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Anter Corporation manufactures thermal properties analyzers to measure thermal expansion and shrinkage, etc.

Anter Corporation    United States
Anter Corporation manufactures various thermal properties analyzers.Their products include various dilatometers, thermal conductivity meters, and laser flash thermal diffusivity systems. The company is quality certified to 9001 :2000.

Gow-Mac Instrument Co manufactures instruments and thermal conductivity since 1935.

Gow-Mac Instrument Co   Bethlehem  United States
Gow-Mac Instrument Co designs, and manufactures thermal conductivity detectors. They are specialized for products such as gas chromatographs, binary gas analyzers, process instrumentation, custom, applicated instrumentation, gas handling equipment, and gas leak detectors.

ITI Company is a distributor of variety of OEM and custom thermal instruments for various laboratories since 1969.

ITI Company   Del Mar  United States
ITI Company specializes in distributing variety of OEM and custom thermal instruments for various laboratories. Their products include thermoelectric calorimeters, geothermal heat flux transducers, heat flux transducers, heat loss detection systems, specific heat apparatus, flame intensity calorimeters, etc.

Conductive Compounds Inc. specializes in Printing, and imaging technology. They provide specialty materials used to manufacture membrane switches, rigid and flex circuits since 1990.

Conductive Compounds Inc.    United States
Conductive Compounds Inc. are specialized in printing and imaging technology, they also provide specialty materials used to manufacture EMI, RFI shielding and thermal management of electromechanical assemblies. Their products includes electrically conductive, and resistive inks, electrically conductive, and thermally conductive adhesives, thermally conductive potting compounds, electrically conductive, and resistive coatings, and ultraviolet cured dielectrics, encapsulates, and conformal coatings.

Ansys Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of variety of engineering products since 1970.

Ansys Inc   Canonsburg  United States
Ansys Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing variety of engineering products. Their products include multiphysics, mechanical, structural, professional, icechip, iceboard, Ansys turbogrid, designmodeler, blademodeler, etc.

NETZSCH Group develops and manufactures instruments for thermal analysis and thermo physical properties measurements since 1952.

NETZSCH Group   Bavaria  Germany
NETZSCH Group specializes in producing instruments for thermal analysis and thermo physical properties measurements. The company product includes differential thermal analysis, thermo-gravimetry, dielectric analysis, gas analysis, refractory testing, etc. Their product finds application in ceramics, glass, and building materials industries.

Linseis is a manufacture of recorders and thermal analysis instruments for more than 50 years.

Linseis    United States
Linseis specializes in manufacturing recorders and thermal analysis instruments. Their products include dilatometer, thermal conductivity laser flash, test lab, data loggers, thermometers, hygrometers, digital air velocity, etc.

Ballantine Laboratories Inc specializes in providing calibration services.

Ballantine Laboratories Inc    United States
Ballantine Laboratories Inc provides calibration services. Their products include calibrators and automated systems, thermal voltage converters, meters, thermal elements, probes, manuals, accessories, parts, etc.

Chomerics manufactures EMI shielding materials since 1961.

Chomerics    United States
Chomerics specializes in manufacturing EMI shielding materials. The company product includes conductive elastomer gaskets, conductive plastic shielding solutions, cable shielding, shielded windows, conductive tapes and engineered laminates, metal gaskets, etc.

Lydall Thermal Acoustical Inc distributes thermal products and acoustical products.

Lydall Thermal Acoustical Inc   Troy  United States
Lydall Thermal Acoustical Inc specializes in distributing thermal products and acoustical products. their products include exhaust shields, fuel tank shields, manifold shields, undercarpet protection, dash inners, wheelhouse insulators, tunnel insulators, close out panels. The company is qualtiy certified to TS 16949 and ISO 14 001.