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2000 Networks specializes in supplying direcTV and satellite radio.

2000 Networks    ,,
2000 Networks supply direcTV and satellite radio. Their products include direcTV systems, direcTV receivers, direcTV accessories, direcTV programming, direcTV promotions, XM radio home, sirius radio home, etc.

Sadoun Satellite Sales supplies DVB satellite equipment and electronics since 2001.

Sadoun Satellite Sales    United States
Sadoun Satellite Sales specializes in supplying DVB satellite equipment and electronics. Their products include digital satellite receivers, dishes, LNBs, LNBFs, HH mount motors, switches, and other home entertainment products.

Bleeker TV specializes in distributing professional video and audio equipment and appliances for more than 30 years

Bleeker TV    Canada
Bleeker TV distributes professional video and audio equipment and appliances. Their products include tvs, big screens, flat panels, projection tvs, vcr`s, dvd, satellite tv, home theatre, camcorders, personal audio products, car stereos, home stereos, speakers, fridges, stoves, washers, dryers, microwave ovens, gas appliances, dishwashers, etc.

Digital Media Online produces broadcast news room products.

Digital Media Online    United States
Digital Media Online specializes in producing broadcast news room products like DTV production, HDTV television production, digital HDTV equipment, hi definition television, set top boxes, ditigalt TV, HDTV projection equipment, etc.

Fitzgerald TV and Satellite sells and service televisions and satellite equipments.

Fitzgerald TV and Satellite    United States
Fitzgerald TV and Satellite specializes in distributing wide range of new and used satellite and television equipments. The company was established in 1962. They also offer installation and repairing service.

Lattuca Electronic Service is a service provider offering services like access to manufacture databases of bulletins, repairs and parts information since 1976.

Lattuca Electronic Service    United States
Lattuca Electronic Service is a service provider offering services like access to manufacture databases of bulletins, repairs and parts information. They offer a wide range of services like access to replacement parts, service technicians for factory and in house training, service technicians with experience, wide range of electronic equipment served.

Gradys Radio and Satellite TV distributes and provides service for satellite equipments for more than 27 years.

Gradys Radio and Satellite TV    United States
Gradys Radio and Satellite TV specializes in supplying and providing service for satellite equipments. Their product includes radio, television, satellite TV, HDTV, etc.

Cisco Systems Inc is a supplier of networking equipments and transmission networks for broadband access since 1951.

Cisco Systems Inc   Lawrenceville  United States
Cisco Systems Inc specializes in distributing networking equipments and transmission networks for broadband access. Their products include IR Extender, AT8500 Remote Control, AT6400 Remote Control, Explorer 8300HD DVR, Explorer 8300HD Multi-Room, Explorer 8000HD DVR, Explorer 4250HDC, Explorer 4200HD, Digital Video Recorder, etc.

ADC specializes in distributing network infrastructure products.

ADC    United States
ADC distributes network infrastructure products. The company products copper and fiber cables loopstar SONET access solutions, adc professional services, structured cabling solutions, configurators, automated connectivity solutions, etc. ADC is quality certified to ISO 14001.

UTV plc provides media services.

UTV plc   Belfast  United Kingdom
UTV plc specializes in providing media services such as television, radio, and new media. They offer advertisement, outside broadcast unit, TV and audio production, recording studios, etc.