch Inc specializes in manufacturing acceleration switches. The company also manufactures limit switches, prostheses, incandescent digital displays, switches, sensors, electro mechanical, electronics. Inertia Switch Inc products are used inaerospace, military and commercial industries.

Monitor Technologies LLC supplies level, flow, particle emission, and aeration instrumentations since 1958.

Monitor Technologies LLC    United States
Monitor Technologies LLC specializes in supplying level, flow, particle emission, and aeration instrumentations for powder and bulk solids industries. The company products include rotary paddle bin monitors, diaphragm switches, tilt switches, cable based smart sensors, solid flow monitors, particle emissions, and bin aerators.