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Telephones UK is an online resource for pictures and information on a wide range of telephones since 2002.

Telephones UK    United Kingdom
Telephones UK is an online resource for pictures and information on a wide range of telephones. The site features various information on old telephones, new telephones, cordless telephones, telephone kiosks, telephone systems, answering machines, sockets and other miscellaneous pieces of equipment that have been supplied by the general post office, post office telephones or by British telecom.

Claria Headsets provides with technologically advanced headsets.

Claria Headsets    Australia
Claria Headsets provides with the following parts and accessories claria buddy, clothing clip, curly extension cord, foam ear cushion, foam microphone screen, etc. The company also offers with headset telephones and mobile headsets. Claria Headset is certified with ISO. 9002.

CEECO is a designer and manufacturer of telephone parts for the past 70 years.

CEECO    United States
CEECO manufactures and supplies related telephone equipment such as hook switches, dials, technology boards, and keypads. CEECO`s product series includes communicator series of vandal resistant technology, mariner series for rugged outdoor and indoor locations, lifeline series for quick time response and emergency communication and the building block series to design an exact communication.

Historic Houseparts is an online store, which supplies wide range of house parts.

Historic Houseparts    United States
Historic Houseparts specializes in supplying variety of house parts. The company products are stained glass doors, woodwork lighting, fireplace mantels, radiators, kitchen and pantry, stained glass doors, woodwork lighting, heat duct covers, paints and chemicals, tin ceiling, iron and tin pieces lamp parts, etc.

Ateliers De Plasturgie Du Nord is a manufacturer of plastic moulded parts for more than 40 years.

Ateliers De Plasturgie Du Nord    ,,
Ateliers De Plasturgie Du Nord specializes in manufacturing plastic moulded parts. Their products include elastomer parts, casing, overmoulded parts, decorated parts, dual material parts, etc.

Environmental Mobile Control provides mobile phone recycling services.

Environmental Mobile Control   Burton-on-Trent  United Kingdom
Environmental Mobile Control specializes in providing mobile phone recycling services. They also offer real economic and environmental benefits. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Capsugel manufactures gelatin capsules for pharmaceutical and dietary supplement applications.

Capsugel   Peapack  United States
Capsugel specializes in manufacturing gelatin capsules. Their products include two piece capsules, dosage forms, press fit, clinical trial supplies and equipments, etc. The company is a part of Pfizer Inc.

Mak Press and Machinery Co is a distributor of variety of machinery parts and other related accessories.

Mak Press and Machinery Co   Livonia  United States
Mak Press and Machinery Co specializes in distributing variety of machinery parts and other related accessories. Their products include high speed presses, hydraulic presses, straight side double crank presses, straight side single crank presses, knuckle joint presses, transfer presses, etc. is an online supplier of audio and other electronic related equipments and parts for commercial and automobile use.    United States is an online portal which supplies audio and other electronic related equipments and parts for commercial and automobile use. They provide products like amplifiers, audio processing, cable, wire and accessories, cd, md, cassette and tuners, codecs and telephone interfaces, digital audio recording, dj equipments, etc.

We specialize in manufacturing of various non-standard pieces and fastening pieces. Also can design and manufacture sorts of non-standard and standard fasteners base on customers request. Including all kinds of special screw, bolts, pin, insert nut, rivet   Haiyan  0
Haiyan Rongwei Electric Appliance Co., Ltd established in 1995 where located in haiyan industrial zone which has convenient transportation that access to both Shanghai Ningbo, Suzhou and Hangzhou. Rongwei is a professional manufacturer of various non-standard pieces and fastening pieces. Has precision automatic lathe, CNC machines, punch machines, checking and testing equipment etc which specializing to produce precision auto lathe fittings, punch fittings.\r\n\r\nThe company product includes CNC Maching Parts, CNC Metal Parts, Turning Parts, Pins, Auto Lathe Maching Parts, Shafts, Brass Parts Inserts and Non-standard Fastener. The company has advanced making equipment, powerful technological force and self-contained testing facilities. The products are salable in the international and domestic markets with annul output of 20 million yuan, among which the export value accounts for near 70%.\r\n\r\nHaiyan Rongwei Electric Appliance Co., Ltd receive the ISO9001:2000 Quality control´╝îfirst-class of test instruments, strong investigation team which can meet your requests of good quality and timely delivery. The processing range of products cover external diameter 0.5-20mm with tolerance to +/-0.01mm; length of 0.5-40mm with tolerance to +/-0.02mm, precision ground to +/-0.001mm and precision punch to +/-0.01mm. To ensure the quality control commitment, the company accurate calibrated inspection equipment for consistent quality control in accordance to customers specifications.