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Martel Electronics Corporation manufactures calibrators, panel displays, and industrial tools.

Martel Electronics Corporation    United States
Martel Electronics Corporation specializes in manufacturing calibrators, panel displays, and industrial tools. Martel Electronics Corporation owns companies such as Martel Electronics Calibrators, Martel Electronics Meters, and Martel Electronics Test Tools. Few of their products include multifunction calibrators, temperature calibrators, bench calibrators, gauge calibrators, panel meters, volt meters, data loggers, sound level meters, temperature meters, etc.

Hart Scientific Inc manufactures temperature calibration equipments

Hart Scientific Inc    United States
Hart Scientific Inc specializes in manufacturing temperature calibration equipments. The company products include primary standards, thermometer readouts, probes, softwares, baths, industrial calibrators, etc.

Buffalo Gauge Inc supplies calibration equipments and providing industrial instrumentation repair, calibration and specialty cleaning services since 1966.

Buffalo Gauge Inc    United States
Buffalo Gauge Inc specializes in supplying calibration equipments and providing industrial instrumentation repair, calibration and specialty cleaning services. Their products and services include pressure gauges and pressure transmitters, temperature and humidity instruments, electronic controls, panel meters, recorders, pressure testing and calibration equipment, instrument calibration, cleaning for oxygen service, etc.

PW Geneza Ltd develops and manufactures temperature and humidity measuring equipments since 1990.

PW Geneza Ltd    Poland
PW Geneza Ltd specializes in developing and producing temperature and humidity measuring equipments. They offer products such as hygrometers, thermometers, calibrators, memory readers, temperature probes, humidity and temperature probes, manometers, temperature loggers, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9000 standard.

Thermocoax is a producer of thermal solutions and temperature measuring products to the nuclear industry for more than 50 years.

Thermocoax   Alpharetta  United States
Thermocoax specializes in producing thermal solutions and temperature measuring instruments. Their product includes heating elements, temperature sensors, signal transmission, calibrations, controls and tests, specific sensors, etc.

Arco Engineering Inc is a distributor of pressure, temperature and liquid level instrumentation, instrument valves and safety relief valves since 1954.

Arco Engineering Inc    United States
Arco Engineering Inc specializes in distributing products for process, chemical, power, food, waste water and OEM markets. Their products include calibration instruments, instruments hand valves and manifolds, pneumatic regulator, volume booster, transducers, differential pressure gauges, pitot tubes, pulsation snubbers, thermocouples, temperature switches, etc.

Japsin Instrumentation manufactures temperature, pressure and flow and level instruments. The company was established in 1974.

Japsin Instrumentation    India
Japsin Instrumentation specializes in manufacturing, stocking and exporting of temperature, pressure and flow and level instruments. Their products includedial thermometers, digital electronic temperature, pressure gauges, glass thermometers, pyrometers, thermocouples, etc.

Mikron Infrared Inc.    United States
Mikron Infrared Inc. offers with infrared thermometers, radiometers, thermal imaging systems, blackbody calibration sources and traceable to national standards. The company is certified by factory mutual to meet the standards of ISO 9001-2000.

GSI Automation is a distributor of variety of measurement and control instruments for various industries since 1986.

GSI Automation   Pine Brook  United States
GSI Automation specializes in distributing variety of measurement and control instruments for various industries. Their products include flow measurement, level measurement, analytical measurement, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, control and data acquisition, etc.

Davis Inotek manufactures and distributes precision measurement and control instruments since 1912.

Davis Inotek    United States
Davis Inotek specializes in manufacturing and supplying wide range of precision measurement and control instruments. Their products include manometers, decade boxes, temperature calibrators, frequency calibrators, thermometers, etc.