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NETZSCH Group develops and manufactures instruments for thermal analysis and thermo physical properties measurements since 1952.

NETZSCH Group   Bavaria  Germany
NETZSCH Group specializes in producing instruments for thermal analysis and thermo physical properties measurements. The company product includes differential thermal analysis, thermo-gravimetry, dielectric analysis, gas analysis, refractory testing, etc. Their product finds application in ceramics, glass, and building materials industries.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc is a manufacturer of variety of cold storage equipments for storage industry.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc   Waltham  United States
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of cold storage equipments for storage industry. Their products include biosafety cabinets, centrifugation, chillers, circulators, water baths, cytology, elemental analysis, fluid handling, heating instruments, incubators, process analyzer, etc.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc manufactures and supplies wide range of analytical instruments.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc    United States
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc specializes in manufacturing and providing analytical instruments including lab equipments, automation equipments, etc., and these products used in several applications like air quality, anatomical pathology, beverage, cement, clinical chemistry, clinical research and toxicology, coal mining, drug discovery, environmental, food, forensics, industrial hygiene, metals, minerals, petroleum, etc. Few of their products are loss-in-weight feeders, belt conveyor scales, weighbelt feeders, laminar flow workstations, immersion coolers, shaking water baths, immersion circulators, clinical chemistry analyzers, ultra low temperature freezers, cryopreservation systems, laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers, cytofunnels and filter cards, hot air sterilizers, automated photometric analyzers, microplate dispensers, microplate fluorometers, etc.

Eurotron Instruments S.p.A produces calibrators, thermometers, etc., since 1980.

Eurotron Instruments S.p.A    United States
Eurotron Instruments S.p.A specializes in manufacturing various calibrators, infrared thermometers and combustion gas analysers. Their products include pressure calibrators, temperature calibrators, automation IR thermometers, gas analyzers for HVAC boilers, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Jose Borrell S.A is a manufacturer and distributor of almonds and hazelnuts for more than 65 years.

Jose Borrell S.A    Spain
Jose Borrell S.A specializes in manufacturing and distributing almonds and hazelnuts. They also produce equipment for carob beans, apricot pips, all kind of pulses, sunflower seeds, rice, corn and other nuts and seeds. Their products include sorting, shelling, transport, grading, shelling lines, blanching lines, continuous moisture analyzer thermo, continuous rotary discharge, metal detector thermo, etc.

NEC San-ei    ,,
NEC San-ei provide information about infrared cameras, thermal images and infrared thermographs. They were documented by report generator or infrared analyzing software programms for thermal analytic certification reports and thermal image documentation and IR thermographs and IR Images.

We are a leading stainless steel wholesaler in domestic and over-seas market, since 1993.   wuxi  0
Wuxi Stainless Steel Company is a leading stainless steel wholesaler in domestic and over-seas market, since 1993.\r\n\r\nCapabilities of the company includes inspection and research measures of the labs including deep drawability testing machine, thermo simulator, ferritic tearing tester, transmission electron microscope, electrochemical corrosion tester, periodic immersion corrosion tester, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, atomic fluorescence, simultaneous coupled plasma emission spectrometer, field emission scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffractometer, automatic microscope durometer and so on.\r\n\r\nMachining capabilities of the company includes thermo/dynamics simulator, scanning electron microscope, simultaneous thermal analyzer, electro-hydraulic servo fatigue test system, x-ray fluorescence spectrometer, simultaneous inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer, impulse micro-plasma welding machine and impulse auto-plasma welding machine, vacuum induction furnace, sintered cup laboratory, etc.\r\n

We specialize in service provider of surveying instrument and measuring equipments.   Singapore  0
Pentaland Surveying specialized in sale and service of surveying instrument and measuring equipment such as Total stations, GPS/ GNSS RTK system, 3D Laser Scanner, Thermal Imager, Analyzer, and Accessories. The company export surveying equipment of all sizes at competitive prices across Asia, Europe, United States, Canada, South America, South Africa, Middle East, Australia and the Oceanian. The company will make sure that your survey equipment order is delivered safely through our door to door service. The manufacture are Artec 3d Scanner, Faro 3d, Flir, Fluke, Leica, Olympus Innov-X, Prodim, Sokkia, Thermo Niton, Topcon and Trimble.\r\n\r\nThe company with more than 5 years experience in surveying instrument and measuring equipment supply, sell a wide range of latest instruments, accessories and consumables for measuring, surveying applications and construction. The related products from the worlds leading brands such as Trimble, Leica, Sokkia, Topcon, Trimble spectra, Faro, Artec, Prodim, etc. The catagories are 3D Laser Scanning Surveying, Field Controllers, GNSS RTK GPS System, GPS Navigation, Lasers, Levels, Portable XRF Analyzer, Pre-Owned Survey Equipment, Survey Equipment For Sale, Survey Total Stations, Thermal Imaging Camera, Total Station & GPS RTK Accessories, Surveying Adapters, Surveying Batteries, Surveying Bipods, Surveying Poles and Surveying Tripods.

Medica specializes in manufacturing blood testing analyzers.

Medica   Bedford  United States
Medica manufactures blood testing analyzers. Their products include blood gas analyzers, easystat analyzer, easy bloodgas analyzer, electrolyte analyzers, etc.

Thermos LLC is a manufacturer of insulated products, which keeps the food and beverages hotter, cooler and fresher since 1904.

Thermos LLC   Rolling Meadows  United States
Thermos LLC specializes in manufacturing of insulated products, which keeps the food and beverages hotter, cooler and fresher. Their products include beverage bottles, food storage, mugs and tumblers, pump pots and carafes, lunch kits, coolers, specialty items, vacuum flask, etc.