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Archana Enterprises is a manufacturer of off load tap changers, distribution transformers, transformers spares.

Archana Enterprises    India
Archana Enterprises specializes in manufacturing products include off load tap changers, distribution transformers, transformers spares. Their products include off circuit tap changer, tapping switch, no load tap switch, no load tap changer, off load tap changers, etc.

Balax, Inc manufactures thread forming taps, thread cutting taps, thread gages, and roughing end mills.

Balax, Inc    United States
Balax, Inc specializes in manufacturing wide range of read forming taps, thread cutting taps, thread gages, and roughing end mills. Few of their products are chipless tapping, stronger threads, better thread gaging chipbreaker cutting taps, etc.

AJS Inc designs and manufactures dynamic tap handles for the brewing industry since 1987.

AJS Inc    United States
AJS Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing dynamic tap handles for the brewing industry. Their manufactures components like wood, plastic and metal handles. They offer urethane resin figural handles, clear acrylic and injection molded tap handles. Their products include wood tap handle, acrylic tap handles, urethane tap handles, themed tap handles, etc.

Tap remover

Luoyang Xincheng Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd   Luoyang  China
Broken tap remover

Goliath International Tools Limited specializes in manufacturing and distributing taps and dies since1950.

Goliath International Tools Limited    United Kingdom
Goliath International Tools Limited manufactures and distributes taps and dies. Their products include taps, dies and dienuts, machine nut tapes, fastener products taps, box sets, fastener products shanks, tap wrenches and diestocks, etc. The company is quality certified to BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000.

Comcraft manufacturer of level 1datacom Test equipment with a reputation. The products are better featured, easier to use, up to date and build with low power circuitry since 1984.

Comcraft    France
Comcraft manufacturers level 1 datacom products such as network taps which includes single port 10/100UTP tap, high density 10/100UTP tap, regeneration 10/100UTP tap, regeneration 10/100UTP tap, fiber optic tap, high density fiber optic tap, fiber optic splitter box. HDX 10/100UTP Tap is the newly product of Comcraft.

DS Smith Plastics Ltd. manufactures injection moulded plastic taps, plastic dispensers and dispensing fitments.

DS Smith Plastics Ltd.    United Kingdom
DS Smith Plastics Ltd. products include plastic taps, including press taps and lever taps, faucets, spigots, glands, valves, fitments and spouts. DS Smith Plastics Ltd. applications include water dispensing, wine dispensing, liquid detergent and fabric conditioner dispensers, beer, chemicals, essential oils and fragrances.

Manufacturer of Tap Magic professional cutting fluids for the metalworking industry.

Tap Magic Division of the Steco Corporation   Little Rock  United States
Manufacture Tap Magic EP-Xtra, Tap Magic Aluminum, Tap Magic ProTap, Tap Magic Xtra-Thick and Tap Magic Xtra-Foamy cutting fluids. Can be used on all metal cutting operation and all metals. Provides superior extreme pressure lubrication, closer tolerances and dramatically improves tool life.

Easy Tapper Hot Tapping Machines is a manufacturer of pipeline and pipe tapping machine types.

Easy Tapper Hot Tapping Machines    United States
Easy Tapper Hot Tapping Machines manufactures pipe tapping machines like: manual, spindle, and hydraulic feed tappers, these machines cover a wide range of sizes, and pressures, for virtually all types of fluids, and all types of piping. The company also offers accessories like the easy tapper Add-A-Thermowell, saddle tees that will bolt onto an operating copper main to enable for a branch line tap.

Daman Products Co Inc manufactures various sorts of hydraulic valves since 1976.

Daman Products Co Inc    United States
Daman Products Co Inc specializes in producing wide range of hydraulic valves. Few of their products include cover plates, valve adaptors, subplates, tapping plates, etc. The company is a member of Fluid Power Distributors Association and Association for Manufacturing Excellence.