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21st Century Garden supplies variety of garden and related products.

21st Century Garden s    United Kingdom
21st Century Garden specializes in distributing wide range of garden and its related products. The company products arecool tube kit, budget kit one, budget kit two, adjusta kit, diamond kit one, air cool kit, airforce speed controller, airforce thermostat, tube fans, carbon filters, water pumps, air pumps, etc. distributes carbon dioxide detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, smoke or fire and carbon monoxide alarm, etc.    ,, specializes in distributing carbon dioxide detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, smoke or fire and carbon monoxide alarm, IAQ educational fact books, videos, indoor air testing services, mold test kits, oxygen hazard monitor, portable gas monitors, radon test kits, fitness scales, smoke alarms, aeration systems, etc.

App Chem Ltd is a manufacturer of water analysis test kit products.

App Chem Ltd    United Kingdom
App Chem Ltd specializes in manufacturing water analysis test kits for use in areas where water needs to be monitored. Their products include colorimetric tests, titrimetric tests, electronic tests, microbiological tests, etc.

Casco Paper Box Company makes rigid paper boxes since 1892.

Casco Paper Box Company    United States
Casco Paper Box Company specializes in making rigid paper boxes. Their products include jewelry, clothing, gifts, transparent lids, cards and candles, games, embossed paper, die cutting, gift boxes for soaps, promotions, gift certificates, biological test kits, etc.

Drug Detection Laboratories is a distributor of instant result drug test kits since 1977.

Drug Detection Laboratories    ,,
Drug Detection Laboratories, a division of Truth Verification Laboratories, Inc specializes in distributing instant result drug test kits. Their products include quickscreen drug test kits, on site drug screening test kits. They also provide online ordering for their products.

Dwyer Instruments    ,,
Dwyer Instruments specializes in manufacturing wide range of controlling instruments. Few of their products are series DCT1000 dust collector timer controllers, series 2000 magnehelic differential pressure gages, series MP mini-photohelic differential pressure switch/gages, series FR/FRLl filters, regulators and lubricators, etc.

Dwyer Instruments Inc. is a manufacturer of controls and instrumentation since 1931.

Dwyer Instruments Inc.   Michigan  United States
Dwyer Instruments Inc. products serve major markets including: HVAC, chemical, food, oil and gas, and pollution control. The company promotes brand names for their products like: Magnehelic pressure gages, Photohelic switch or gages, Rate Master flowmeters, and Hi-Flow valves.

Fire Fighter Products Inc. is a supplier of fire and safety products since 1945.

Fire Fighter Products Inc.    United States
Fire Fighter Products Inc. supplies all branches of US military; US army, marines, air force and navy. The company also works with industrial, governmental and municipalities all across the United States in the areas of fire protection products, homeland security and gas detection products.

Gibson Laboratories Inc supplies various microbiological products. They provide prepared medias, reagents, and ancillary.

Gibson Laboratories Inc    United States
Gibson Laboratories Inc manufactures prepared culture media, stains and reagents, rapid test kits, inocu-swabs, and other microbiological supplies. They are specialized for blood products, oxidase swabs, campy gas, sensi discs, and fungal serology.

Global Aquarium Supply sells reef or marine fish tank supplies.

Global Aquarium Supply    ,,
Global Aquarium Supply specializes in distributing reef or marine fish tank supplies. Few of their products are aquariums, chillers, filtration, food, heaters, lighting, protein skimmers, pumps, sea sand, sumps, water purifier, etc. They also facilitate online purchasing.

Hach Company manufactures and distributes analytical instruments and reagents since 1947.

Hach Company   Loveland  United States
Hach Company specializes in producing and supplying analytical instruments and reagents used to test the quality of water and other aqueous solutions. Their products include spectrophotometers and colorimeters, laboratory and portable electrochemical products, test kits and portable systems, laboratory and portable turbidimeters, on line analysis instrumentation, microbiological testing products, flow systems and data communication systems, samplers and sampling systems, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard. is a website, which provides drug and alcohol testing kits.    United States specializes in providing drug and alcohol testing kits. Some of their testing kits are single substance test kit, cotinine smoke check test kit, three substance test kit, two substance test kit, etc.

Industrial Instruments and Supplies distributes laboratory, safety products and rents, repairs and calibrates other instruments. The company was established in 1989.

Industrial Instruments and Supplies    United States
Industrial Instruments and Supplies specializes in distributing test instruments, tools, safety products, electronic equipment and laboratory instruments. The company also repairs, calibrates and rents products like clamp on meters, dead weight testers, electrical calibrators, process indicators, tachometers, etc.

Instrument Depot distributes gas detector tubes, calibration gases, and environmental instrument products.

Instrument Depot    ,,
Instrument Depot specializes in supplying gas detector tubes, calibration gases, and environmental instruments. Their product includes gases and gas mixtures, calibrators, sound level meters, noise dosimeters, smoke generator, etc.

James Alexander Corporation specializes in the manufacture of glass and plastic ampoule filling and sealing.

James Alexander Corporation    ,,
James Alexander Corporation specializes in the manufacture of glass and plastic ampoule filling and sealing. They offer products like plastic ampole, jac crushable glass, snap top vials, unit dose swabs, jac inhalants, dropper tip assemblies, ammonia inhalant solution, povidone iodine topical solution usp, medicaine topical antiseptic solution, medicaine sting and bite relief, ammonia inhalant solution, acetone alcohol solution, etc.

Katadyn Produkte AG manufactures water filters, chlorine and silver based sterilization agents and mobile desalinators for travel, outdoor, camping and marine applications since 1928.

Katadyn Produkte AG    Switzerland
Katadyn Produkte AG specializes in developing water filters, chlorine and silver based sterilization agents and mobile desalinators for travel, outdoor, camping and marine applications. Their product includes endurance series, backcountry series, ultralight series, micropur, etc.

Kuntz Mfg Co Inc is a designer and manufacturer of turnkey automation equipment since 1969.

Kuntz Mfg Co Inc    United States
Kuntz Mfg Co Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing turnkey automation equipment solutions for more than 35 years. The company provides their products with kuntz automation engineering. Their products include carousel, ergonomic work cells, flexible conveyor systems, inline, over and under, process trains, robotics, rotary, etc.

Mid West Instrument manufactures differential pressure gauges and switches.

Mid West Instrument   Sterling Heights  United States
Mid West Instrument specializes in manufacturing differential pressure gauges and switches. The company products include transmitters, indicators, backflow test kits, pressure limiting valves, flow measurement products, piston type gauges and switches, etc.

PuriTec manufactures air purification and water filtration products.

PuriTec    United States
PuriTec specializes in manufacturing air purification and water filtration products. Few of their products include water filters, water softeners, air purifiers, air cleaners, countertop filters, water coolers, etc.

RadonSeal sells concrete sealers for basements, concrete floors, indoor or outdoor concrete, bricks, and masonry.

RadonSeal   Shelton  United States
RadonSeal specializes in selling concrete sealers for basements, concrete floors, indoor or outdoor concrete, bricks, and masonry. Their products include concrete crack injection kits, lastiseal masonry color sealer, lastiseal concrete and brick sealer, ion-bond armor elastomeric sealer, subsurface elastomeric membrane sealers, epoxy crack filler kits, hepa plus carbon air purifiers, biozap air purifier and deodorizer, etc.

Solution Control Inc is a manufacturer of recirculating silver recovery equipments since 1979.

Solution Control Inc    United States
Solution Control Inc specializes in manufacturing recirculating silver recovery equipments. Their products include electrolytic silver recovery, final treatment, electrolytic wash water systems, pump transfer stations, photo chemical blenders, silver estimating kits, etc. is an online portal, which provides information on home improvement and home remodeling for users since 1997.    United States is a website, which provides information on home improvement, home remodeling, and toxic black mold hints, tips, tricks and solutions for users. The site also contains articles on interior showcases, exterior showcases, black mold education, home buyer network, prescreened contractors, mortgage refinance and home loan articles.

The Clean Machine manufactures products, which reduce toxicity levels in the human body.

The Clean Machine    ,,
The Clean Machine develops programs and products, which helps in reducing toxicity levels in the human body for urine, blood, hair, and saliva. Total Body Detox Systems is an effective line of body cleanser, which cleanse the entire system.



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