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Audiotel Engineering SpA manufactures wide range of products for telecommunications systems since 1984.

Audiotel Engineering SpA    
Audiotel Engineering SpA specializes in manufacturing products for telecommunications systems and automotive industry. The company products are compact base, compact plus, industrial modem, industrial remote terminal unit modem celline iii, multilink, automated meter, magnetic base indoor antenna, external omnidirectional antenna, external vehicular antenna, etc. Audiotel Engineering Spa is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company is a satellite based mobile telephone services since 1997.

Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company   Abu Dhabi  United Arab Emirates
Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company is a satellite based mobile telephone services. They distribute user terminals and SIM cards, overseeing of billing and customer care management, etc.

Innovative fiber optical access network and VoIP,Adsl products provider

Telesail Technology Co.,Limited   Beijing  China
Telesail Technology Co.,Ltd, is a telecommunications equipments and systems company headquartered in Beijing, China, founded in 2005. The company provides Broadband Internet access, unified communications products and solutions.\r\n\r\nTelesail core products are IP PBX, VoIP Access Gateway, Trunking gateway, VoIP phone, also including EPON optical line termination (OLT), EPON optical network unit (ONU),ADSL modem router, Planar lightwave Circuit (PLC) splitters and optical transceiver etc.\r\n\r\nTelesail\s customers are primarily internet service providers and voip service operators . It is also an OEM and manufactures products which retail under other brand names.

Axaltos specializes in providing service and distributing microprocessor cards and terminals for more than 25 years.

Axaltos    ,,
Axaltos provides service and distributes microprocessor cards and a major supplier of point of sale terminals. Their products include smartcards, terminals, readers, servers, software, etc. , They offer to telecommunications, public telephony, finance, retail, transport, entertainment, healthcare, personal identification, information technology and public sector markets.

Arcor is a service provider, which provides telecommunication services.

Arcor    Denmark
Arcor is a service provider, which specializes in providing telecommunication services. They also offer services like virtual private networks, voice termination, in services, IP upstream and peerings, etc.

Datawatt Telecontrol Systems manufactures front end processors and remote terminal units since 1977.

Datawatt Telecontrol Systems   AC Steenwijk  Netherlands
Datawatt Telecontrol Systems specializes in manufacturing front end processors and remote terminal units. The company also design softwares for front end processors and remote terminal units. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

V-Solution specialize in FTTH PON ONT/MDU, Home Gateway Unit, tri-paly P2P CPE, IAD, etc. \r\nWith strong R&D capability´╝îODM service is available.

V-Solution Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   GuangZhou  China
With registered capital of 10 million RMB, nearly 1000 sqm reserved for research and development department, over 6000 sqm for production and a big team of R&D technical specialists on telecommunication field, V-SOLUTION is a professional manufacturer, engaging in R&D, production, sales and service of related products in PON access network, Ethernet switch and VoIP. V-SOLUTION is one of the famous leading R&D enterprises of PON broadband products, and it is also the Software-Enterprise with Registered Software certified by the Information Technology Department of Guangdong Province.\r\n\r\nV-SOLUTION currently employs over 50 R&D engineers, among which 9 are Master Degree holders and 11 are senior engineer certificate holders. With an average of over 10 years professional experience, the engineers have a good knowledge of communication network protocols and have rich experiences in developing products with embedded Linux, VxWorks and ARM/MIPS based CPUs. The company has strong R&D capability so that ODM business such as communication network products with high difficulty and with combination of hardware and software can be confidently contracted.

ComputerWise Inc manufactures data collection systems and equipment since 1971

ComputerWise Inc   Olathe  United States
ComputerWise Inc specializes in manufacturing data collection terminals, both stationary and portable, as well as Ethernet based terminals. Their product includes compact keyboard or display units, networking hubs and concentrators, plus application software.

Industrie Dial Face S.p.a specializes in manufacturing both wired and wireless end user terminals and fixed network telephone systems.

Industrie Dial Face S.p.a    Italy
Industrie Dial Face S.p.a manufactures different models of wired and wireless end user terminals and fixed network telephone systems. The company works under partnership with European telecom operators and the key worldwide telecommunication suppliers and providers.

GlobalSat provides satellite based telecommunication products and services since 1981.

GlobalSat    United States
GlobalSat specializes in offering satellite and network security products. Their product includes BGAN terminals, fly away terminals, trailer systems, 2. 4 - 3. 7 meter Ku band solutions, 3. 7 - 4. 6 meter c band solutions, 11. 3 meter solutions, network and security products, etc.