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Marotech Inc manufactures and sells hot melt coated tapes and related dispensing equipments since 1992.

Marotech Inc    Canada
Marotech Inc specializes in manufacturing and selling hot melt coated tapes and related dispensing equipments. Few of their product categories include marotape, marotape tape dispenser and marocrate system, maroclip splicing system, etc. The company has been certified with ISO 9001 standard.

Lauren International Inc specializes in manufacturing wide range of polymer products.

Lauren International Inc   New Philadelphia  United States
Lauren International Inc has four subsidiaries each producing various products. Lauren Manufacturing manufactures extruded and molded products. EdgeTech IG produces tape insulating glass seal products. LMI Custom Mixing produces various polymer mixes, Lauren develops various liners and flooring products.

Can Do National Tape is a distributor specializing in adhesive tapes for commercial purpose.

Can Do National Tape   Nashville  United States
Can Do National Tape is a distributor specializing in adhesive tapes for commercial purpose. They offer products like double sided, cloth tapes, packaging tapes, ape tapes, tape dispensers, foam tapes, specialty film tapes, reflective tapes, bemis tapes, vinyl tapes, foil tapes, etc.

Above Board Electronics specializes in manufacturing fastening solutions and electromechanical components since 1992.

Above Board Electronics    United States
Above Board Electronics manufactures fastening solutions and electromechanical components. Their products include masking tapes, nuts, weld screws, cable carriers, brackets, studs, plastic screws, panel screws, handles, power supply cords, pop rivets, rivet tools, jack nuts, latches, fasteners, etc.

Industrial Tape Specialists LLC manufactures adhesive tape and latex saturated paper products.

Industrial Tape Specialists LLC   Nashville  United States
Industrial Tape Specialists LLC specializes in producing adhesive tape and latex saturated paper products. Their product includes carton sealing tapes, teflon thread sealant tape, masking and kraft paper tapes, duct tape, bottom board tape and gaffers tape, etc. is an online shop specializing in the supply of gaffers tape spike tape duct tape and other tape supplies.    United States supply gaffers tape, cloth tape, spike tape, duct tape, glow tape, Specialty tape, safety tape, floor tape, paper tape, vinyl tape, printed tape, and electrical tape. BuyTape.comhas a wide selection of Gaffer Tape.

Fox Valley Tapes and Packaging Products is a distributor of variety of tapes for various industry since 1995.

Fox Valley Tapes and Packaging Products   Appleton  United States
Fox Valley Tapes and Packaging Products specializes in distributing variety of tapes for various industry. Their products include silicone splicing tapes, circuit board tapes, double coated and extended linear tapes, lead foil tapes, electrical insulation tapes, thermal spray masking, printers roller wrap tapes, carpet tapes, etc.

Adhere Industrial Tapes Ltd specializes in supplying adhesive tapes.

Adhere Industrial Tapes Ltd    United Kingdom
Adhere Industrial Tapes Ltd supplies adhesive tapes. Their products include bobbins and spools, security glazing tape, double sided tape, foam tape, polyethylene foam, self adhesives tapes, pads and gaskets, protection tapes, etc.

Identi-Tape Inc provides online supply of all kinds of colored tapes.

Identi-Tape Inc    United States
Identi-Tape Inc specializes in distributing all kinds of colored tapes through online. Few of their products are barricade tape, camouflage tape, color-coding tape, flagging tape, floor-marking tape, masking tape, vinyl tape, etc.

Supplier of wire manufacturing accessories such as steel reels and spools, wire straighteners, guides, extrusion crossheads, wire taping equipment, payoffs and takeups, mechanical wire descaling, rotating die holders for wire drawing

Howar Equipment Inc.   Woodbridge  Canada
Supply and manufacture equipment and accessories to help factories manufacture steel and non-ferrous wire and cables. Insulated cable accessories include extrusion crossheads and insulation measurement units. Steel reels are used for all wire and cable applications from wire drawing to insulating, cabling and spooling.